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  7. Fujitsu Commences RFID Field Trial to Deliver Novel Customer Experience at BEAMS Retail Store

Fujitsu Commences RFID Field Trial to Deliver Novel Customer Experience at BEAMS Retail Store

Accumulates customer engagement data, assists in customer service

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 18, 2014

Fujitsu has from today implemented a field trial to enable a new customer experience utilizing RFID technology, the first effort of its kind in the fashion and apparel industry in Japan. The trial is being conducted at BEAMS Co. Ltd.'s B:MING LIFE STORE at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY.

Inside the store, a tree-like hanger pole is embedded with an RFID reader, and a bird feeder fitted with a tablet is attached to this tree, creating a perch-like fixture for clothes. When customers who are shopping hang a piece of clothing on the hanger pole, the RFID tag attached to the product comes in close proximity to the embedded RFID reader, which then recognizes the product. Then information on the product, such as the colors and sizes in which it is sold, which items are in stock, and examples of coordinated outfits, will be displayed on the tablet screen, enabling the customer to get specific information about a product without checking with store staff.

As a result, in addition to making shopping more convenient for customers, it gives them a new way of encountering products, thereby increasing their desire to make purchases. It also provides customer support when store employees are busy with other customers, thereby raising efficiency.

In addition, because this system keeps a log of how many times each product was browsed, this information can be used in marketing, such as in product development and for designing store layouts.

At the conclusion of the field trial, Fujitsu will evaluate its results with BEAMS, and consider further applications of the technology for the B:MING LIFE STORE. Fujitsu will also continue to support the innovative initiatives of BEAMS even beyond RFID technology.

In-store fixture using RFID technologyIn-store fixture using RFID technology


Among retailers, BEAMS was an early adopter of RFID technology, deploying it in 2012 to raise the efficiency of its operations. BEAMS has used it in stores for merchandise checkouts and inventory taking, and in distribution centers for inventory management using batch scanning. With the aim of improving customer service and marketing accuracy through further utilization of RFID technology, BEAMS agreed to conduct a field trial with Fujitsu at the B:MING LIFE STORE at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY.

B:MING LIFE STORE caters to customers of all ages, selling a variety of clothing and general merchandise for men, women, children, and babies. The field trial will be conducted on children's items, which come in an especially wide variety of sizes and colors, and for which there is a high need for product information.

Overview of the Field Trial

  1. Trial Period

    Tuesday, November 18 - Friday, December 19, 2014

  2. Store

    B:MING LIFE STORE at LaLaport, TOKYO-BAY (CHIBA prefecture)

  3. Targeted Products

    Children's items

  4. Description of Experience

    When a product with an RFID tag is brought close to a fixture embedded with an RFID reader, images of a small bird bringing the product are rendered on the tablet screen, and along with the bird's gestures, information on the product, such as the colors and sizes in which it is sold, which items are in stock, and examples of coordinated outfits, will be displayed.

  5. Anticipated Results

    This service makes it easy for customers to obtain product information, while creating a new opportunity for customers to encounter products, thus promoting purchases. In addition, as a customer service tool it supports store staff when the store is crowded.

    Moreover, because this system keeps a log of how many times information was browsed for each product, it will indicate which products are popular. The log can then be analyzed to compare with actual sales data. Fujitsu envisions that this service can be further used in marketing, such as for product development and store layout planning. Furthermore, Fujitsu plans to link this service to e-commerce sites in the future to deliver further improvements in customer service.

  6. System Features

    This service uses a compact RFID antenna base in the hanger pole, and when the RFID tag is brought within ten centimeters of the RFID reader embedded in the fixture, it reads the faint radio waves, and product information is displayed on the tablet screen.

    It also reduces workloads by using a function that imports information in CSV files, which make it easy to perform batch registrations and corrections of product information and master files.

Everything from planning to development was handled within the Fujitsu Group, with Fujitsu Design Limited conceiving this system, forming the service, and designing the system; Fujitsu Systems East Limited developing the applications; and Fujitsu Frontech Limited developing the RFID readers and antennas.

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Date: 18 November, 2014
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited

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