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Fujitsu Opens Registration for 2015 Scholarship Program in Management for Indonesian Professionals

Fujitsu is committed to generate future business leaders – fully equipped with knowledge and leadership skill to increase global competitiveness and The selected candidates will join Fujitsu-JAIMS management program ”Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge“

PT. Fujitsu Indonesia

Jakarta, Maret 18, 2015

Fujitsu, the global leader ICT-based business solution provider announced the open registration of Fujitsu scholarship for business professionals in Indonesia to participate in educational program titled Fujitsu-JAIMS management program “Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge”.Held from August 30 to December 11, 2015, the program is aimed to generate future business leaders that possess global knowledge and networking but still master local wisdom in order to increase their competitiveness in the global level and contribution to both global and national business growth.

The Fujitsu-JAIMS 2015 Scholarship Program is open for Indonesian citizen with undergraduate degree and minimum of 3 years of working experience, preferably for those with minimum of 5 years of working experience. The participants are required to have minimum 750 of TOEIC score. The registration process will be opened until April 10, 2015.

Sonny Usmany, HR Country Head, Fujitsu Indonesia, stated, “The Fujitsu Scholarship Program, that will enter its 30th year, affirms Fujitsu’s commitment and participation to create more innovative, responsive, leaders who have high capacity to adapt to various changes and global dynamics. Through management science and philosophy and diverse knowledge on values and cultures in global business context delivered in this educational program, Fujitsu opens wide opportunity for business professionals in Asia Pacific region including Indonesia to improve their global-level leadership capacity so that they can eventually contribute to social-economy growth in a broader scope, not only for their business organization.”

The Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge is a three-and-a-half-month certificate management program that provides continued education for experienced business professionals. Based on Japanese preeminent management scholar, Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka’s “Knowledge-Creation Theory,” the program cultivates innovative leaders with practical wisdom through the acquisition of a broad spectrum of knowledge, including management theory, liberal arts, and methodology. In addition to seeing successful cases of management in practice through site visits, the participants will also digest the learning through synthesizing and applying into capstone projects. Fujitsu assigns its senior management as advisors to help the participants complete their own projects.

Participants, who are eligible for Fujitsu Scholarship, will be provided with airfares, tuition fees and accommodation during the educational program which will be conducted in four different countries, Japan, United States of America (Hawaii), Thailand and Singapore.

This educational extension program comprises of short course on management and innovation study. Besides having the chance to observe success stories in management field through series of scheduled field visit, the participants will also learn how to achieve synthesis amid diversity for future application to the real world.

This short-term educational program is loaded with intense and integrated curriculum and its application, a broad knowledge on how to build self-confidence in leadership and increasing their business in global level. Upon completion of this program, the participants are expected to have valuable learning experience alongside with participants from different countries –especially from East and Southeast Asia—from different professional background and to have direct interaction with lecturers from visited countries. Furthermore, the participants are expected to be able to build a sustainable human resource network in accordance with the educational program.

In Indonesia, the Fujitsu Scholarship program has been conducted since 1986, while in global level, the program was initiated by Fujitsu in 1985 as a commemoration of the Company’s 50th anniversary.

JAIMS was established by Fujitsu in 1972 in Honolulu, a small satellite city in Hawaii Kai. But, considering the rapid growth of business activities in Asia, Fujitsu then established Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation in July 2012. In April 2013, Fujitsu moved its center of JAIMS activities in Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation. Until now, Fujitsu Scholarship has been given to more than 478 professionals in 18 countries throughout Asia Pacific.

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Date: 18 Maret, 2015
City: Jakarta