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Fujitsu Releases ETERNUS TR800 Series of Storage Systems for Virtualization Environments

Reduces storage costs by up to 50%, facilitates support for large-scale virtual environments

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, January 15, 2015

Fujitsu today announced that it has commenced sales of three new models in its FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS TR series, which is designed for large-scale virtualization environments. The new models, which are ETERNUS TR820, ETERNUS TR850 and ETERNUS TR880, reduce the cost per unit of data stored by up to 50%(1).

The top-tier model ETERNUS TR880 is capable of connecting up to 3,500 virtual machines, roughly 1.8 times that of previous models(2), supporting even larger-scale virtual environments. In addition, to enhance security for large volumes of data, a new function to encrypt data on disks will be offered.The new series is available for order only in Japan starting today.


In accordance with the increasing scale of systems that use server and desktop virtualization technology, and to address the need for greater storage performance and the challenges of increasingly complex configuration design and management, since August 2014 Fujitsu has offered the ETERNUS TR series of storage systems designed for virtualization environments.

Fujitsu will now offer three new models in the ETERNUS TR800 series, which, in addition to reducing the cost per unit of data stored by up to 50%, will support even larger systems.

ETERNUS TR800 seriesETERNUS TR800 series

Features of the New Models in the ETERNUS TR800 series

  1. Deployment costs reduced

    By processing the data stored on disks using the latest high-speed compression algorithms, the disk's usage efficiency is substantially improved. With the ETERNUS TR850, this approximately doubles data storage volume for a single storage system unit(3), to 66TB, and cuts storage costs per unit of data stored by up to 50%. This greatly reduces storage costs of data in large-scale virtual environments.

  2. Supports large-scale virtual environments and reduces their running costs

    In addition to the upgrades to previous models represented by ETERNUS TR820 and ETERNUS TR850, Fujitsu is offering the top-tier ETERNUS TR880, which is a new product that extends the upper range of the series. Equipped with a high-capacity solid-state drive, the ETERNUS TR880 is able to process up to 3,500 virtual machines, or roughly 1.8 times the volume of previous systems having the same chassis size. Data storage capacity is also scalable up to 100TB, which is roughly three times more(4) than previous models. This enables large-scale data integration in virtual environments, while installation space is reduced and power consumption can be cut by up to 70%(5).

  3. Enhanced storage safety

    To meet demands for enhanced data security, such as measures to protect against information leaks, a highly secure AES-256-bit method(6) encryption that does not degrade performance can be selected as an optional feature. This enables confidential personal information and intellectual property to be protected even if the disk drive is taken.

Pricing and Availability

  • Standard price for the minimum configuration (excluding tax): from 14,978,000 yen (including support expenses for the first year)
  • Availability: February 20, 2015

  • [1] Up to 50%

    Figure derived from comparison of ETERNUS TR650 and ETERNUS TR850.

  • [2] 1.8 times that of previous models

    Figure derived from comparison of ETERNUS 650 and ETERNUS TR880.

  • [3] Increase by up to two times

    Same comparison as in Note 1.

  • [4] Roughly three times more

    Same comparison as in Note 1.

  • [5] Reduced by up to 70%

    Comparison derived from consolidating three ETERNUS TR650 units on one ETERNUS TR880 unit.

  • [6] The AES-256-bit method

    An Advanced Encryption Standard encryption method that encrypts up to 256 bits. The longer the bits in the encryption key, the greater the security.

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Date: 15 January, 2015
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited