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Configuration Tool for Oracle VM Server for SPARC

The Configuration Tool for Oracle VM Server for SPARC is used to automatically configure Oracle VM Server for SPARC on Fujitsu M10.
Before OVM Configuration Tool is activated, the following terms and conditions must be agreed to. By downloading the OVM Configuration Tool the user acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stated below.


  • Fujitsu assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of using this software.
  • The copyright information related to this tool may not be modified.
  • This tool is intended to establish the initial configuration of the OVM environment. It is not designed for modifying an existing environment.
  • This tool may not be redistributed.

How to use


1. Downloaded file is compressed in zip format.
To store the downloaded files, please create a working folder.
(Name and location of folder is at the users discretion)

2. Click on the following download file to start the download.

3. Specify the folder prepared in step 1. to save the location, then start downloading the file.

4. Download is complete.

Configuration Tool for Oracle VM Server for SPARC  icon-download
(2.30MB /

Decompression Method

1. Unzip the download file with decompression software.

2. Decompression process will start.

3. When the decompression is complete, a new folder is automatically created where the file is downloaded. The configuration Tool and the related files are placed in that folder.

4. Decompression is complete.

Download Files

  • OVM_ConfigTool_v2.4.tar.gz
    This is the software program file (Configuration Tool for Oracle VM Server for SPARC).
    Please decompress on Fujitsu M10 to run it.
  • README.pdf
    This is the text document that includes the overview of the tool, operating conditions, and usage instructions.
  • ovm_ct_description-E.pdf
    This is the PDF document with detailed description of how to use this tool.
  • ovm_designsheet-E.xlsx
    Before starting the configuration, you can check each parameter.
    Microsoft (R) Excel 2010 or later is recommended for this design sheet.