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Fujitsu Launches New Models in GS21 Series Featuring New Processors

Marks 50 years since company's first mainframe, continuing a Japan-originated commitment to quality

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 03, 2014

Fujitsu today announced the availability in Japan of new mainframe models, consisting of the super-scale FUJITSU Server GS21 2600 model group and the mid-, large-scale FUJITSU Server GS21 2400 model group, all equipped with newly developed processors. The company also announced the availability of FUJITSU Software GSS21sx(1), a new software that supports these models.

The new models use system-on-chip technology to increase processing performance by as much as 40% over their predecessors, while slashing power consumption by up to 50% and reducing required floor space by approximately 70%. Furthermore, the new software makes it easier to utilize mission-critical data from smart devices and various server types.

The year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the company's first mainframe(2). Since then, numerous customers have deployed Fujitsu mainframes, and the company has continued optimizing processing performance, functionality, and specifications to actively reflect customer needs. Fujitsu will continue to help its customers grow their business and create value by enhancing and delivering hardware, software, and support in its GS21 Series that reflects a distinctly Japan-originated commitment to quality.

System on Chip ConfigurationSystem on Chip Configuration


Mainframes continue to play a central role in social infrastructure systems and mission-critical enterprise systems that need to run reliably 24 × 7. Moreover, to make the best use of crucial data on mainframes, there is a growing need to modernize systems and transform work styles. At the same time, one issue facing mainframe systems is the ongoing need to reduce power consumption and facilities costs.

Fujitsu developed the new model groups in the GS21 Series and accompanying software to address these needs through improved processing performance, enhancements in smart device connectivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

The new models in the GS21 Series will be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2014, running May 15-16 at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo.

Features of the New Models

1. Enhanced platform functionality to support customer business growth

(1) Higher performance, higher reliability
The new models use a system-on-chip design with the latest CMOS technology to boost transaction-processing performance up to 40% over previous models, while also increasing reliability. Each chipset hosts up to 8 cores, equipped with a 256 KB primary cache, as well as a secondary cache of up to 24 MB, an I/O processor, a memory controller, and a system controller.

(2) Expanded scalability
When configuring large-scale virtual machines (VM) with around 20,000 virtual I/O devices as a development environment, previous models were limited to configurations of three VM per cluster(3). However, new models offer both hardware and software enhancements that enable a dramatically larger number of virtual I/O configurations of over 10 VM. This allows concurrent development, revision and testing for different applications regardless of scale.

2. More added value from mainframe resources

(1) Effective use of crucial data
The new GSS21sx Data-Utilization Pack software provides direct access from an open server to GS21 Series network databases and relational databases via a standard SQL interface. This expands the server options available for developing and running mission critical applications.

(2) New work styles
FUJITSU Software WSMGR for Web, open-server software for using GS21 Series mainframes from mobile terminals such as smart devices, is now bundled with a GUI customization tool. This tool enables a significant workload reduction for application developers in information-systems departments when designing and building terminal interfaces.

Also newly available is Mainframe Connect, a solution that lets customers rapidly deploy SFA/CRM environments that link mobile devices to GS21 Series mainframes. Mainframe Connect is an all-in-one solution providing WSMGR for Web deployment support, terminal interface design support, and secure network services that include user authentication and ID management.

3. Reduced TCO

(1) Lower power consumption
The new models use system-on-chip technology to consolidate what had been 14 separate chipsets into a single chipset. Furthermore, features such as a compact, high-performance power unit reduce power consumption by as much as 50% over previous models, with the same processing performance.

(2) Lower facilities costs
The various dedicated components of a multi-cluster system(4), including the system-storage unit (SSU(5)), CLCU(6), and SVPM(7) have been integrated and consolidated from five separate chassis to two in the new models. This reduces the floor space, including maintenance areas, needed to achieve the same processing performance by up to approximately 70% for drastic cost reductions when utilized for outsourcing.

In addition, the use of a front-intake, rear-exhaust cooling system, and redesigned power and signal cable runs allow both conventional underfloor wiring and in-ceiling wiring, making these systems easier to deploy in datacenters, and greatly reducing the expense of dedicated air-conditioning equipment and floor installations.

Pricing, Fees, and Availability

Pricing, Fees, and Availability
Model Name Pricing & Fees (excl tax) Shipment
GS21 2600 model group (35 models) From JPY 11,382,000/month Rollout begins end of Sept 2014
GS21 2400 model group (29 models) From JPY 1,015,000/month Rollout begins end of Sept 2014
GSS21sx (basic pack) From JPY 837,000/month From end of Sept 2014
GSS21sx Data-Utilization Pack From JPY 227,000/month From end of Sept 2014
WSMGR for Web (v7.2L30) From JPY 130,000 and up (one-time charge) Available now
Mainframe Connect (solution) From JPY 290,000/month From May 2014

Sales Targets

700 units for mainframes as a whole over the three years of fiscal 2014–16 (Fujitsu's fiscal year ends March 31).

  • [1] FUJITSU Software GSS21sx

    Global System Software 21 smart extension. Consists of a platform software pack that consolidates the basic functions of a leading-edge enterprise information system, along with four higher-level software packs providing a variety of solutions. Combined, these make it possible to quickly build high-quality systems with consistency between applications, and make it easy to get the most out of the GS21 Series.

  • [2] 50th anniversary of the company's first mainframe

    Fifty years ago Fujitsu (then known as Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing) developed and introduced the FACOM 230 mainframe computer. The mid-sized version of the FACOM 230 mainframe computer was introduced in 1964, followed in 1965 by large and small versions, completing the FACOM 230 Series.

  • [3] Cluster

    A GS21 Series CPU. Typically equates to a single server.

  • [4] Multi-cluster system

    A system that uses parallel processing (parallel transaction processing, parallel batch processing, high-speed hot standby, load sharing) while communicating via an SSU to multiple other clusters.

  • [5] SSU

    System-storage unit. A high-speed, high-capacity external storage device consisting of semiconductor memory that communicates at high speed among clusters and uses automatic configuration control to respond when clusters are added or dropped.

  • [6] CLCU

    Cluster connection unit. A LAN controller used in multi-cluster systems.

  • [7] SVPM

    Service processor manager. A console subsystem that activates, monitors, and controls the configuration of multi-cluster systems.

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Date: 03 April, 2014
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited