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Infrastructure for the digital world

Infrastructure for the digital world

How to get the right IT infrastructure for your business

Businesses today need to digitalize to thrive. This is making many look beyond on-premise IT; to the fast IT of software-defined infrastructure and the cloud. These technologies can help you deploy new apps quicker, handle more data and stay ahead of the competition. 

It’s a trend that puts emphasis on agility. But it doesn’t mean you can stop thinking about infrastructure. In fact, it makes it even more important to ensure that the component parts of your IT are working together as well as possible. So, how do you know your infrastructure is fit for purpose? What questions should you ask? What do you need to keep in mind?

We’ve helped a wide range of organizations tackle these questions. Build or buy? Hybrid or cloud? We’ve created roadmaps to help businesses focus on their needs and make the right choices.

Flexibility is built on compatibility

However you set up your infrastructure, flexibility is key. No two digital initiatives are alike. And in the years to come, exactly what you’ll need from your infrastructure can change. You need to know all the pieces of your infrastructure – on-premise, cloud and hybrid – work together as a single, effective whole. This takes compatibility.

A truly digital business knows the tests it runs and the applications it develops in the cloud will work with its on-premise systems. And vice versa. That’s why we design solutions that work with what you have today and allow you to switch to new systems in the future. Where possible, we use open-source or industry-standard solutions.

Your infrastructure: the options

As you set off on a journey of digital transformation, there are several options for your infrastructure:

Person Buy and manage it yourself
You buy the latest servers and storage, integrate them, and operate it all yourself. This gives you a tailor-made solution that you control.
Server Buy a complete infrastructure solution
For example, a converged or hyper-converged solution with a software-defined architecture. This would support in-house digital innovation. It can also improve uptime while remaining simple to manage.
Tools Use a managed service
This turns the operation of your systems over to an expert partner.
Hybrid IT Build a hybrid infrastructure
You can expand your capabilities by connecting on-premise and cloud systems.
Cloud Move to the cloud
Move everything to the cloud and allow someone else to manage it – paying for only what you need.
We’ve helped customers make a success of each of these routes. In each case, we worked hand-in-hand with our customer. This co-creation is how we deploy systems that meet your particular needs.
ArrowA hundred-year-old clothing business has upgraded its infrastructure with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX. It can now access new servers, storage and services just when it needs them.
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Choosing a partner

As an organization looking to create the right foundation for its digital plans, what do you need from a partner? First, make sure it understands the full range of technology and services you might need. So, not just the cloud-based apps you’ll use, but the appliances they’re run on. 

Next, your partner should offer approaches that are not only compatible with on-premise and cloud technology – but that perform and scale as you need. Its services should be tested and proven, and able to grow with your business. 

Finally, your partner should base its solution on the priorities and aims of your business. This should ultimately determine the mix of own-operated and cloud IT.

Our breadth of expertise in action
We’re working with automotive organizations to help them develop new transport apps and technologies. We deliver both on-premise and cloud apps built in the open Cloud Foundry platform. We’re also providing the devices and services to support the apps.
Business Centric Data Centers

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Hybrid IT

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