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Fujitsu Offers Scholarships for 2016 Spring Course of the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge, a Program to Hone Business Leadership Skills

JAKARTA, Agustus 20, 2015 - Fujitsu, the global leader of ICT-based business solution provider, announces and offers scholarship funding for qualified applicants from Indonesia to participate in 2016 Spring Course of the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program as 34th Fujitsu Scholars. This scholarship covers tuition fees, transportation expenses and accommodation during the educational program which will be conducted by Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation in four different countries, namely Japan, United States of America (Hawaii), Thailand and Singapore from February 21 to June 3, 2016.

The application deadline for the 34th Fujitsu Scholarship Program is September 11, 2015, noon Japan Time (GMT+9).

Aimed to hone the leadership vision of future business leaders, this educational scholarship program is open for eligible participants with a bachelor’s degree or a degree equivalent to a four-year standard baccalaureate degree in any discipline from a regionally or nationally accredited institution, with a minimum of three years of relevant full-time work experience (five years preferred) at the time of application. Participants must also have at least a minimum TOEFL score of 577/233/90 (paper/computer/Internet), TOEIC score of 750, or IELTS overall band test result of 6.5 or higher from a test taken between October 2010 and August 2015.

Achmad S. Sofwan, Managing Director, Fujitsu Indonesia said, “A large transformation is underway as people and companies seek innovation in Asia. To lead the growth of the world economy, the younger generation is tasked with generating innovation by starting new enterprises and transforming existing companies. In this regard, individuals with five capabilities are needed. The scholarship offered by Fujitsu for the 2016 Spring Course of the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program affirms Fujitsu’s commitment to create future leaders who have high capacity to adapt and act quickly to the global dynamic changes, identify a social good and ensuring its realization, innovate, connect local and global knowledge, as well as, distribute leadership in an organization.”

The three-and-a-half-month certificate management program will feature learning about practical wisdom emphasized by Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka, the world authority on knowledge management, as well as the understanding of Knowledge Creating paradigm and its application on the real world business.

During the program, participants will be taken to different campuses from four different countries, to hone their diverse international experience and to dive into authentic situations in Asia, an area quickly developing as the center for global business. From the program, participants are also expected to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge (management theory, methodology, and liberal arts) which is necessary to be an effective leader, broaden and challenge their world view and develop increased cultural sensitivity.

This program also provides participants with “ba” (shared space) to help them learn in a diverse, collaborative environment with other outstanding individuals primarily from East and Southeast Asia and engage in lively discussions, and learning liberal arts topics such as Eastern and Western philosophies, religion, laws and economy – all of which will strengthen their ability to share thoughts with people from diverse background.

Through embracing Hawaii as a model of a global society, and through lectures, activities, and discussions on specific project themes, the participants are expected to have broader perspectives necessary to be a global citizen – not simply a citizen of their country of origin.

In addition to seeing successful cases of management in practice through site visits, the participants will also digest the learning through synthesizing and applying into capstone projects. Fujitsu assigns its senior management as advisors to help the participants complete their own projects.

The Fujitsu Scholarship program was initiated by Fujitsu in 1985 as a commemoration of the Company’s 50th anniversary, and the scholarship was offered to Indonesia from the beginning.

JAIMS was established by Fujitsu in 1972 in Honolulu, a small satellite city of Hawaii Kai. But, considering the rapid growth of business activities in Asia, Fujitsu then established Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation in July 2012. In April 2013, Fujitsu moved its center of JAIMS activities to Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation. Until now, Fujitsu Scholarship has been given to more than 478 professionals from 18 countries throughout Asia Pacific region.

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Date: 20 Agustus, 2015