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Fujitsu Initiative for Workstyle Transformation through ICT

Officially implementing Telework System in Japan beginning April 2017

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 28, 2017

Fujitsu today announced that it is launching an initiative to transform the way its employees work, seeking to allow each and every person to create value given their limited time. The initiative's aims are to strengthen its global competitiveness, achieve digital innovation, and improve the work-life balance of employees.

As part of this initiative, Fujitsu is officially implementing "Telework System" in Japan from April 2017, using ICT tools such as virtual desktops and its Global Communications Platform(1). This system will apply to all of the approximately 35,000 employees of Fujitsu Limited in Japan, enabling a flexible way of working, without being confined to a specific location, whether from home, a satellite office, on a business trip, or in transit.

In addition to transforming its internal systems, beginning with telework, Fujitsu will use ICT and will work to transform the mindsets of its management and each employee, in order to bring about a new way of working that delivers high productivity. In addition, Fujitsu will use the experience and insights gained through this internal implementation to contribute to a transformation in the way its customers work, from planning their transformations, to implementing solutions and handling operations.


Recently, due to such shifts as the progress of globalization and changes in labor structure, there has been an increasing demand for flexible ways of working, focused on the active participation of diverse personnel. In addition, in order to support customers' digital transformations through providing connected services, as advanced in Fujitsu's management direction, it is necessary to improve the productivity and growth of each employee, and embrace a way of working that supports the advancement of digitalization, including improving the expertise of employees, co-creation with customers, creating innovation, and improving the speed of business.

In response to this changing environment, Fujitsu has promoted the development of programs to mobilize to the fullest the capabilities and creativity of each employee, given their limited time available. One example is an initiative that provides actual support for employees to engage in both work duties and childcare or other kinds of family care, put in place in 2010. In addition, Fujitsu has been increasing its utilization of ICT, such as in the implementation of its Global Communications Platform since 2011, including in Fujitsu Group companies outside Japan.

Details of the Initiative to Transform Fujitsu's Way of Working

Fujitsu has now launched an initiative to transform the way it works, combining the three prongs of structural transformation, ICT usage, and transforming mindsets, in addition to existing policies, with the goal of improving productivity and creating diverse and flexible ways of working, as well as ways of working that are not predicated on long hours of labor.

1. Structural Transformation

The new Telework System will be officially implemented on April 21, 2017, which will enable flexible ways of working, independent of location, including from home, satellite offices, on business trips, or in transit, for all of the approximately 35,000 Fujitsu employees in Japan.

This will not be a blanket implementation. Rather, workplaces will take the lead in studying and implementing ways of working that improve productivity based on the environment and business characteristics of that workplace.

2. ICT Usage

Fujitsu will build an environment in which telework can be employed while maintaining high information security, using thin-client devices, virtual desktops, and its own Global Communications Platform.

In order to provide timely working hours management, Fujitsu has been implementing a system since January 2017 in which employees can clock in and out of work from anywhere using PCs and smartphones.

In order to support operations in which necessary overtime is only taken at the direction of a supervisor, Fujitsu plans to implement the FUJITSU Software ID Link Manager II, developed by Fujitsu FSAS Inc., in April 2017. This software aims to strengthen working hours management and transform employees' mindsets toward individual working styles by enabling managers and general employees to think together about efficient ways of working, keeping time in mind.

3. Transforming Mindsets

In order to deepen understanding of the aims, meaning, and management issues involved in transforming the way Fujitsu works, Fujitsu will be carrying out a variety of initiatives to change employees' mindsets, including explanatory meetings and e-learning for all employees, and management training for management positions.

Future Initiatives

Fujitsu has established a Committee to Promote the Transformation in Ways of Working to check on the progress of Fujitsu's workstyle transformation, and to consider further initiatives, promoting a transformation in ways of working across the company as a whole. In addition, Fujitsu is continuing its internal implementation of methods to improve productivity using technology, such as AI, and also continuing to use the results of this implementation to develop services to offer to customers.

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  • [1] Global Communications Platform

    A global communications platform incorporating email, portal sites, document management, online meetings, telephones, social networking, and videos.

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Date: 28 February, 2017
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited