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Hardware VRS

Hardware VRS4.5 Professional PFU OEM Bundle for fi-6800 Update Pack

Supported Scanner Models

  • fi-6800

This update pack is only for fi-6800. For fi-5900C, fi-6670A, fi-6770A or fi-4860C2, install VRS4.5 (vrs_4.5_pfucga_oem_bundle.exe) which is available on the website.


VRS4.5 Professional PFU OEM Bundle for fi-6800 Update Pack Disk space
icon-download vrs_4.5_pfucga_6800.exe (size:191KB)


  1. Advanced Clarity Capabilities Extended
    Two new capabilities are available when you select Advanced Clarity:
    • Analyze Color:
      For pages that contain a color background or color text, this option produces optimal black and white images by including subtle color content variations in the page evaluation. Otherwise, only grayscale variations are evaluated.
    • Ignore Pictures:
      Ignores pictures or photos when VRS evaluates the page content. As a result, the clarity improvements are applied to other (non-picture) content on the page. hv-6800-001
  2. Improved Edge Cleanup
    When Edge Cleanup is active, VRS trims the same amount of pixels from the top, bottom, left, and right edges of an image to ensure that no imperfections remain after Auto Crop is performed.
  3. Support for the TWAIN 2.0 standard.

How to apply

  • Refer to "README" (461 KB) file on how to apply the update module.

After installing this Update Pack, please install "vrs45_6800patch.exe" (VRS4.2 and VRS4.5 Professional PFU OEM Bundle Patch for fi-6800).