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Starting the Fiscal Year of 2015, Fujitsu Continues to Expand Business in Indonesia and Sets to Penetrate New Markets

Fujitsu Asia

  • Fujitsu will continue to deliver its top-class solutions to Indonesian market, including DIMS, Fujitsu Healthcare solutions to support e-Hospital in Indonesia, Fujitsu’ solution for transportation and airport management, and Fujitsu’s solutions to support education
  • Built upon the new spirit of Human Centric Innovation in Action, Fujitsu affirms its commitment to develop innovations and deliver best-in-class service to customers in Indonesia in order to help them overcome today’s IT megatrends – cloud, big data analytic, social media, BYOD, and IT consumerization
BANDUNG, Mei 27, 2015 Starting the fiscal year of 2015, Fujitsu, a global leading ICT based business solutions provider, affirms its commitment to strengthen its business in Indonesia and continue to deliver best-in-class service innovations and expand its services over various industries to help them achieving optimum performance with the support of IT infrastructure. In 2015, Fujitsu will also focus to make inroads into the education industry as one of their main targets.
Achmad S Sofwan, Managing Director, Fujitsu Indonesia, said, “Education industry will be one of our main focus in 2015 following our success last year in delivering innovations that drove optimum performance, efficiency and productivity to business and government organizations across various industries, such as health, transportation, manufacture, property, and banking & finance. Our innovative solutions help them delivering breakthroughs in business and service to their customers that, eventually, bring ultimate satisfaction to their customers and stakeholders.”
Achmad added that company’s plan to set its focus on education industry as one of their main targets in the upcoming fiscal year is based on the fact that the education industry possesses high complexity of management and process that demand the support of a solid and accommodative IT infrastructure. To help the organizations to keep improving their quality, Fujitsu sets to offer its smart innovations to help education institutions, like schools and universities, not only to have a better administration and management, but also to be able to build a quality-oriented learning system that produces a better quality of instructors, learning materials, as well as students.
Fujitsu Education Solution can be implemented for basic, middle, as well as higher levels of education. The implementation of Fujitsu’s solution enables an institution to identify the specific needs of each of the students and to give them a better understanding and accurate solutions through a personalized-approach. Through integrated and accurate data-analytics based approach, Fujitsu’s solutions help the institution to visualize processes that include daily study and performance assessment to show their willingness to study,comprehension level on the subjects, interests and problems, to provide detailed support and better tracking of study process for students and to promote effective class management that meet their individual needs.
The comprehensive approach offered by Fujitsu’s solution can help the institution to optimalize student potentials and further create future human resourses with high quality. It also enables the instructors to conduct self-evaluation that provides them a better delivery of learning and class management –from preparation, implementation, to evaluation.
The ability to integrate and analyze data from various departments for further processing to produce a comprehensive approach of learning system is one of many benefits offered by Fujitsu Education Solution, a Fujitsu’s education industry-specific solution. Supported by Fujitsu’s expertise in building system and its total support of infrastructure system and comprehensive portfolio of hardwares with high capability and reliability to support big data, such as PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS storages, and document management tools, from scanners to PCs to support data interaction with personal devices, like notebooks and tablets, Fujitsu offers one-stop, end-to-end education solutions.
The other solutions offered by Fujitsu for education industry is Fujitsu Digital Archive Solution. This is a comprehensive data management solution that enables the institution to preserve and disseminate cultural and academic assets, from research paper and study, to library data. This solution offers fast and easy access, as well as solution to store critical data in large volume with high level of security and protection from data theft and loss caused by disasters.
“Fujitsu Digital Archive Solution is made available not only for education institutions, like schools or universities, but also for museum, public library, and enterprise. This solution bring benefits to enterprise especially in data management that contributes to business data analysis and process. Today’s IT megatrends – cloud, big data analytic, social media, BYOD, and IT consumerization – demand enterprise to manage large volume of data and analysis to provide the base for a smart business decision making,” explained Achmand.
The idea of big data analytics that are used to support in making smart business decision is rising in today’s business, along with the emerging demand of business organizations to stay ahead in the industry. With wide portfolio of business units that comprise of Application Services, Enterprise Solutions, Infrastructure Services & Solutions, and Managed Services, solid supports from Fujitsu’s professionals and business partners that have in-depth understanding of the needs of Indonesian market, Fujitsu is committed to support its customers from various industries to grow their business through offering smart solutions that will significantly help them overcome the emerging business challenges.
“Following the success of solutions that we have developed for Indonesian market, such as, Disaster Information Management Systems (DIMS), JAFIP (a mobile based participatory disaster information-sharing system), SPATIOWL (solution for transportation management), and Fujitsu’s solution for airport management, and Fujitsu Healthcare solutions, our new offers in 2015, including Fujitsu Education Solution, will be an ultimate addition to Fujitsu’ comprehensive portfolio. All of Fujitsu solutions are built based on our vision to create a better society, along with the new spirit of Human Centric Innovation in Action,” said Achmad S Sofwan closing his remark.

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