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Fujitsu Launches Global "Transformational Application Managed Services"

Supporting customers to transform the way they operate in order to deal with accelerating changes in the business environment

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 16, 2015

Fujitsu today announced the global launch of FUJITSU Transformational Application Managed Services, strengthening management and maintenance service for applications. The service is scheduled to be rolled out to Europe, the US, Oceania, and Asia, including Japan, during fiscal 2016.

Transformational AMS, which leverages the Fujitsu Group's expertise refined over many years of experience supporting customers in a wide range of industries, is a management and maintenance service that supports customer applications over their full lifecycle.

Through Transformational AMS, customers can effectively use their existing applications in which they have already made investments. They will also gain the support needed for their business process transformation to deal with fast-paced changes in the business environment as a result of digitalization.

Using a network of six Global Service Desks around the world(1), which offer support in 41 languages, and four Global Delivery Centers(2) that provide Infrastructure Management and Application Services, Transformational AMS is offered as a globally standardized service.

The new service is being exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2015, running November 18-19 in Munich, Germany.


Most enterprises recognize that going digital will drive business agility and improve the user experience for their customers. Nevertheless, a problem for many organizations is that they are not allocating sufficient resources to transform their operations and information technology. Up to two-thirds of IT spending is devoted just to maintaining IT systems that support traditional business processes, where there is a need for availability, efficiency, and accuracy.

Transformational AMS delivers simultaneous maintenance support for both traditional applications and new applications built in cloud environments through close involvement in customers' business processes, including consulting. With Transformational AMS, the support Fujitsu offers its customers in transforming their business processes enables them to raise the level of satisfaction of their own customers and make their operations more efficient.

Features of Transformational AMS

1. Applies the Sense & Respond customer-centric customer service method

The Fujitsu Group developed Sense & Respond in the UK as a customer service method, now is widely used worldwide. With this approach, by delivering services from a customer-centric perspective, the value of those services is increased. In applying this method to Transformational AMS, instead of the maintenance services that have traditionally been offered, Fujitsu becomes actively involved in customers' businesses, responding to changes in the business environment and continuously proposing improvements to system operations. As a result, not only do systems operations costs decline, but added value is generated, such as in the form of improved business processes.

2. Consulting services tailored to each customer's business

Using such tools as FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Process Manager Analytics, which is software for analyzing and visualizing business processes, Fujitsu visualizes customer business processes and helps to identify problem areas. In addition, using the approach to field innovation practiced by Fujitsu and the consulting methods the Fujitsu Group has refined in its business, it proposes improvements to business processes to enable them to keep pace with a constantly changing business environment. This helps customers increase the agility of their businesses and reduce costs.

3. Application development using DevOps(3)

Using a DevOps approach to application development instead of the traditional waterfall method shortens the development time required for application upgrades. As a result, the upgrade cycle for applications can be shortened, thereby meeting the needs of customers who want their systems to be upgraded over relatively short timespans to keep pace with daily changes in their business processes.

Overview of Transformational AMS

Transformational AMS consists of a menu of four services: Transition, Manage, Business Insight, and Transform. These services support customer systems over their full lifecycles.

1. Transition (support to migrate to Transformational AMS from existing management and maintenance services).

For customers migrating to Transformational AMS from application management and maintenance services provided by other companies, this service seamlessly transfers system specifications, related business processes, application usage configurations and other data to the optimum application management and maintenance processes.

2. Manage (application management and maintenance)

Integrating the knowhow of the Fujitsu Group, this globally standardized application management and maintenance service employs the Sense & Respond customer service method as well as DevOps.

3. Business Insight (consulting services)

This service proposes improvements to customers' business processes in a variety of industries to enable them to keep pace with a constantly changing business environment.

4. Transform (modernization)

This service upgrades customer applications and systems to implement the business process improvements proposed in the consulting phase.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Name of Service Sales Price (excl. tax) Availability
FUJITSU Transformational Application Managed Services By quotation Rollout scheduled to commence in fiscal 2016

Sales Target

Annual growth of 10% globally for application operation and maintenance service sales.

  • [1] Six Global Service Desks around the world

    Sites exist in Malaysia, the Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Costa Rica, and Morocco.

  • [2] Four Global Delivery Centers

    Sites exist in India, the Philippines, Russia, and Poland.

  • [3] DevOps

    An approach to software development that enables frequent releases, where development and operations work together.

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Date: 16 November, 2015
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited