Boost SSD performance by massively parallelized access

Digitalization has led to data-driven workloads and ever-proliferating applications which exponentially increase the demand for accelerated data storage. In today’s digital age, storage systems must address two essential requirements:

  • 1. Data-intensive workloads transfer massive amounts of data to and from storage systems at the same point in time, thus fueling the demand for performance levels superior to what is available through current all-flash storage systems.
  • 2. Co-existence of new-age applications alongside traditional ones will add more parallel data streams accessing the same storage, thus driving the adoption of technologies that enable maximum parallelization.
Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is a new, optimized, high-performance interface for PCIe based Solid State Drives (SSDs) that truly unleashes the power of Flash. NVMe capitalizes on the massively parallelized, low-latency paths to flash storage to offer faster storage response times and higher throughput, thereby powering application performance. NVMe will not just accelerate storage; it will be instrumental in shaping the datacenter of the future. At Fujitsu, we have started to integrate this exciting new technology into purpose-built products designed to deliver highly parallelized, responsive storage.

So come with us, and flash forward to the future!

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