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Rely on the best platform


Research and development tasks are not alike – nor are the requirements of users. Yet as different as they all may be, Fujitsu offers scalable performance architecture that is flexible enough to respond to the most diverse requirements: From the x86 CELSIUS high-end workstation to the x86 PRIMERGY industry-standard server (all the way up) to the PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer. Fujitsu’s offering features a high-quality and extremely reliable architecture that has proven itself for many years in the areas of scientific research, engineering development, and enterprise computing.

FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite

FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite The HPC Cluster Suite is a comprehensive software stack for x86 HPC clusters operated on Red Hat and CentOS. It combines an easy-to-use cluster management tool with a choice of workload managers and general HPC Open Source Software.
Large data storage and I/O throughput requirements, commonly associated with HPC application usage, are easily addressed using the highly scalable parallel file system (FUJITSU Software FEFS).
A graphical interface (HPC Gateway) simplifies usage and promotes accessibility to HPC resources even from remote locations.

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PRIMERGY CX400 The PRIMERGY CX400 enables massive scale out with up to 4 independent server nodes packaged into a single multi-node enclosure, providing shared power and cooling for lower energy budgets. With their optional GPGPU coprocessor support, even highest performance demands are easily achievable, enabling the PRIMERGY CX400 as an ideal base for large HPC environments.

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PRIMERGY BX900 and BX400

PRIMERGY BX400 + BX900 The PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 are complete Dynamic Infrastructures in a cube. While the BX400 delivers top performance for workgroup requirements, the BX900 with its 10 height unit offers outstanding performance with up to 288 cores in combination with leading blade server density. Now allowing for 40% more bandwidth in the Infiniband section. The PRIMERGY BX900 is the right choice for high density, scalability and performance together with high availability.

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PRIMEHPC FX10  PRIMEHPC FX10 Fujitsu’s PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer offers massive amounts of compute power for solving many of today’s most puzzling and complex problems. This is due to the PRIMEHPC FX10’s maximum peak performance of 23.2 Petaflops and memory that scales up to 6 PB with a 98,304 node configuration.

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CELSIUS R920 Fujitsu´s most performing workstation, the CELSIUS R920, is designed to surpass all your expectations. This reliable, high-end multi processor workstation is individually configurable for the most power hungry, 24/7 technical computing applications. Best-in-class noise emissions of just 21 dB, and optional GPGPU coprocessor support, enhance your productivity.

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NVIDIA® Tesla® NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs Accelerators offload parallel computations from the CPU to dramatically accelerate the floating point calculation performance turning your standard workstations into personal supercomputers. By adding a Tesla processor, engineers, designers, and content creation professionals accelerate some of the most complex tools exponentially faster than by adding a second CPU. It’s an unbeatable solution for getting more done in less time.
Take advantage of the newest analysis, simulation, and rendering tools within industry-leading applications and see results in as little as half the time. Tesla companion processors deliver parallel processing power right at the desk, capable of streamlining the way users work every day. This means you can now explore, discover and deliver higher-quality projects faster than you ever thought possible.
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STORAGE ETERNUS disk storage systems are among the most reliable and secure solutions for all types of scenarios, from entry-level to high-end applications. They can be connected to HPC platforms via Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS, and all use the same management software and have the same hardware functions. Thanks to this standardization ETERNUS systems keep operating costs low while protecting investments in resources and competencies.

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