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Fujitsu Formulates "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI," a Process and Framework for Creating Goal-Oriented Businesses

Building a data-driven society that will improve daily lives and industries

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 14, 2019

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has formulated "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI," a process and framework for supporting customers in the creation of goal-oriented businesses through the combined use of data and AI ("Data x AI"). Aiming to create a trusted, data-driven society that will improve people's daily lives and industries, this process and framework will start rolling out in July 2019, to customers worldwide.

Many companies are facing problems, as data and AI utilization is not well suited for application to their actual processes. Focusing on achieving customer goals, "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI" aims to resolve such issues by creating value through the implementation of data and AI in actual business practices and entrenching new practices within the businesses. Fujitsu formulated this process and framework based on the knowledge it has gained from data and AI utilization projects it has undertaken with customers worldwide, as well as the operational and process system building know-how it has cultivated over many years. By actively deploying solutions and system integration methods, including services, products, and cutting edge technologies acknowledged worldwide, as framework for the entire process, not just the analysis phase, "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI" intends to strengthen individual processes while improving efficiency and accuracy through knowledge sharing between processes.

Fujitsu will endeavor to design a better, trusted, human-centric future through "Data x AI," strongly promoting the creation of goal-oriented businesses with its customers and resolve issues in the global society.


Currently, there is a global trend toward business transformation and expansion through the use of AI, and there is a growing number of companies working to utilize data times AI to create new value. However, due to a number of reasons such as the lack of data, the prolonged time required to prepare data, increased resources accompanying a sudden rise in data volume, the disconnect between analysis results and action, or insufficient accuracy of data and AI, many companies have faced significant issues in furthering the application of data and AI to their business processes.

Fujitsu has led the industry in this area, providing services for the utilization of big data since 2011, and Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai, which systematizes AI technology, since 2015. Moreover, in March 2019, Fujitsu formulated its Fujitsu Group AI Commitment, which summarizes its values with respect to the safe and secure use of AI, including AI ethics. Based on this commitment, the company has proceeded to provide technology, solutions, and services around the world that embody its view of "collaborative, human-centric AI." Now, Fujitsu has formulated "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI" as a process and framework for creating goal-oriented businesses, based on the know-how it has gained from 2,000 data utilization and AI projects it has previously undertaken with customers. The new development is also based on Fujitsu's experience in building systems for the society and customer operations and processes, over many years.

Summary of "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI"

"Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI" is a process and a framework that supports customers in creating goal-oriented businesses. To achieve business goals and resolve issues in society through the combined use of data and AI, it is important to design hypotheses and set goals that extend throughout the process as a whole. Using data, AI, and numerous technological methods, Fujitsu will offer customers processes aimed at achieving goals, in addition to a framework that consist of services, products, and cutting-edge technology in individual processes that can be applied to solutions and system integration. This will maximize the effects of the entire process while repeatedly evaluating and training "Data x AI," based on clear goals and hypotheses. By applying the results to work processes and aiming to entrench new methods, it becomes possible to create value with "Data x AI."

1. "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI Process" creates value through work process implementation and entrenchment

This process applies "Data x AI" and consists of four phases: (1) The "goal orientation setting" phase, in which specific goals and challenges are clarified, and effective implementation methods are hypothesized and designed with "Data x AI." (2) The "data preparation" phase, in which data is filtered and efficiently collected, moved, and stored, narrowing the target down to the essential data without requiring excessive man-hours. (3) The "data utilization" phase, in which value is pursued through data refining, analysis, and results measurement. (4) The "work process implementation" phase, in which value is created through application of results to work processes, optimization, and entrenchment.

Offering support for all phases, Fujitsu can achieve entrenchment by training and developing AI. This can be done by collecting new data and optimizing, while partially implementing manual work processes that involve human judgement, even when there are issues with accuracy. This will resolve the issues many companies face in applying "Data x AI" to their actual business processes, due to factors such as the lack of data, the scattering of and increasing need for data resources, the time required for data preparation, and the promotion of partially optimized projects.

Fujitsu will also offer sustainable "Data x AI," through operational design that takes into account the security and governance of "Data x AI." This is enabled by positioning security design from the upper process and taking necessary ethical measures, such as anonymization, in advance, according to data characteristics.

2. "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI Framework" supports the combined utilization of data and AI

This framework is a system for effectively implementing "Data x AI" through the application of solutions and system integration, including optimal services, products, and cutting edge technology for each process to create a goal-oriented business. The framework refers to the knowledge accumulated in each of the process and can be personalized according to the purpose of the customers. Fujitsu will strongly promote "Data x AI" through a shared global framework, systematizing solutions with a proven track record around the world, such as data utilization services in the fields of security and healthcare which are available in Europe.

Furthermore, Fujitsu is collaborating with research and development locations worldwide, implementing technologies that has already been trialed in various countries. Accordingly, the company is globally accelerating the application of cutting-edge research in foundational and applied research in the fields of data and AI, which have been studied over many years.

Moreover, Fujitsu will actively implement research results in various processes, automating processes while improving their efficiency and productivity. At the same time, the company will implement improvements across all phases of the "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI Process" by extending "Data x AI" knowledge accumulated from each process into other processes as well.

Samples of Products, Services, and Cutting-Edge Technologies that Make Up "Data x AI"

1. Data utilization services available in Europe

  • Announced by Fujitsu EMEIA in November, 2018.
  • A service specializing in the fields of healthcare (analysis of electronic medical record solution), security (analysis of security measures) and legal (classification of contract documents), which enhances business processes with data utilization knowledge that formulates data utilization issues in co-creation projects.
  • Will be applied to all processes in "Design the Trusted Future by Data×AI Process."

2. Wide Learning

  • Announced by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in September, 2018, to be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2019.
  • A technology supporting highly-accurate judgements and new policy planning by precisely extracting hypotheses from data.
  • Will be applied to the processes of hypothesis design, analysis, and results measurement in "Design the Trusted Future by Data×AI Process."

3. LabelGear

  • A new technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd., to be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2019.
  • Using data analysis, increases efficiency for data preparation which becomes an issue in AI application.
  • Will be applied to the refining process in "Design the Trusted Future by Data×AI Process."

Sales Target

Over the next five years, Fujitsu aims to have 100 projects that apply all processes within "Design the Trusted Future by Data x AI," and offer 3,000 individual solutions.

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