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Fujitsu Boosts Lineup of Smartphones and Tablets for the Enterprise

Releases 18 models in five product series, including ARROWS, to support the transformation of work styles

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 09, 2014

Fujitsu today announced that it has strengthened its product series of smartphones and tablets for enterprise customers with 18 new models, including FUJITSU Smartphone ARROWS and FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab equipped with the latest Android™ 4.4 operating system, tablets running Windows 8.1, and enhanced models in other series, such as FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK, FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO, and FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS. The new models will be steadily rolled out in Japan beginning in October 2014.

Android smartphones and tablets are highly flexible in terms of application design. By adding Android smartphones and tablets to the latest line of devices for enterprise customers, they can now be used as dedicated devices for particular work tasks, thereby meeting an even wider range of customer needs. In addition, for Android devices, Fujitsu provides a set-up service to change the settings of the devices on the customer's behalf, enabling them to be used immediately upon delivery in a form that is optimized to the customer's work.

Fujitsu leverages its comprehensive capabilities to enable it to provide solutions and services in addition to a diverse range of device offerings, providing one-stop ICT support to help customers transform their work styles.

Main Features of the New Products

  1. ARROWS M305/KA4 Android smartphones with advanced security using a smart fingerprint sensor and an OLED screen for easy viewing, even outdoors (New Product)

    ARROWS M305/KA4
    Larger View (97 KB)

    1. Bright and beautiful high-definition OLED display

      It uses a 4.5" OLED display with beautiful, lifelike color reproduction, something that wasn’t possible through use of an LCD screen. With excellent visibility through its wide viewing angles and a high contrast ratio, adjusting for a balance between brightness and darkness can be achieved. Furthermore, as the OLED screen has quicker responsiveness than an LCD screen, quickly moving images and items on the screen can be displayed without any blurring.

    2. Super Clear mode for easy viewing, even outdoors

      For ease of use out of the office, such as when on a business trip, it is equipped with Super Clear mode, in which the smartphone's built-in luminance sensor automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the screen, offering an easy-to-view screen with the optimal brightness, even when outdoors under direct sunlight.

    3. Super HAKKIRI Voice and Super Double Microphone to make it easy to hear

      As basic communication features for business use, the handset includes Super HAKKIRI Voice 4, which emphasizes the voice of the person on the other end of the line when it is difficult to hear, and automatically adjusts for muffled or metallic sounds, making it easy to hear. In addition, Super Double Microphone detects background noise in the surrounding environment and automatically filters extraneous sounds for conversations in which the voices are clear.

  2. ARROWS Tab M555/KA4, a 10.1" Android tablet with long battery life, water resistance, and a smart fingerprint sensor (New Product)

    ARROWS Tab M555/KA4
    Larger View (52 KB)

    1. High-capacity 9,600 mAh battery

      With a high-capacity 9,600 battery and energy-conserving technology, the tablet can be used for approximately 11 hours(1), so it can be used worry-free when out of the office or on a business trip.

    2. Large 10.1" WXGA LCD screen

      Equipped with a large 10.1" high-definition WXGA LCD screen, the tablet produces beautiful photograph and video images. Moreover, as with the ARROWS M305/KA4 Android smartphone, it comes with Super Clear mode.

  3. Shared features and services of Fujitsu's Android smartphones and tablets for enterprises
    1. Security to protect confidential business data

      These devices are equipped with the advanced security features that are essential in a business tool. Fingerprint authorization reduces the risk of unauthorized access, and if they are lost or stolen, they can be remotely locked or re-initialized. Data protection is robust, with data encryption in both the devices themselves and their SD cards.

    2. Customization service to meet a variety of specialized needs

      To meet specific customer work applications, hardware for the camera, memory capacity, and near-field communications can be customized. Not including a camera, for example, protects against leaks of confidential images. In addition, Fujitsu provides a service in which it can change settings or set up devices on behalf of the customer, thereby shortening the time between when the devices are deployed and when they can start to be used. Moreover, a wealth of options, such as a touch screen with a barcode reader or a USB converter cable, raises the level of functionality to make work even more efficient. Fine-tuned services enable customers to receive devices tailored to their unique needs.

    3. Total support from Fujitsu for peace of mind

      Security comes not only from the devices but also from our remote access service FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service FENICS II Universal Connect. This enables secure and remote access to a company's operational system through high-speed data communications (UMTS/LTE), allowing off-site access in a variety of business settings. In addition, Fujitsu provides total support with comprehensive capabilities, including a variety of services and applications tailored to specific industries and work tasks, such as mobile device management and mobile application management, which are needed in using the devices, and FUJITSU Cloud PaaS MobileSUITE, which is a mobile service platform for efficient operations and the efficient use of content. Moreover, leveraging Fujitsu's expertise in maintenance for enterprise customers, if there is any kind of hardware trouble with the device, repairs can be made through its SupportDesk Pack for Android. This is in addition to the OS support that comes bundled with the product.

    4. Exceptional durability

      The devices feature advanced water-resistant and dust-resistant (IPX5/IPX8 and IP5X(2)) technology, enabling them to be used even when there is a sudden rain shower or dusty environments without posing any obstacle to business. In addition, the devices are equipped with casings strong enough to clear Fujitsu's prescribed drop tests(3), enabling them to be used with peace of mind under a variety of conditions.

  4. ARROWS Tab Q555/K lightweight, long-running Windows tablet that is built for on-the-go use (New Product)

    Q555/K, stylus pen, slim keyboard, and expandable cradleQ555/K, stylus pen, slim keyboard, and expandable cradle
    Larger View (35 KB)

    Larger View (44 KB)

    1. Optimal specifications for business mobility

      Even with a 10.1" (wide) LCD screen, it weighs only approximately 630 grams. It also offers superior durability, having cleared a 75cm drop test(4), and is standard equipped with a fingerprint sensor to easily authenticate the user's identity, so it can be used on the go with peace of mind.

    2. User-friendly features

      To make it easy to browse email messages and other materials when out of the office, it is equipped with Super Clear mode, which detects sunlight and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly. The tablet is also equipped with a high-definition stylus pen that can detect 1,024 gradations of pressure sensitivity, enabling writing that seems like one is using an actual pen, and that can be stored in the tablet's casing. Moreover, for customers who need to use the tablet for long periods of time, the battery can be replaced by Fujitsu when it becomes depleted(5).

    3. Accessories for a variety of work needs

      There are a variety of accessories to meet specific customer needs that customers can select, such as a slim keyboard, expandable cradle, cover, and shoulder strap, as well as NFC(6), a smartcard reader(7), and support for a VESA mounting plate, enabling the tablet to support a variety of work styles.

  5. CELSIUS Series workstations with improved features and a new design (New Products and Enhancements)

    Fujitsu is newly offering the Windows 8.1 Pro equipped CELSIUS R940 and CELSIUS M740, which come with the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v3/E5-1600v3 family of processors and the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® series graphics card.

    In addition, the existing CELSIUS W530 and the CELSIUS J530 models are now also equipped with the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® series graphics card.

  6. Latest Office Premium models added to the LIFEBOOK, ESPRIMO, and CELSIUS series (Enhancement)

    Among the latest LIFEBOOK, ESPRIMO, and CELSIUS series models, there are new models that enable users to upgrade to the latest version of Office at any time free of charge, and to choose Office Premium, which offers one year free use of the Office 365 service.

  7. ARROWS Tab Q335/K 8" tablet

    The ARROWS Tab Q335/K, an 8" tablet that is easy to carry in one hand, is equipped with the latest Windows 8.1 Pro as well as Office(8), making it ideal for browsing documents outside the office or preparing materials. While having approximately 10.5 hours of battery life, it weighs only approximately 390 grams. There are also a variety of accessories to meet with work needs of customers, including its own folio cover, which makes it even more convenient to carry around and can also serve as a stand, and a cover with a hand strap, to which a shoulder strap can also be attached.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Suggested Retail Price (excluding tax) Availability
FUJITSU Smartphone ARROWS M305/KA4 JPY 61,400 From early December 2014
FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab M555/KA4 JPY 81,300 From mid February 2015
FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab Q555/K From JPY 91,500 From late November 2014
FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab Q335/K From JPY 58,100 From late November 2014
FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK A744/K From JPY 198,000 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK A574/K From JPY 150,400 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK E754/K From JPY 243,400 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK E744/K From JPY 283,900 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK E734/K From JPY 235,300 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO D753/K From JPY 174,400 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO D583/K From JPY 140,800 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO D552/K From JPY 135,300 From mid October 2014
FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO K555/K From JPY 225,800 From late October 2014
FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO Q520/K From JPY 126,300 From late October 2014
FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS R940 From JPY 661,000 From late November 2014
FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS M740 From JPY 346,900 From late November 2014
FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS W530 From JPY 191,700 From early November 2014
FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS J530 From JPY 191,700 From mid October 2014

  • [1] An 11-hour battery life

    Values are provisional and subject to change.

  • [2] Water-resistant (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X) technology

    The IPX5 designation indicates that the mobile phone can normally function after being sprayed with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3 meters for a period of at least 3 minutes. The IPX8 designation indicates, in the case of the 202F, that the mobile phone functions normally after being immersed in room-temperature tap water to a depth of 1.5 meters for approximately 30 minutes. IP5X indicates that the mobile phone can be left in an environment with dust particles with a diameter of 75 µm or less for 8 hours, and continue to function and be used safely.

  • [3] Drop tests

    These tests are intended to verify product quality. The appropriateness or accuracy of this drop test is not guaranteed.

  • [4] Superior durability, having cleared a 75cm drop test

    The appropriateness or accuracy of this drop test is not guaranteed, and Fujitsu assumes no responsibility for drops, including legal responsibility for defects resulting from drops.

  • [5] Can be replaced when depleted

    Only available with the custom model.

  • [6] NFC: Near Field Communication

    A standard for non-contact communications.

  • [7] Smartcard reader

    This product is an option.

  • [8] Equipped with Office Home and Business 2013

    Office products are options.

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