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Fujitsu Launches New Karada Life Smartphone Health Support Service for Women

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 26, 2014

Fujitsu today announced it will offer Karada Life Pregnancy Support, a smartphone health support service for women, in Japan starting from May 30.

Karada Life Pregnancy Support was developed by Fujitsu from APIs (application programming interfaces) provided by MTI Ltd., which operates Luna Luna, a health information service for women. The Karada Life smartphone application will be accessible from a variety of Fujitsu smartphones(1) including the new docomo Smartphone ARROWS NX F-05F which will be available from May 30 in Japan.

This service provides estimated menstruation and ovulation dates, assesses physical and emotional states during the menstrual cycle, gives advice on skincare and lifestyle, and also indicates probabilities of pregnancy. This will allow women to better understand their menstrual cycles and provide a reference for women facing issues with PMS or for those wanting to become pregnant, while supporting their overall health.

Fujitsu will continue to provide support services for users so that they can enjoy an improved quality of life using their smartphones.

Image of the New ServiceImage of the New Service

Features of the New Service

  • Provides estimation of specific dates of menstruation and ovulation
    Just by entering the last two menstruation dates, it will estimate when menstruation and ovulation will occur next.
  • Provide trustworthy advice and probabilities
    By registering with Luna Luna Link provided by MTI, users can get estimations on menstruation and ovulation dates, along with lifestyle advice, etc., all with the same accuracy as the main functions of the Luna Luna health information service provided by MTI.
  • Simple management of basal body temperature
    By just holding the Terumo Corporation’s WOMAN °C W520DZ thermometer for women up to the docomo Smartphone ARROWS NX F-05F, the measured basal body temperature data can be registered to the smartphone(2). This recorded data will automatically be reflected on the service screen, so it will be possible to manage data without having to bother with manual entry.

Sending basal body temperature dataSending basal body temperature data

Luna Luna Link Service Introduction

This is an API service for businesses developing online services for women's health management utilizing Luna Luna's menstrual cycle prediction logic. It enables Luna Luna's basic functions, which are used by over 5.4 million women, to be easily incorporated by companies into smartphone sites and applications. Karada Life Pregnancy Support is the first Luna Luna Link service offering from Fujitsu.

Basic functions:

Registration of first and last days of menstruation; estimating days of menstruation and ovulation; pregnancy probability indication; basal body temperature registration; beauty and diet advice, etc.

Supported Devices

docomo Smartphone ARROWS NX F-05F and other Fujitsu smartphones sold after November 2011.

  • [1] The Karada Life smartphone application will be accessible from a variety of Fujitsu smartphones:

    Can be used after registering for the Karada Life smartphone application that has been pre-installed on all Fujitsu smartphones sold after November 2011.

  • [2] Measured basal body temperature data can be recorded on the smartphone:

    Applies to docomo Smartphone ARROWS NX F-05F, and there are plans to expand it to all future Fujitsu smartphones that support NFC.

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Date: 26 May, 2014
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited