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Oracle VM for SPARC Server

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SPARC M10 helps maximize both system uptime and efficiency for system resource use by consolidation of servers using highly reliable virtualization platform.

  • Hardware partitioning can reduce risk for failure by isolation of the database system from remaining partitions
  • Fine-grain virtualization using Oracle VM for SPARC Server helps improve server utilization
  • I/O virtualization of Oracle VM for SPARC Server makes system redundant

Hardware partitioning

SPARC M10-4S has a maximum of 16 Building Blocks, where hardware partitioning is available. Each hardware partition becomes a single system and any two partitions are isolated at the hardware level. To improve the system continuity, this isolation mechanism separates the core part of system from failures. If database system is isolated within one hardware partition, a failure in any other remaining partitions will not influence behavior of database systems.

Figure1: Oracle VM for SPARC

Uplift server utilization rate using Oracle VM for SPARC Server

SPARC M10 can maximize server investment efficiency by allocating server resources to workloads in just-in-time and just-in-your-size manner.

  • Oracle VM for SPARC Server, can allot the required CPU resources – from 1 % of one CPU to 100% of numerous CPU's.
  • A minimum of 2 CPU cores are available with initial CPU Core Activation, although the remaining CPU cores are accessible when the system needs to be expanded.

Within one Building Block you can create a maximum of 128 logical partitions, each of which operates independently without interference.

  • Existing SPARC servers can be integrated into the logical partition of SPARC M10
  • One Building Block can incorporate workloads moved from a maximum of 128 SPARC server units.
  • Server resources can be reallocated flexibly between the logical partitions, allowing for workloads at their peak to be assigned sufficient resources

Figure2: Oracle VM for SPARC

Redundant configuration using Oracle VM for SPARC Server

Rarely possible with other virtualization products, Oracle VM for SPARC Server can maximize uptime of a virtualized system. Most virtualization products cannot eliminate a single point of failure in an IO control program. If an IO control program for virtualization fails, the entire system may freeze.

However, Oracle VM has an IO redundancy function to help continue system operations even during failure of an IO control program.

Oracle VM for SPARC Server duplicates the IO control program called "IO Route Domain", which controls PCIe cards and disk drives under a virtualized environment.

If only one "IO Route Domain" is created, a failure in either the program, PCIe card, or disk drive may cause the entire system shut down. However, if two "IO Route Domains" are created, another domain can overtake IO in failed IO Route Domain.

Figure3: Oracle VM for SPARC


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