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Fujitsu Delivers Complete Set of 5G Base Station Products to NTT DOCOMO for Commercial 5G Service

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 31, 2019

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has begun delivery of 5G base station products, comprising of Central Unit (CU, 1) and Radio Unit (RU, 2), to NTT DOCOMO INC. for the commercialization of the fifth generation mobile communications system (5G, 3).

Equipment Features

The 5G CU products that Fujitsu has started delivering realize the 5G system through a proprietary software design from the company using software-defined radio (SDR, 4) technology, which can implement different wireless technologies on the same hardware. This makes it possible to deploy 5G network quickly and at low cost, using existing 3G, LTE, and LTE-Advanced base station equipment with a minimum hardware changes.

In addition, the 5G RU products have built-in antennas (which had conventionally been installed externally) equipped with beam forming(5), enabling efficient network deployments. These RU products have a lineup consisting of 3 types of equipment that support 5G frequencies (the 3.7 GHz band, the 4.5 GHz band, and the 28 GHz band).

Moreover, regarding the fronthaul(6) interface, these products are compliant with global standard specifications (O-RAN fronthaul interface specifications) set by the O-RAN Alliance(7). Supporting the above open interface, Fujitsu's products can connect to various vendors CU/RU products.
Furthermore, these products also support the specifications set out in 3GPP's Release 15(8). This will enable 5G operators to smoothly begin the commercial 5G service.

5G network configuration5G network configuration

Future Plans

Fujitsu has been working with NTT DOCOMO to develop a CU and RUs that comply with the O-RAN fronthaul interface specifications. The company aims to strengthen its partnership with NTT DOCOMO, supporting the launch and expansion of the commercial 5G service. The company will also encourage the greater use of open fronthaul standards, thereby promoting an invigoration of the ecosystem and further technological innovation globally.

Moreover, Fujitsu will continue expanding the business activity to local 5G areas, supporting its customers in their digital transformation and the creation of new services through the application of 5G in various industrial fields, including smart factories, remote medical care, and autonomous driving.

Comment from Hiroshi Nakamura, Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors, NTT DOCOMO INC.

NTT DOCOMO is leading the O-RAN Alliance and contributing to the creation of specifications for open RAN. By utilizing 5G base station products compliant with open interfaces, we will build a flexible and efficient 5G network that can handle a variety of use cases, including the B2B2X business in the 5G era. We expect that Fujitsu's CU and RU products will contribute to such development. We will continue to expand our 5G network and accelerate the creation of 5G services and markets together with our partners in a variety of industries.

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  • [1] Central Unit (CU)

    Digital unit of 5G base station, controlling and processing data streams in 5G wireless access network.

  • [2] Radio Unit (RU)

    Wireless unit of 5G base station that communicates over the air with user devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  • [3] 5G

    Abbreviation of 3GPP's 5th Generation system. Refers to the fifth generation of mobile communications standards, which have recently been defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a global organization for establishing mobile communication standards, joined by Fujitsu and other major companies around the world in fields related to mobile communications. The 5G system standards include an agreement to deliver improvements such as higher speeds, greater capacity, lower latency and higher reliability, compared with the existing LTE and LTE-Advanced systems. Specifications for the 5G system were initially completed in December 2017.

  • [4] Software-defined radio (SDR)

    Technology that enables wireless functionality to be flexibly implemented or modified by software running on the hardware.

  • [5] Beam Forming

    Technology that can concentrate wireless signals in a specified direction by controlling the phase (angle) produced by the antenna elements in an antenna panel.

  • [6] Fronthaul

    Interconnection point between CU and RU within base station.

  • [7] O-RAN Alliance

    An industry organization aiming to create open and expandable next-generation wireless access networks including 5G, promoting the standardization of such networks.

  • [8] 3GPP's Release 15

    A document released by 3GPP defining specifications for non-standalone (NSA) 5G. It provides technical information, such as that 5G base stations should coordinate with LTE and LTE-Advanced base stations to provide a 5G signal.

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Date: 31 July, 2019
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited