World Economic Forum | Davos 2024

Connect with us in Davos

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The path to a trusted society runs through Davos

The World Economic Forum 2024 will convene under the theme of “Rebuilding trust,” emphasizing the connection between global unity and a thriving future for all.

At Fujitsu, we are deeply invested in this idea and have already taken significant steps towards accelerating collaborative partnerships across industries and organizations to solve today’s most complex challenges.

Yet, there is still much more to be done.

That’s why we invite you to cross paths with us at Davos. Together, through trusted partnerships, solutions, and technology, we can work towards a sustainable future, connecting the world with trust.

Making connections makes it real

The challenges facing the world today are simply too complex for any one organization to confront alone. The Fujitsu Uvance House in Davos will be a safe space for you to share your challenges with peers, to make connections and to learn from other organizations with shared values. Fujitsu executives will be on hand to describe how we are working with partners in diverse sectors to add value for the planet, prosperity, and people.

That’s the formula that we are confident will have the greatest impact on connecting the world with trust—and it’s our goal at Davos to connect with you to make it happen.

Learn more about how the planet, prosperity, and people framework is already making inroads to a better tomorrow:

  • Planet


    Solving global environmental issues

    Discover the innovative technologies and solutions driving net zero, circular economies and biodiversity for a future earth where both people and nature can thrive.

    Find out more
  • Prosperity


    Developing a digital society

    Securing the integrity of data, ensuring ethical use of AI and closing the digital divide are the cornerstones of balancing prosperity and stability to create a trusted society.

    Find out more
  • People


    Improving people's well-being

    See how improvements to healthcare, increased education opportunities, and better customer experiences are creating better lives by boosting well-being across society.

    Find out more

You can explore more about the future we would like to create with our customers and partners in the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision

Get an exclusive look at our new C-Suite sustainability research

We surveyed 600 C-Suite leaders to find out how they are achieving Sustainability Transformation and how to excel in business and sustainability. Our new research will explore the importance of and the challenges surrounding collaboration between organizations.

We are excited to give you a first look at this fresh research which uncovers:

  • C-Suite leaders sustainability priorities versus progress in today’s transformed world, are we advancing enough to close the sustainability gap?
  • The business and social value of collaborating and utilizing data across organizations and industries to make real progress on our sustainability goals.
  • How to become a Sustainability Transformation leader and pave the way for others as a Change Maker.

Sustainability Transformation requires a united front

In the build-up to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 (WEF), new research from Fujitsu confirms that executives now view Sustainability Transformation as essential for business growth. Trends from the study show that contributing to the greater good and boosting profit need not be opposing forces, but, rather, can work in harmony.

Event details | Fujitsu Uvance House

Sustainability is the house special

Be sure to stop by the Fujitsu Uvance House to discover the technology helping organizations close the sustainability gap and boost economic prosperity in a digital society while contributing to solving global environmental issues and improving peoples’ well-being.

Event Date: 15-19 January 2024
Event address: Fujitsu Uvance House - Promenade 73, 7270 Davos Platz, Switzerland


Guest speakers at Fujitsu Uvance House

Carolien de Bruin

Senior Director,
Equity Action & Member of the Extended Leadership Group, WBCSD

James Watson​

Co-Founder of Financial Times Longitude​

Kumardev Chatterjee

Globally known as Serial Tech Innovator 
Forbes TC Member, Finland National Government Advisory Board Member

Martin Wezowski

Chief Futurist at SAP

Misiek Piskorski

Professor of Digital Strategy, Analytics and Innovation and Dean of IMD business school

Mark Pieter de Boer

Head of Sector Coverage at ING Wholesale Banking

Fujitsu’s leaders at Davos

Our global leaders are looking forward to collaborating with you.

Takahito Tokita



Hidenori Furuta



Shunsuke Onishi

CRO, SEVP Head of Global Customer Success


Graeme Beardsell

CEO, Fujitsu Asia Pacific Region


Asif Poonja

CEO, Fujitsu Americas Region


Mikihito Saito

EVP, Co-CEO, Europe Region


Taeko Yamamoto