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Fujitsu Announces Its Fujitsu M10 Selected by Japan Net Bank for Its Information-System Platform

Search speeds up to 300 times faster than previous system

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 16, 2015

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has commenced work on a project to upgrade Japan Net Bank, Limited's information-system platform, which consists of Marketing Customer Information Files (MCIF) and a data warehouse appliance. Japan Net Bank plans to begin full-scale operation of the new system in April 2016.

The new system, which is comprised of the Fujitsu M10 UNIX server and the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX200 S3 disk storage, achieves high-speed response through the Software on Chip(1) high-speed processing feature of the Fujitsu M10 and the in-memory database feature(2) of the Oracle Database 12c. As a result, compared to its previous system, Japan Net Bank will be able to reduce its data search times, such as searches on the past transactions of its depositors, to as little as 1/300 of the time previously required(3). In addition, analyses involving huge volumes of transactional data, such as marketing analyses, aggregate summaries of various management information, and monitoring analyses to detect fraudulent or suspicious transactions, can be performed much faster.

Fujitsu will continue to propose optimal ways of using ICT and will work to ensure the stable operations of Japan Net Bank's new system, by leveraging its experience and expertise in supporting financial institutions in Japan.


Japan Net Bank records past customer transactions in its MCIF, and each department utilizes system data for marketing and monitoring in order to provide optimal services to their customers. Recently, it has become essential to improve the response of the bank's information system as the volume of data increases in line with greater numbers of customers. Japan Net Bank decided to upgrade its information-system platform in order to improve its ability to respond quickly and precisely to customer needs and make sure that its system has the high level of processing performance required both to handle continued increases in transaction data and to deploy complex analytical methods.

Features and Benefits of Japan Net Bank's New Information System

The new information system is designed to manage data on transactions with customers linked with the bank's accounting system. The bank's departments use the system on a daily basis for marketing analyses to identify the optimal services for each customer, to aggregate management information on transaction volumes and earnings, and for monitoring to extract fraudulent or suspicious transactions. The performance of the system, therefore, has a significant impact on improving Japan Net Bank's services for customers and the management of its business.

The system delivers high-speed processing performance through the in-memory database feature of Oracle Database 12c, which enables high-speed processing, and the Software on Chip feature of SPARC64 X+ processors of the Fujitsu M10 further increases the speed. As a result, Japan Net Bank will be able to reduce its data search times, such as searches of the past transactions of its depositors, to as little as 1/300 of the previous time required. Moreover, as various types of batch processing tasks can be performed more quickly, the bank can work more efficiently and flexibly.

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  • [1] Software on Chip

    Proprietary functionality developed by Fujitsu in which hardware (a processor) is used to process some of the tasks that are otherwise performed with software, such as decimal arithmetic processing, cryptographic processing, and copying.

  • [2] In-memory database feature

    Oracle Database In-Memory is an optional product with Oracle Database 12c. It accelerates processing speeds by simultaneously saving data to memory in column format in addition to the conventional row format. As Fujitsu M10 is equipped with Software on Chip features it achieves even faster processing speeds.

  • [3] Searches on past transactions to as little as 1/300 of the time previously required

    Results obtained when Fujitsu built a system environment combining the Fujitsu M10-4 and Oracle Database In-Memory, and then ran the existing system's SQL using Japan Net Bank's data.

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Date: 16 July, 2015
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited