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Reliable HPC workload-optimized solutions that perfectly match your requirements

HPC solutions from Fujitsu can be used with a large number of node configurations

As the degree of complexity in HPC systems increases, so does the potential for having more hardware problems, not to mention the difficulty of managing the system. HPC solutions from Fujitsu address these issues with the extreme reliability of proven PRIMERGY servers and the provisioning of precisely tuned and tested configurations, along with highly developed management, monitoring and control functions.

HPC solutions from Fujitsu offer first-class implementation

Setting up an HPC system is complicated and requires in-depth expertise. Fujitsu has incorporated and automated its many years of know-how in installing and operating x86 clusters in a set-up tool. When combined with proven test procedures this tool ensures that setting up HPC solutions is smooth and trouble-free.

HPC solutions from Fujitsu focus on the user

HPC clusters normally require cluster specialists, and many enterprises and organizations do not have such experts in their IT departments. Fujitsu Ready-to-Go Solutions are different. They feature an easy and standardized method for managing, monitoring and controlling clusters using the intuitive web interface of the HPC Gateway which is part of the Fujitsu HPC Cluster Suite for RedHat Enterprise Linux and Cent OS.

HPC solutions from Fujitsu reduce complexity

The large number of hardware, software and open source components in HPC clusters make these solutions extremely complex and also increase the potential for problems and failures. Ready-to-Go HPC solutions from Fujitsu reduce complexity to a minimum and ensure maximum productivity by offering customers complete and validated system configurations developed and supported in close cooperation with leading vendors.