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Drivers & downloads

1. Linux OS / Kernel Compatibility List

2. Linux Drivers & Downloads

3. Windows Drivers & Downloads

Download files include installation/update procedure.

4. VMware Drivers & Downloads

Download files include installation/update procedure.

5. Windows Server 2008

6. Windows Server™ 2003 R2

Information on Windows Server™ 2003 R2

ServerView for TX150 S2/TX150 S4/TX200 S2/RX100 S2/RX100 S3/RX200 S2/RX300 S2/RX600 S2/BX620 S2

7. Update information for PRIMERGY FT-model

  • The version of Endurance Software was V6.1.1 when customers purchased TX200FT S2.
  • The latest version of PRIMERGY FT-model hotfix for Endurance Software V6.1.2 is Release V1.0L40.
  • Fujitsu recommends that customers update Endurance Software.

For updating Endurance Software, it is necessary to execute the following 2 steps.
Click for procedure and download files

8. Windows Security Patch Information for PRIMERGY FT-model

  • It has been confirmed that there are no defects in applying Windows Update Security Patch in Endurance software V6.1.1
  • Windows Security Patch information released in Windows Update
  • Windows Security Patch Information List

9. Others

-Array Controller Document & Tool CD

-PCI-Express SAS Card Document & Tool CD
  (BX620 S4, RX100 S5, RX200 S4, RX300 S4, RX600 S4, TX300 S4, TX150 S6)

-PCI-Express SCSI Card Document & Tool CD
  (RX600 S4, RX300 S4, RX200 S4, RX100 S5, TX150 S6, TX300 S4)

-SSL certification for Advanced KVM Module (PG-KVB103)
  (BX620 S2, BX620 S3, BX620 S4)

-Onboard SCSI Registry setting tool V1.0L10
  (TX150 S4)

-Onboard SCSI Reqistry setting tool V1.0L10
  (RX100 S3)

-PRIMERGY S30/SX30 GEM359 INF file
  (RX200 S2, RX200 S3, RX300 S2, RX300 S3, TX600 S2, RX600 S3,
   TX200 S2, TX200 S3)