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Hong Kong

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Fujitsu Technology Symposium

Harnessing innovation for a dynamic future

Nov 25, 2014 (Tuesday)

The question facing leaders everywhere is what to invest in today that will bring success tomorrow? Businesses can choose to compete by making incremental gains or take bolder innovation leaps that change the game for everyone – which option will your leaders take?

With coming trends like the Internet of things and the heightened need to transform business for the digital era, new levels of connectivity, data analytics and real-time capability will be critical to success.

Businesses must embark on the journey of transformation from IT optimization to business innovation and social innovation with the catalysts of cloud, big data and mobile in a hyper-connected world.

This conference will discuss on how to use the power of ICT to shape a human-centric innovation to bring better living and smarter business.

Innovation and technology leaders will share insight on these key topics:
-Innovation in the new digital business era and creating an innovation culture
-Harnessing disruptive technologies for a dynamic business organization
-Internet of things and the rapid change of digital commerce
-Cloud computing in action – changing the way business operates
-Mobile and Big Data - the transformation of applications and services

Venue Ballroom, 18/F., The Mira Hong Kong, Tsimshatsui
9:00am - 2:00pm

Hong Kong

Fujitsu has always been at the forefront of innovation with game-changing technologies that have furthered the development of a human-centric intelligent society. The remarkable success of the Fujitsu Technology Symposium in November in Hong Kong bears witness to Fujitsu's world-class technological leadership and vision to shape a better tomorrow for smarter business and intelligent society. Learn more>> Open a new window

You can relive the Symposium's exciting speeches, engaging discussions, and innovative technologies by reading article Open a new window and highlight video Open a new window.

Fujitsu Technology Symposium