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Fujitsu M10-4S supports business expansion

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With a large resource capacity and flexibility for system expansion, Fujitsu M10-4S helps remove barriers to business grow your business. Fujitsu M10 allows expansion of the server environment in line with growing business needs by adding Building Blocks when required. Moreover its maximum capacity of 1024 cores and 32 TB of memory, is evidence Fujitsu M10-4S has the highest level of scalability in the commercial server market.

This unrivaled level of scalability is supported by Fujitsu high speed system interconnect technology.

Development of System Interconnect through the evolution of Fujitsu UNIX servers

Fujitsu UNIX servers have been evolving hand in hand with system interconnects. From the earliest UNIX model, GP7000F, which throughput was 51.2GB/s, now with the development of Fujitsu’s system interconnect technology, this has increased by 72 times. Fujitsu M10-4S reaches approximately 3.7 TB/s.

  • GP7000F: 51.2 GB/s
  • PRIMEPOWER 2500 133 GB/s
  • SPARC Enterprise M9000 737GB/s
  • Fujitsu M10-4S :3.7TB/s
Figure 1

System interconnect technology for Fujitsu M10

Fujitsu M10 system interconnect assures high frequency transmission. To transmit ten thousand signals per second without error, slightly skewed or delayed signals must be eliminated. The system interconnect rectifies signals and eliminates any noise, maximizes the data throughput of Fujitsu M10.


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