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Fujitsu Rolls Out New Online Medical Solution to Drive Digital Transformation in Hospitals and Clinics

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 25, 2020

Fujitsu today announced the commercial debut of its "FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Online Healthcare Solution" in the Japanese market, offering medical providers a powerful new tool to support COVID-19 countermeasures in medical frontlines and promote the digital transformation of doctors’ work in hospitals and other medical institutions. The new solution connects all of Fujitsu’s electronic medical record systems, ranging from those for small clinics to larger hospitals, with availability in Japan commencing on November 25, 2020.

The offering will securely link with Fujitsu's HOPE LifeMark-Concierge application; available since 2016, which allows patients to make appointments and payments using a smartphone, while enabling safe and secure online medical examinations by letting patients access the URL of a video calling system used for online diagnosis through smartphone notifications. The solution empowers patients by allowing them to not only easily access online medical resources, but also manage everything from their appointments to billing with a smartphone app.

By the end of fiscal 2020, Fujitsu plans to enhance its online medical care solution features to offer a range of services from its electronic medical record systems(1), including the activation of a video calling system, patient management through a patient registry system, and the ability to send prescriptions to pharmacies outside the hospital or to patients' homes. Moving forward, Fujitsu remains committed to providing a safe, secure, and convenient environment for patients to receive online medical services through the provision of this and other innovative medical solutions, meeting the challenges posed by the realities of the post-COVID "new normal", and offering robust support for medical providers and patients alike.


As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, patients have been increasingly refraining from seeking medical care due to fear of infection, causing a variety of problems, including the progression of chronic diseases due to deferred treatment and delays in initial medical care.

In response to this challenge, as of April 10, 2020, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved a temporary and special measure allowing medical examinations to be conducted through the use of telephones and other means of communication, even including the initial medical care, until the resolution of the pandemic. In the case of online medical services using video images, including for initial consultation, it was determined the ban on such services would be lifted even after the conclusion of the pandemic.

To deliver robust support to medical institutions engaged in online medical care, Fujitsu will launch the new solutions, leveraging its extensive expertise in the development and management of electronic medical record systems, which it has provided since the 1990s to all types of medical institutions from university hospitals to clinics in Japan. Fujitsu's HOPE LifeMark-Concierge will also play a key role in the new offering, serving as a platform that connects hospitals and patients.

Features of the New Solution

1.Safe, secure, and smooth online medical care

  • The "FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Online Healthcare Solution" is connected with Fujitsu's HOPE LifeMark-Concierge, which allows patients to make medical appointments and settle accounts using a smartphone app, relying on a secure communication infrastructure based on the guidelines of Japan's medical authorities(2). The medical institutions automatically send the URL of the video call system used for online medical care to patients through the HOPE LifeMark-Concierge. By simply accessing this URL, patients can receive safe, secure and smooth online medical services.

2. Total support from medical appointment to online medical services and billing

  • By registering user information on the app, patients can use their smartphones to make appointments, check and change appointments, and pay later by registering credit card information.
  • This allows patients to make appointments, see a doctor online, and pay digitally using the smartphone app without having to physically visit a medical institution.

3. Streamline hospital operations by linking to the electronic medical record system

  • By linking Fujitsu's electronic medical record system with the new solution by the end of fiscal 2020, medical institutions will be able to launch a video call system from the EMR system directly and to manage patients for online diagnosis from the list of patients receiving treatment, thereby improving the efficiency of hospital operations.

Future Plans

Going forward, Fujitsu plans to link its cloud-based electronic medical record system "FUJITSU Healthcare Solutions HOPE Cloud Chart" to the new solution. In addition, by continuously developing and providing online services for electronic prescriptions and medical guidance, Fujitsu hopes to contribute to the diverse needs of community residents, patients, and healthcare professionals, and to create a more sustainable and trusted future through the power of innovation.

Pricing and Availability

Solution, Service Name Pricing (Tax Excl.) Availability
FUJITSU Healthcare Solution Online Healthcare Solution From 1.5 Million JPY From Nov 27 in Japan

Sales Target

Delivery to 850 facilities by end of FY 2025 (Our fiscal year ends at the end of March.)

  • [1] Electronic medical record systems

    Applies to the following on-premise and cloud based EMR: ・For large and medium size hospitals: FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE LifeMark-HX / FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE EGMAIN-GX, ・For medium and small size hospitals: FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE LifeMark-MX, ・For clinics: FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE LifeMark-SX / FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE LifeMark-SX Cloud

  • [2] Guidelines of Japan’s medical authorities

    Guidelines issued by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "Guidelines for Safety Management of Medical Information Systems Version 5" (May 2017), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Safety Management Guidelines for Providers of Information Systems and Services Handling Medical Information" (August 2020)

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Date: 25 November, 2020
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited