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Fujitsu Bolsters BPBD DKI Jakarta’s Disaster Management Capabilities

Fujitsu’s experience in Japan successfully applied to recent flooding in Indonesia

Jakarta, Februari 05, 2014

Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions, today announced implementation of its Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) by Jakarta’s Regional Disaster Management Agency, BPBD DKI Jakarta(*1) . Based on the disaster management solution Fujitsu offers in Japan and available at the DKI Jakarta disaster management command center from December 2013, DIMS was put into action during the recent flooding of January 2014, improving coordination and disaster response compared to previous years.

“The urgency of an information management system during disaster mitigation process inspired Fujitsu to develop its innovative DIMS solution, which is now being applied by the DKI Jakarta government as part of its disaster mitigation system,” said Achmad S Sofwan, President Director Fujitsu Indonesia. “The system that we built for DKI Jakarta integrates hardware and software designed to accelerate the management of information during a disaster mitigation process. It combines our vast experience and advanced knowledge on disaster management in Japan, which is relatively similar to the characteristics of natural disasters in Indonesia.”

Japan is prone to frequent natural disasters including tsunamis, storms, floods, and earthquakes, such as the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Fujitsu has supported disaster management efforts by providing ICT solutions to the national and local governments in Japan, thereby contributing to the protection of peoples’ lives, livelihoods and property. Such solutions have also helped to reduce economic loss resulting from disasters.

Both Indonesia and Japan suffer from similar types of disasters, from Tsunami and earth quakes, to floods that hit both countries on a regular basis, that likewise are in demand of similar solutions. In Jakarta, the regular flooding that hits the city and surrounding areas almost every year during the rainy season has forced the local government to take preventive and mitigation measures. For instance, in 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2013 large-scale floods hit Jakarta affecting many people as well as impacting the local economy. As the economy and infrastructure of Jakarta continue to develop, increased damage and losses can be expected in the event of a natural disaster. For that reason, disaster management is one of the most pressing issues in Jakarta and making improvements as early as possible is of great importance for the region.

In light of this situation, BPBD DKI Jakarta decided to implement DIMS to enable swift emergency response, and bolster the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster management efforts. The system includes functions that manage damage and shelter information, which is displayed on a digital map and sends out messages to staff and disaster management related organizations.

By consolidating operations in a disaster management command center, the new system enables BPBD DKI Jakarta to more accurately and quickly collect and centralize disaster-related information, make crucial decisions and provide essential messages, such as early warnings, to disaster management related staff and organizations.

“The solution from Fujitsu has helped us in accelerating information management during disaster mitigation process, particularly during the great flooding that hits DKI Jakarta. Back when we still used manual systems during the 2012 flooding, it took five days to receive integrated data, such as flood points and inundated areas. Meanwhile our web portal, which should provide information to the public, did not function effectively. In the January 2014 floods, however, with the support of Fujitsu’s disaster management information system, we were able to obtain real time information, and distribute it on time, to ensure effective coordination in the whole disaster mitigation process,” said Bambang Surya Putra, Head of Informatics Section BPBD DKI Jakarta.

The solution provided by Fujitsu has enabled BPBD DKI Jakarta to manage the information required to anticipate different important phases of disaster mitigation. From pre-disaster phase, emergency response phase, up to recovery phase and publication of information through web portal. “Fujitsu’s experience in providing DIMS for disaster management in Japan is a guarantee for us to implement a similar system in mitigating disaster in DKI Jakarta Province,” added Bambang.

The DIMS developed by Fujitsu is working to support BPBD DKI Jakarta’s performance in managing critical and accurate information that is important in an overall disaster mitigation process, with its following main features:

  • Transmits accurate early warnings - The system can manage information on the water level of rivers and can automatically send warnings to staff and disaster management related organizations about the level of risk and areas likely to be affected in the event of a flood. The warnings speed initial disaster management activities, such as evacuation orders and establishment of the disaster countermeasures office.
  • Makes collection and provision of information more efficient - Collecting information from and providing information to disaster management organizations and citizens, requires much time and effort. Unforeseen contingencies such as staff shortages and an unexpected increase in response measures are a common occurrence during natural disasters. The system assists operations of staff working at the disaster management command center by using registration information with entry forms and automatic data coordination with a portal web site.
  • Assists swift decision making - Using functions that display registered damage and shelter data onto digital maps, the system provides information to grasp the overall situation of the disaster.


  • [1] Glossary and Notes

    DKI Jakarta:Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta.In English can be translated to ‘the Special Capital Region of Jakarta’.

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Date: 05 Februari, 2014
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