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Fujitsu plans Global Launch of "Monozukuri" Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing for the "New Normal" Era

Fujitsu Limited

News Facts:

  • With an eye toward the digitized “New Normal” era, Fujitsu will offer 4 new solutions to optimize operations for manufacturers that have been impacted by COVID-19 and other major disruptions
  • Linking these solutions with the existing COLMINA solution, Fujitsu’s offering emphasizes collaboration across multiple locations, including home offices and manufacturing sites, as remote work becomes more prevalent
  • Launch will begin in Japan in November 2020, with international expansion planned for 2021
Tokyo, October 12, 2020

Fujitsu today announced the expansion of its manufacturing solutions and services on a global basis for “new normal” era , beginning in November 2020. These offerings embody the spirit of monozukuri, a word that encompasses the Japanese philosophy of meticulous craftsmanship in manufacturing, with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation (DX) of the manufacturing industry.

In order to improve the efficiency of production operations in the manufacturing industry, visualize the operating status of manufacturing facilities, and improve product design and development processes, Fujitsu will embark on a global launch of the following four solutions and services:

  1. A subscription based service of COLMINA consisting of services and solutions to accelerate manufacturing DX
  2. Siemens Digital Industries Software's Xcelerator, which has a sizable share of the global market, and Altair Engineering's Altair HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance for remote design and development
  3. A manufacturing site expert service to support improvement initiatives through on-site interactive, real-time remote communication
  4. Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Design Review High-Speed Remote Desktop (Design Review High-Speed Remote Desktop hereafter), which enables graphics-intensive applications (3D - CAD and CAE)(1) in a cloud environment.

Going forward, Fujitsu will accelerate DX in manufacturing operations by linking these new offerings with existing COLMINA solutions and connecting information across the entire global supply chain from design to production. Doing so will support flexible value chain restructuring, enhanced competitiveness through the adoption of CPS (Cyber Physical Systems)(2) to represent manufacturing in cyberspace, and the creation of innovation through diverse collaborations.


In response to recent changes in the manufacturing landscape, such as intensifying competition due to market globalization, a push for strict quality requirements, and shortages of skilled labor, a growing demand exists to address mass customization and service-oriented manufacturing. The manufacturing industry simultaneously faces a critical situation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the disruption of supply chains, the suspension of operations caused by the limitations of working from home, and the closure of offices where outbreaks have occurred.

In this "new normal" era, manufacturers must take on new challenges, including the decentralization of supply chains, implementation of automation and labor-saving manufacturing techniques, and enabling design and development work, as well as production tracking, to be done remotely.

In addition to the existing COLMINA solution, Fujitsu will launch new monozukuri solutions to support the acceleration of DX in the manufacturing industry.

Overview of expanded solutions and services

  1. COLMINA subscription service for more efficient manufacturing operations and efficient use of machine tools

    The COLMINA solution will be offered to the manufacturing industry globally as a subscription-based service. To accelerate digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, starting April 2021 DUCNET Co., Ltd. will provide subscription-based services of Fujitsu, such as plant dashboards and analysis templates for productivity and quality, utilizing the Digital Utility Cloud. With a subscription-based service for the monozukuri business system, which manufacturing companies used to build individually, customers will be able to use a variety of business systems at an early stage with while keeping initial investments under control, thereby contributing to the efficiency of internal operations, the advancement of customer services, and the acceleration of DX. In April 2021, Fujitsu will launch this system for the machine tool industry, and will gradually expand it to the automobile, machinery, and electronics markets.

  2. Remote design and development solutions to support product development in the era of "new normal"
    • Siemens Digital Industries Software's integrated software portfolio "Xcelerator"

      Xcelerator is an integrated software portfolio a cloud-based project collaboration service enables teams of engineers from different locations and desktop environments to collaborate on design work, including CAD. With employees telecommuting from separate locations due to the continued impact of COVID-19, this product supports secure, remote product development by flexibly responding to changes in the design and development environment. The offering will be available in Japan from March 2021 and in Europe and North America within 2021.

    • Altair Engineering's SaaS CAE software, Altair HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance

      This service consists of a software suite for various analyses, such as CAE and structure simulation required for product development, and a cloud environment for performing calculations. Users can quickly combine run times and analysis specs as needed. This enables the remote development of digital products and the unplanned verification of product quality in preparation for business continuity, thereby shortening product development lead times and improving product quality. For customers who have not yet implemented CAE, combining the Fujitsu PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) product line(3) and CAE technical support enables CAE implementation early in the manufacturing process. This service will be launched in Japan in March 2021 and in Europe, North America, and other regions by the end of 2021.

  3. Accelerating On-site Manufacturing DX with Remote Expert Service

    This offering utilizes technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., this service, which remotely facilitates stress-free simultaneous interactive communication. It is delivered as a remote service to support on-site improvements to design and manufacturing capabilities and to bring about manufacturing DX with the aid of experts who have cultivated practical technologies and know-how in Fujitsu's own manufacturing sites.

    Using this service with the comprehensive support of Fujitsu's experienced experts, customers will enjoy improved productivity and cost reductions without geographic constraints through access to real-time information and ICT technologies, including analytics on production status and on-site video. It will also improve work efficiency by reviewing work details and sequences, while reducing inventory and space by reexamining processes and layouts. This service will be launched in Japan in January 2021, with a scheduled global launch in 2021, beginning with Germany in Europe and in North America.

  4. Design Review High-Speed Remote Desktop for stress-free, high-quality remote work

    This virtual desktop software aids designers of remote working environments in the "new normal" era, with 4K resolution and 45 fps(4) to enable seamless work in high-definition environments such as 3D-CAD, CAE, and video and computer graphics editing without a dedicated workstation. When working from a remote location, users can avoid the stress of data lag, even on a notebook computer designed for office work. Utilizing technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, the communication data required for drawing can be reduced by half, compared with conventional methods. The screen collaboration function, which makes it possible to transfer images with higher accuracy and smoothness even on low-speed lines, enables the same level of drawing as in the past. This ensures smooth design review across multiple sites, such as between designers and factories, and enables speedier manufacturing. This service is scheduled for launch in Japan at the end of November 2020 and globally in 2021, starting with Germany and the United States.

Future Plans

Fujitsu positions Japan, Germany, and North America as the primary centers for the development of manufacturing solutions and the enhancement of functions, and is planning to extend its services to Japan, Europe, North America, and Asia. In addition, with a view toward creating new services in the cloud robotics(5) market and adopting monozukuri CPS in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System)(6) domains, Fujitsu plans to offer new services that enable autonomous improvements by seamlessly linking and analyzing data from upstream design to downstream manufacturing sites in the manufacturing industry. We will also partner up with overseas vendors that have a large share of the global market.

Pricing and Availability (below pricing is for Japan market and pricing varies according to country)

Product and Service Name Sales Price (tax excl.) Availability
COLMINA Subscription Service Monthly fee: from 150,000 Japanese yen From April 2021
Xcelerator TBD From March 2021
Altair HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance From 850,000 Japanese yen
(500 node hours/2 months)
From March 2021
Manufacturing Site Remote Expert Service 3 million Japanese yen ~ From January 2021
Design Review Fast Remote Desktop Monthly fee: from 18,000 Japanese yen From November 2020

Sales Target

By fiscal 2025, sales of the COLMINA subscription service and monozukuri solution business for the era of "new normal" are projected to total 50 billion yen (fiscal year concludes at the end of March.).

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  • [4] 45 fps

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