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Microsoft® Operating Systems

Windows and Office

Windows 10 Pro Logo

Windows 10 Pro devices from Fujitsu provide you the powerful essentials you need for your business PCs - more security features, enhanced control, and robust and innovative devices – and to stretch your resources to get more done.

Some Windows 10 Pro Highlights

  • One converged platform
    Windows 10 delivers one universal app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach. The unified experience scales across devices.
  • Improved productivity and mobility with a modern device
    Be more productive with Windows 10 new features like Cortana (voice controlled clever personal assistant), Microsoft Edge (next generation web engine), Continuum (e.g. automatic switching from PC to tablet mode), consistent UI, virtual desktops for Multi Doing and Universal Apps that can run on any device
  • Enhanced security and manageability features
    Windows 10 offers compelling security tools, some of which take advantage of the latest hardware innovation to combat evolving cyber threats. Beside enhanced security Microsoft makes the deployment processes easier with e.g. in-place upgrades and dynamic provisioning. Windows 10 is not only easier to deploy in your organization, it is also easier to manage with a diverse set of options to meet your company needs.
  • Windows as a Service – Windows Updates
    Microsoft has built Windows 10 for an easy upgrade from Windows 7, and also to enable easy upgrades for future releases. Windows becomes a service that gets richer over time.

Upgrade to Windows 10 Step-by-Step Guide

Windows 10 is now available. Find out how to upgrade your device to the new platform.

Downgrade to Windows 7 Professional for legacy applications

The Windows 10 Pro license with Windows 10 Pro pre-installation on our systems includes end user downgrade right to Windows 7 Professional. For a more convenient installation of Windows 7 Professional you can get the OEM recovery media here.

And, with the Office you have got all you need to improve your daily productivity.

The new Office