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CPU Activation

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SPARC M10 can much simplify server expansion by addition of CPU resources in seconds. With CPU Activation feature, system can be expanded without any interruptions in units of two cores

This allows users to immediately add CPU resources when required, ensuring business opportunities while still controlling investment. CPU Activation feature is available for all of SPARC M10 models.

Effortless server expansion

SPARC M10 with CPU Activation reduces initial investments and system upgrade costs.

  • Initial investment can be accurately matched to customer demands. An initial investment for a small number of resources that meets current demands can be expanded in the future. Minimum number of cores is two per SPARC M10-1, and four per SPARC M10-4 or M10-4S.
  • Upgrade system anytime as required. All SPARC M10 models are upgradable in units of two CPU cores without system interruption.
    SPARC M10-4S can be expanded to a maximum of 1024 cores.

Figure1: Transition of CPU Core Activation

Even during a CPU core failure, SPARC M10 avoids performance degradation by automatically replacing the failed core with a reserve core, and by re-allocating CPU Activation for the failed core to the reserved core.


CPU resources transferable to safer sites

To deal with natural disasters, mission critical systems can be duplicated to a remote site (Disaster Recovery). A challenge that businesses often face is how to optimize use of the backup system during standby time.

Fortunately, SPARC M10 can help businesses overcome this challenge as CPU Activation can be moved from one server to another even while both are operating. Therefore during a disaster CPU Activation can be moved to the backup system from the production system activating the necessary CPU. As an example, consider two sites, one located in Tokyo and the other in Osaka each of which has single SPARC M10 environment with eight CPU Core Activations for two sites. Six CPU cores are used in the production system in Tokyo, while the remaining two cores are used as backup in Osaka.

With this set-up, if a problem occurs in Tokyo, four CPU Core Activations can be moved to the backup site, allowing sufficient resources to be used to run the production system.