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All-Flash Arrays and Hybrid Storage Systems
Video Library

ETERNUS AF all-flash storage excels in recognized benchmarks by delivering incredible storage performance and extremely reliable data services at highly competitive prices.
ETERNUS DX hybrid storage allows you to achieve a maximum of storage consolidation for structured and unstructured data by balancing speed, capacity and cost in one system.

ETERNUS AF All-flash Arrays

Protect customer's data eternally & support everlasting growth

The Robotized test called "Black Box Clip test" causes component failure at thousands of points. But what is the test for?

November 14, 2018

ETERNUS AF - All-Flash Storage Unchained

The FUJITSU ETERNUS AF family and its benefits.

January 18, 2018

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ETERNUS DX Hybrid Storage Systems

ETERNUS DX - Hybrid Storage Unchained

January 18, 2018

Other videos

Configuration Guide (Basic)

Show the initial settings of ETERNUS AF/ETERNUS DX on the Web GUI.

The setup procedures to log in for the first time

RAID Configuration Settings

SAN Connection Settings


FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF/DX, Smart Setup Wizard

Just two steps and five minutes! You can setup ETERNUS AF/DX easily and quickly with Smart Setup Wizard.  [November 14, 2018]

ETERNUS DX Storage Cluster - highest availability made easy

Organizations need to protect their businesses from catastrophic outage that can result in staggering costs, damaged reputation and even legal action.
Get a short impression how Fujitsu's ETERNUS Storage Cluster works, making it easy to avoid such calamities.  [July 1, 2016]

Case Studies

TV Worldwide

February 2, 2016

Product: ETERNUS DX100 S3
Industry: Broadcasting

GKL Marketing-Marktforschung GmbH

February 19, 2015

Products: ETERNUS DX600 S3
Industry: Market research
icon-pdf Case Study

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

November 27, 2013

Products: ETERNUS DX8700 S2, ETERNUS CS High End
Industry: Professional services
icon-pdf Case study

Other videos

  • icon-movie LAMY  [August 26, 2014]
    Products: ETERNUS DX90 S2
    Industry: Writing instruments

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