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Fujitsu Enhances Application Framework INTARFRM

Functions to realize smooth web application development with expanded design information and test automation

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 08, 2017

Fujitsu today announced that it has enhanced features of the Professional Edition of FUJITSU Software INTARFRM, an application framework(1) that supports customer system development. Sales of INTARFRM Professional Edition V16 in Japan began February 7.

INTARFRM is an application framework that can manage development resources across the whole lifecycle of software, from design to development, operations, and maintenance. Now, with the addition of continuous integration (CI)(2) support functionality that makes it easier to connect with commonly distributed CI tools to improve the efficiency of web application development, it is possible to automate the building (creating executable files), deployment (creating a situation where they can be used), and testing (testing how it looks and operates on the screen) of web applications, which previously had to be done manually. This makes it possible to automatically repeat tests for applications in development, enabling users to find bugs faster, improve quality, and shorten delivery times.

With this product, customers can carry out web application tasks, from design to maintenance, more efficiently than ever before, enabling them to start their services sooner.


Web application development involves many difficult issues, such as shortened development times to allow customers to start using the service earlier, support for all sorts of devices, such as PCs and smartphones, and the increasing number of testing man-hours due to greater complexity of system configurations. In order to respond to these issues, attention has been focused on CI methods, which automate building, deployment, and testing during application development and speed up the development cycle, for earlier discovery of bugs and less repetition of tasks. Numerous CI tools exist to automate building, deployment, and testing, but because the preparations to use CI tools are cumbersome, it has not been easy to deploy them.

From the INTARFRM product system of three products, Fujitsu is now offering INTARFRM Professional Edition V16, which makes it easy to connect to a variety of CI tools, thereby supporting customers in shortening development times and improving quality.

Features of INTARFRM Professional Edition V16

1. Offers CI support functionality that makes it easy to use CI tools

This software offers CI support functionality that can manage settings, execution scheduling, execution, and results for a variety of CI tools. With this functionality, for example, the test script(3) necessary for an automated test with CI tools can easily be made on a screen while referencing design information in a repository(4), enabling an automated test based on design information. Even if customers do not have the skills to handle CI tools that can write a test script, they can easily make use of CI tools to seamlessly carry out tasks from web application design to testing.

2. Expands the design information that can be managed in repositories

Fujitsu has doubled the design information that can be managed with repositories. The software is newly capable of managing design information about visual elements, which it could not handle before, such as screen transitions, screen layouts and table association charts. With this software, errors-such as inconsistent element names-caused by information being managed outside the previous repository can be reduced through unified management in a repository, improving design quality.

3. Design tools can be used on a browser

Fujitsu has made it possible to use design tools that input design information and automatically create programs from a browser. Previously, it was necessary to install and set up design tools on each PC, but with this product, it is now possible to use design tools from anywhere as long as the user has a browser.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
FUJITSU Software INTARFRM Professional Edition V16 Product Categories Retail Price (tax excl.) License Unit Availability
Design Facility From JPY 100,000* User February 7, 2017
Development Facility JPY 100,000 Development PC
Runtime From JPY 300,000 Processor

* JPY 150,000 (tax excl.) with CI Support Functionality.

INTARFRM Product System

INTARFRM Product System
Product Name Category
FUJITSU Software INTARFRM Enterprise Edition ALM*1-oriented (separate front and back ends)
FUJITSU Software INTARFRM Professional Edition ALM-oriented (incorporated front and back end)
FUJITSU Software INTARFRM Rapid Edition RAD*2-oriented

*1 ALM: Application Lifecycle Management
*2 RAD: Rapid Application Development

Sales Target

Sales of JPY 300 million by March 31, 2020.

  • [1] Application Framework

    Used to increase standardize and reduce development work when developing applications. Narrowly defined, application frameworks are collections of classes and libraries used in application development. Broadly defined, application frameworks may include application control structures, application-development methods and documentation, work systems, development tools, etc. INTARFRM can be considered an application framework in the broad sense.

  • [2] Continuous integration (CI)

    A method where programmers, when creating an application, repeatedly build, deploy, and test their application numerous times, finding bugs and other problems sooner, improving quality, and shortening development time.

  • [3] Test script

    Program that writes the steps of a test.

  • [4] Repository

    A database that preserves system and application information, which are development resources, in one place.

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Date: 08 February, 2017
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited