ScanSnap Clouds sends receipts directly to Xero

ScanSnap, the popular document scanner, brings digital simplicity and organization to individuals and businesses through one button scanning. Versatile and high performing, ScanSnap scanners feature the ScanSnap Cloud capability, enabling you to scan directly to your favorite cloud services without the need for a computer or mobile device.

Overview of ScanSnap Cloud

  • Delivers scans from your ScanSnap iX1500, iX500, or iX100 to Xero without the need for a computer or mobile device
  • Supports full-text optical character recognition (OCR), auto file naming and the ability to capture 'scans' from a smartphone camera for increased flexibility and convenience

Integration of ScanSnap Cloud and Xero

How to send your receipts to Xero using ScanSnap Cloud:

  1. Open the ScanSnap Home application on your computer or mobile device and select Xero as the destination for your receipts
  2. Scan receipts with your ScanSnap iX1500, iX500, and iX100
  3. The receipts are automatically sent to your Xero accounts. You can find the scanned receipts in "Bill to Pay" under "Business" tab.
    Also, you can find the scanned receipts in "Inbox" under "Files" when you check "Save images only to a cloud Service"


  • ScanSnap iX1500, iX500, or iX100
  • ScanSnap Home application
  • Wi-Fi environment with internet connection
  • Your Xero credentials

How to configure ScanSnap Cloud and Xero

  1. Run the ScanSnap Home application and click the [Scan] button open the upper-left corner.

  2. Select "Scan to Cloud" profile and click [Edit] icon in the ScanSnap Home Window.

  3. Choose the [Scan to Cloud] tab. Under the [Receipts] tab, click the [Selecting…] button to link to cloud service.

  4. Choose [Xero] and click the [Select] button.

  5. Sign in Xero, and allow ScanSnap Cloud to access your Xero account.

    * Please note that you can only scan into one account at a time.

  6. Make sure the selected user and organization name are shown next to at [Save to:] as the save destination. Then, click the [Save] button.

    *This completes the integration between ScanSnap Cloud and Xero. Once the integration is established, your ScanSnap account is linked with your Xero account. Your scanned receipts will be automatically posted to your Xero account when you select [Scan to Cloud] profile and click the [Scan] button. To use a different Xero account or organization, you need to re-select the Xero account or organization on the ScanSnap Home application.

Posted Expense

You will see the following information in the [Bills to Pay]:

Fields Content/Description
User Show the use name selected in the integration process
Receipt   Show total amount and the following details
Receipt From The Vendor name is extracted from the receipt Populated with "?" if extraction fails
Date The date is extracted from the receipts Populated with date of scanning if extraction fails
Description Populated with "?"
Quantity Populated with "1"
Unit Price Show total amount extracted from the receipt
Account Populated with "429 General Expenses" by default If the Account Code is not defined, this field is populated with the first value of the account list.

* Data extraction is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Please verify extracted data to ensure accuracy.

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