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Fujitsu Establishes Digital Business Platforms based on New Integration Concept

Utilizing knowledge and working with customers to create innovation

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 12, 2015

Fujitsu today announced that it has established a new integration service concept designed to drive the digital business age. The FUJITSU Knowledge Integration concept will support customers in streamlining and growing business through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). In tandem with this, Fujitsu will offer digital business platforms that integrate an array of cutting-edge technologies, including cloud, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile, to support the digital business of its customers. As new cloud platforms that will form the lynchpin of the digital business platforms, Fujitsu will provide "K5," a public cloud service that uses open-standard technologies, and roll out other new products and services sequentially.

Fujitsu is leveraging the multi-industry, market-leading knowledge and expertise it has cultivated in building and operating customer systems for every industry segment in Japan to establish a dedicated organization, strengthening the professional growth of systems engineers that can undertake such initiatives as creating company-wide co-creation processes to generate innovation. Bringing together knowledge integration and cutting-edge ICT, Fujitsu will continue to support customers with "growth-oriented IT" to enhance their ability to develop new products and services and create new value. This will help customers create new businesses and enhance their competitiveness.


Enterprises today must grapple with a wide variety of challenges, including globalization, increasingly diverse market needs, ever-more complex systems, greater need for investments in innovation and development of human resources. In this environment, in order to cope with sudden business changes and create new businesses, it is essential that there be connections between the new systems of engagement (SoE), which connect with everything, including people such as employees, business partners, and consumers, as well as a variety of things, and the more traditional systems of record (SoR), which record internal company data and process work tasks.

In line with advances in digital business that enable greater operating efficiencies and growth by customers who utilize ICT, Fujitsu has established FUJITSU Knowledge Integration, a new integration service concept for the digital business era. To support this, Fujitsu will roll out new digital business platforms.

FUJITSU Knowledge Integration
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FUJITSU Knowledge Integration concept

Based on the knowledge and expertise it has cultivated over the past 50 years across a wide range of industries, Fujitsu has now established FUJITSU Knowledge Integration as a new concept to integrate services, addressing a variety of needs, such as those associated with SoE and SoR. Based on this concept, Fujitsu is pursuing the following initiatives to realize growth-oriented IT for customers.

Specific initiatives are outlined as follows:

  • Building highly flexible information system platforms in conjunction with comprehensive customer proposals for next-generation information systems.
  • Codifying as knowledge the experience and expertise Fujitsu has cultivated in building systems for a wide range of industry segments, and incorporating it into services running on digital business platforms.
  • Creating an Industry-Tailored Collaboration Office to offer new solutions for different industries. This dedicated organization will take a cross-cutting approach to synthesizing the specialized knowledge and expertise of Fujitsu's systems engineers regarding the work and IT of each industry segment.
  • Actively promoting co-creative processes, such as proof of concept (PoC) and proof of business (PoB), and moving forward with Human-Centric IoT(1) and other initiatives together with customers.
  • Promoting hackathons(2) across the Fujitsu group as training programs for co-creation and to enhance human resources in the SoE field.

Digital Business Platforms

The new digital business platforms will bring cloud, big data, IoT, mobile and other advanced technologies together with the knowledge and expertise of Fujitsu's systems engineers so as to comprehensively meet a wide variety of customer needs such as SoE and SoR. Fujitsu will roll out new cloud platform products and services to serve as the core of the digital business platforms.

  1. In-house-developed K5 public cloud service using open-standard technologies(3).
  2. Private cloud solution using the same architecture as K5
    • PRIMEFLEX for Cloud, a vertically integrated cloud solution(4)
    • Cloud Management Software, a cloud operation management and workload management solution(5)
  3. Multiple cloud and hybrid cloud management solution
    • Multi Cloud Service Management, Integrated management software and service(6)
    • FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Cloud Connection Service, multi cloud connectivity(7)

Cloud Products and Services System
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Features of the new product and solution are as follows:

  • Products and services that incorporate Fujitsu system engineers' knowledge and expertise cultivated in building and operating customer systems across industries in Japan.
  • Enhanced speed, quality and cost tolerance required for SoR.
  • Provides a scalable, agile development platform for SoE systems to allow for timely deployments.
  • Cross cutting approach for business, applications, infrastructure, and operations to ensure worry-free operations.
  • Rapid response to technological innovations using open-standard technologies such as OpenStack.

For its own part, Fujitsu began a transition to K5 in February, covering a total of approximately 640 internal Fujitsu Group systems, both domestically in Japan and internationally. Along with modernizing this large and complex set of systems, the know-how developed in the course of this transition will serve as a reference model to help the company propose, build, and operate solutions for its customers.

  • [1] Human-Centric IoT

    An initiative designed to facilitate the creation, with customers, of valuable new businesses that, based on an understanding of customers and consumer needs, employ all kinds of digital information with the goal of spurring new business and social innovation.
    See: Fujitsu Launches IoT Platform to Facilitate the Creation of Business and the Formation of a Global Ecosystem (November 13, 2014)

  • [2] Hackathons

    A way to encourage innovation by bringing together engineers, designers, and others with different kinds of knowledge to develop an application or other project in a focused way, with a tight deadline as a common theme.

  • [3] K5

    In Japan, to be made available starting October - December 2015. Outside Japan, available starting April - September 2016.

  • [4] PRIMEFLEX for Cloud

    In Japan, to be made available starting October - December, 2015. Outside Japan, available starting April -September 2016.

  • [5] Cloud Management Software

    In Japan, to be made available starting October - December 2015. Outside Japan, available starting April - September 2016.

  • [6] Multi Cloud Service Management

    In Japan, to be made available starting July - September 2015. Outside Japan, available starting October - December 2015.

  • [7] FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Cloud Connection Service

    Already available in Japan from March 2015. Outside Japan, from April 2015.

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Date: 12 May, 2015
City: Tokyo
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