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Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware is the most comprehensive family of preintegrated, industry-leading middleware.

Oracle logo Oracle's middleware products embrace a hot-pluggable architecture, for greater flexibility and investment protection.

Only Oracle delivers the middleware portfolio that drives your business to:

  • increase its capacity for growth and change
  • improve insight into business operations  
  • improve insight into business operations
  • increase productivity and process efficiency
Oracle’s application server product line is the industry's most comprehensive platform for developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise applications. At the center of the product line is the application server, a powerful and scalable Java EE server.
The application server product line is the key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. But there are a number of other components included as well, like Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Identity Management and Enterprise 2.0 products.
The openSEAS product BeanConnect offers transactional secure connectivity of OLTP applications with Oracle’s application server.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

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