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Fujitsu Steps Up Services to Smooth Migration of Mission-Critical Systems to the Cloud, Swiftly Start New Businesses

Strengthened services and initiatives accelerate customers' digital transformations via the MetaArc digital business platform

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 17, 2016

Fujitsu today announced enhancements to the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc to enable the migration of existing mission-critical systems to the cloud and the rapid building of ICT platforms. This will work to quickly launch new business capabilities, and aims to help customers achieve a digital transformation of their business.

As newly provided services, Fujitsu will from today commence sales of FUJITSU Infrastructure System Integration MetaArc (MetaArc Grand Design Service), which provides comprehensive support for everything from formulating system migration plans, to system design and system building for the optimal modernization of customers' complex ICT infrastructure, FUJITSU TransMigration K5, which enables smooth migration of existing systems to the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, and FUJITSU Cloud Service U5, a Solaris-based IaaS(1). These will only be available in Japan.

The movement of systems of record (SoR)(2) to the cloud and the expansion of systems of engagement (SoE)(3) are two trends that are expected to become even more prominent in the future. For that purpose, based on the insights and know-how on building systems it has accumulated to date, Fujitsu will deliver optimal solutions that also integrate products and services from partner companies to help customers expand their businesses and make their business processes more efficient.

Digital Business Platform "MetaArc"

Companies have been working to take full advantage of the potential benefits of digital transformation, both by bringing their existing systems, including mission-critical systems, to the cloud, and by launching new lines of business that use the latest ICT, such as IoT and AI. But with these efforts, new problems are emerging, such as the excessive time required to research and test the systems that will make this happen, the lack of sufficient skills and know-how required for digital transformation, and the increasing systems operations costs associated with disparate system infrastructure.

To provide solutions to these problems, Fujitsu has been offering MetaArc as a one-stop suite of products and services that integrate the SoE and SoR domains and make it easy to create multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, thereby helping customers to create value and enhance their competitiveness through the digital transformation of their businesses. These efforts have been based on the insights and know-how, as well as the IoT, AI and other cutting-edge ICT Fujitsu is gaining from its on-going migration of all 640 of its internal systems to K5 since 2015 and the proof-of-concept(4) trials performed for various customers in a wide variety of industries.

FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc
Larger View (117 KB)

New Services in the SoR Domain

1. MetaArc Grand Design Service: for designing optimized ICT platforms

As customers are actively migrating their mission-critical systems to the cloud, it is important for them to optimize their overall systems, including their existing systems, and enhance their competitiveness through an efficient modernization of their systems.

In MetaArc Grand Design Service, Fujitsu's dedicated team of specialists works with customers to offer total support, from proposals for overall design and migration planning to the actual construction of optimized systems, including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Fujitsu works with the customer to categorize business systems based on a number of factors, including required service levels and security requirements across the range of business systems. By optimizing a business classification approach that creates standardization for each respective level, customers are able to achieve swift modernization through an overall optimization of a customer's complex system platforms.

Sample application of MetaArc Grand Design ServiceSample application of MetaArc Grand Design Service
Larger View (63 KB)

2. TransMigration K5 Migration Service: for faster migration of on-premise systems to K5

This service enables rapid migration of Linux- or Windows-based systems to K5. Previously migration had been a time consuming process as it required a cumbersome set-up process to align with the destination cloud environment when all of the systems for migration needed to be constructed. This service automatically aggregates the required information, including OS, middleware, business applications, individual setting information, required to migrate existing systems. By moving all of these to K5 in one batch, time required for migration can be shortened by one-third.

This service uses UForge, a software from France-based UShareSoft, which Fujitsu acquired in October 2015, to automate migration.

3. FUJITSU Cloud Service U5: IaaS providing an Oracle Solaris environment

This service provides an Oracle Solaris environment as an IaaS, building on Fujitsu's years of experience in Unix-server development. Companies can use this service for a smooth transition to the cloud of their legacy Oracle Solaris-based systems, and can easily set up a hybrid cloud environment that connects with Fujitsu's Unix servers, SPARC Servers.

To address customers' diverse system needs, Fujitsu will continue to strengthen the functions of both Unix servers and "U5."

Upgrades in the SoE domain

1. Digital Transformation Offering: Accelerating customers' digital transformations based on successful case studies

Through the spread of digital transformation, customers are rapidly growing more interested in launching new digital businesses. At the same time, they face the problems of a lack of sufficient personnel with the skills to use the leading-edge ICT and the significant amount of study time required before implementing a proof-of-concept trial, both of which are essential for turning business ideas into reality.

As a solution to these problems, based on the knowledge and experience it has gained through more than 300 proof-of-concept projects created with customers in a variety of situations and industries, Fujitsu has modeled a total of 24 model themes in 8 fields where advanced ICT was used in successful case studies, such as manufacturing and digital marketing, an commences launch of its Digital Transformation Offering, which makes proposals in accordance with a customer's needs. Customers can use these models to clarify their needs, which can reduce the time required to launch a new digital business to up to one quarter that of previous methods.

Digital Transformation Offering application areas and menu sampleDigital Transformation Offering application areas and menu sample
Larger View (159 KB)

2. FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center: A joint workshop for digital transformations

When initiating a digital transformation, it is often the case that transformations they consider do not actually move forward because of such factors as a lack of understanding of where to begin or an inability to visualize the specifics of what they want to do. Fujitsu established the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center(5) in Tokyo on May 17 for the benefit of these customers, to give them a workshop-style opportunity to try out their design approach. The center offers customers the chance to try out demos of the latest ICT usage case studies offered by Fujitsu, to take seminars on digital transformation given by specialists in different fields, and take part in workshops together with other customers where they can launch new business ideas. By taking these actions, customers are able to plan business expansion and streamlining business processes, clarify the steps they should take to achieve these plans, and accelerate their digital transformations.

FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center workshop studioFUJITSU Digital Transformation Center workshop studio


Tetsuro Yabuki, General Manager, Information System Department, Business Process Innovation Division, Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka Corporation eagerly welcomes this enhancement of Fujitsu's MetaArc. We feel that this initiative will be extremely beneficial, not only in our company's current efforts to migrate internal systems to the cloud, but also in building an optimal ICT structure as a whole.

Takashi Ueno, General Manager, WBC (Water Business Cloud) Center, Business Strategy Division, METAWATER Co., Ltd.

We believe that this initiative by Fujitsu to create new value and increase the competitiveness of its customers through digital transformation will provide strong support for the advancement of our Water Business Cloud, which aims to achieve a sustainable water environment.

Makiko Eda, President of Intel Japan K.K.

Intel welcomes Fujitsu's announcement of its new digital business platform "MetaArc," which strengthens their services and initiatives based on Intel® Xeon® Processor. The Intel® Xeon® Processor family provides high performance and reliability for expanding data center and cloud applications. Intel will continue to collaborate with Fujitsu to enable robust cloud services for service providers and enterprises.

Yasunori Yamamoto, Vice President, Cloud Systems Business unit, Oracle Corporation Japan

Oracle Japan welcomes Fujitsu's Cloud announcement based on SPARC/Solaris, which is Oracle's core competence for converged infrastructure. This announcement shows advantages of SPARC/Solaris and also customers in Japan can select several SPARC/Solaris based combinations for Hybrid Cloud.

Hitoshi Kawahara, President and COO at Japan

Salesforce is pleased with Fujitsu enhancing MetaArc. Today, it is critical to strengthen SoE in order for Japanese companies to increase competitive power. Salesforce, world's #1 CRM company, together with Fujitsu, help customers accelerate digital transformation and contribute to their growth by integrating MetaArc with Salesforce.

Akihiko Omikawa, Executive Vice President, Trend Micro Incorporated

Trend Micro is pleased with the announcement of FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc by FUJITSU. Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service, which provides comprehensive server security platform has been incorporated into FUJITSU Cloud Service K5, consisting of the core cloud base of FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc. With FUJITSU, Trend Micro will continue to provide customers with better solutions to expand their businesses through the safe digital transformation.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability
MetaArc Grand Design Service By individual quotation May 17, 2016
TransMigration K5 By individual quotation May 17, 2016
FUJITSU Cloud Service U5 From JPY 132,900 per month May 17, 2016

For further information

  • [1] Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    A configuration in which servers and other hardware infrastructure are used via a network.

  • [2] Systems-of-Record (SoR)

    Existing systems that record company data and perform business processes.

  • [3] Systems-of-Engagement (SoE)

    Systems that implement digital transformations, including business-process transformation and new-business development.

  • [4] Proof of Concept

    Activities to conduct trials that verify whether or not new technologies or concepts are practical.

  • [5] FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center

    Tokyo World Trade Center Building, 2-4-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan, 105-6125 (Reception desk on the 30th floor)

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