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Fujitsu Enhances SNAPEC Series of Integrated EC Solutions for the Omnichannel Retail Era

Greatly expanded promotion and marketing features to realize a satisfying customer experience

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 27, 2015

Fujitsu today announced the introduction of four new types of SaaS as additions to the company's existing FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC series of integrated e-commerce solutions. The new services, which are part of an enhancement of Fujitsu's digital marketing solutions, enable optimized promotions and marketing functions for customers running e-commerce businesses, and cover features for recommendations, site searches, mail distribution, and site analytics. These services, which will be available in Japan beginning from the end of May 2015, were developed by Fujitsu Systems West Limited.

In addition, for the existing FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-EX offering, which integrates the three services of e-commerce website operations, promotions, and marketing, enhanced functions have been added, such as support for the PostgreSQL database system and the inclusion, as standard features, of functions for in-store pick-ups of online purchases as well as scheduled purchases, which previously were customized options.

With these new services and enhancements, customers working to develop an e-commerce business can quickly set up sites that provide a pleasant online shopping experience while optimizing IT investments.


As networks have gotten faster and smart devices more prevalent, people take it for granted that they can easily make purchases over the Internet anytime, anywhere. Today, there is a need for e-commerce sites to provide customers with the online equivalent of the friendly service and attention to detail they are accustomed to receiving in physical stores.

To enable e-commerce websites to deliver that type of customer shopping experience, Fujitsu is now offering four varieties of SaaS and is bolstering the basic functionality of its SNAPEC-EX offering. The enhancements allow customers working to build their e-commerce business to quickly provide consumers with satisfying e-commerce sites and contribute to raising the value of the customer experience.

Digital Marketing Solutions

In accordance with the increasingly diverse shopping habits of consumers which have been advanced by the spread of e-commerce, social media, and smart devices, Fujitsu offers, as digital marketing solutions, a systematic set of products and services that support omnichannel marketing.

As part of these efforts, Fujitsu is offering four types of SaaS for e-commerce and is enhancing existing services.

Figure 1: Digital Marketing Solutions product systemFigure 1: Digital Marketing Solutions product system
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Features of the New SaaS

1. Recommendation service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Recommend

The SNAPEC-FORCE Recommend service gives highly relevant product recommendations in real time based on a customer's purchase history and what products they have viewed. Customers are guided smoothly to the product pages for their personal recommendations, dramatically improving the conversion rate(1) of the e-commerce site.

2. Site-search service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Search

Customer behavior in the e-commerce space is changing. Whereas customers were previously led from a general-purpose search engine to the e-commerce site, now they are visiting the e-commerce site directly before searching for products. The SNAPEC-FORCE Search service delivers easy-to-use site search functionality, with quick display of highly accurate search results only available through SaaS, thereby enabling consumers to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

3. Mail-distribution service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Mail

E-mail marketing, such as in the form of newsletters, is an essential feature for promotions and marketing. SNAPEC-FORCE Mail, with an easy-to-use e-mail editor and a distribution engine designed for high speeds, high volume, and high delivery rates, supports the online marketing space.

4. Site-analytics service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Analytics

SNAPEC-FORCE Analytics is a site-access analysis service for e-commerce sites designed to provide automated e-commerce consulting. It automatically diagnoses typical shortcomings of e-commerce sites and provides actionable advice for fixing them.

SNAPEC-EX Upgrades

Fujitsu has upgraded the basic functions of its SNAPEC-EX e-commerce solutions, adding new features supporting in-store pick-ups of online purchases as well as scheduled purchases, in order to further improve usability. Open standard PostgreSQL databases are now officially supported, and licensing fees are available on a monthly basis.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Sales Price (excl. tax) Availability
Recommendation service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Recommend From JPY 69,000 monthly In Japan beginning from the end of May 2015
Site-search service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Search From JPY 57,000 monthly
Mail-distribution service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Mail From JPY 58,000 monthly
Site-analytics service: FUJITSU Business Application SNAPEC-FORCE Analytics JPY 15,000 monthly

  • [1] Conversion rate

    Rate of customers actually making purchases on an EC site.

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Date: 27 April, 2015
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited