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Fujitsu Introduces Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions to Indonesia Market

Meeting the Real-World Needs of Healthcare Professionals, Realizing Digital Hosptial for Medical Services and Business Optimization.

Jakarta, Oktober 23, 2014

 Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions today introduced a comprehensive healthcare solutions, acknowledged by its capability to bring optimized quality of health services to the public of the implementing countries, to healthcare industry in Indonesia. Through the Fujitsu Healthcare Solutions, Fujitsu offers improvement in ICT-based service system and technology, focused on realization of safe medical treatment, enhanced patience experience and streamlined hospital operation by implementing the latest IT innovations and process enhancements that will not only bring benefits to healthcare services providers but also the public in common.

Achmad S Sofwan, Managing Director Fujitsu Indonesia, said, “As a global organization responsive to local market dynamics, we combine a broad range of capabilities with business change expertise to bring true benefits to healthcare providers. Drawing on our deep understanding of vertical market needs, we believe in providing a holistic patient care experience through IT-enabled change. Specialized in product design and manufacture, as well as application and systems integration, we bring you solutions that are tailored to your individual, cross-disciplinary needs.”

The solutions that Fujitsu brought to Indonesia, such as Hospital Information System, Telemedicine (Health Information Exchange), Mobile Device Application for Service Optimization, Virtualization, Bio-simulation and Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are highly relevant to the changing demographic and current trends in healthcare technology. With these solutions, Fujitsu provides anticipation measures to the emerging problem caused by the poor distribution of health service quality in Indonesia due to geographical obstacles through the remote healthcare service solutions. People in remote areas where access to high quality health services is very limited are now able to communicate and obtain health services directly from medical professionals in different islands without having to make the long distance travel.

Fujitsu’s EMR System and health information exchange also offer beneficial service innovations. With this solution, every patient will own a single medical record stored at a single relational database that is accessible to different medical professionals or healthcare service providers. This solution insures the safety of the patients, as the same medical records are accessible for handling by cross-medical professionals. It also helps highly mobile patients to obtain healthcare services at any hospital without worrying about receiving a false diagnose.

Fujitsu Healthcare Solutions are also equipped with a number of excellent features with numerous applicable systems, such as Outpatient Management System or Accident and Emergency Information System (AEIS), Bed Management System or Patient Information Management System (PIMS) and Operating Theatre Management System (OTMS).

Outpatient Management System or Accident and Emergency Information System (AEIS) facilitates the flow of patients when consulting the Medical Officers. This comprises of functional modules that covers the four main stages of the consultation process:

  • Patient registration
  • Triage
  • Medical Consultation
  • Discharge

These modules share common patient medical records stored in a central repository. The patient demographics, clinical assessments, investigations, medical conditions and diagnostic are all captured and stored electronically as patient medical records which replace the many hardcopies used in a conventional hospital system. Patient information, medical record and medical history can be pulled rapidly from the system at any point of the consultation sated and communicated efficiency across the nurses, medical officers and other medical practitioners. The nurses and medical officers can operate on the system from locations such as Emergency Room, Triage, Consultation Room, Procedure and Observation Room and manage the whole consultation process with patients at various stages and locations.

“As the Outpatient turns Inpatient, our Bed Management System or Patient Information Management System enables the Bed Management Unit of the hospital to efficiently allocate beds for patient through better visibility of the bed turnover at the hospital. In addition, it enables better patient care through seamless integration of information and real-time notification,” said Made Sudharma, Head of Application Services, Fujitsu Indonesia.

The Fujitsu Bed Management Systems or PIMS provides individual bed status and patient information at a glance with an overall view of bed status and occupancy at the ward and hospital level. Staffs are able to initiative various bed operations such as patient discharge, bed cleaning and patient transfer. Prompt notifications will be sent to the staffs via Cisco IP phones for these operations with specific and customized work flow. Extensive reporting data would facilitate the fine-tuning and performance management of specific processes, individuals, and departments.

To support the patient requiring an operation, Fujitsu Operating Theatre Management Systems (OTMS) covers a diverse group of different functions and capabilities. This includes scheduling patients and clinicians; utilization of operating room; managing clinical, administrative, and billing documentation. Fujitsu OTMS provides a comprehensive perioperative information system that enables hospitals to achieve remarkable improvements in organizational performance and patient safety.

“Fujitsu has been providing healthcare technology for more than 38 years and collaborated with its healthcare customers in Asia to implement innovative technology solutions. Based on its proven track record, Fujitsu continuously supports technological advancements in Indonesia. Fujitsu hopes that with the implementation of advanced healthcare services using Fujitsu’s cutting-edge innovation and technology in Indonesia, people in every region of the country will acquire their rights to have equally quafied, safe and professional healthcare services. This is in line with Fujitsu’s vission in realizing Human Centric Intelligent Society,” Achmad closed his remark.

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Date: 23 Oktober, 2014
City: Jakarta
Company: Fujitsu Indonesia