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Fujitsu Enhances Lineup of Vertically Integrated Database Systems

Launches new high-performance, high-capacity HA Database Ready SX2 model

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 28, 2014 Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability in Japan of FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready SX2, a large-scale system designed to accommodate high-capacity databases. This will lead to an enhancement of Fujitsu's line of vertically integrated, open-standards database systems that offer high performance, exceptional reliability, and rapid setup.

HA Database Ready is a line of database systems that combine hardware and software in an optimized package designed for both business continuity and fast, reliable handling of a company's business data. Along with an interface for the open-standards database PostgreSQL(1), systems in this line use Fujitsu's own Smart Software Technology(2) so that they are ready to use the day they are installed. They can handle backups and complex recovery operations with a single click for dramatically improved operational efficiency.

The new HA Database Ready SX2 is available in a 4-CPU model, uses fast, high-capacity PCIe flash-memory storage for performance rated as high as 180,000 transactions per minute(3), a 50% improvement over previous models, and support for databases of up to 7.2-TB, a six-fold improvement compared to earlier models. It also supports post-deployment database capacity upgrades, allowing businesses to start small with future growth in mind, so that they can optimize equipment investment. These specifications make the new model ideal for everything from social infrastructure systems that require high performance and high reliability, to information systems that require high performance and high capacity to handle high-speed batch processing and data consolidation.

The new system is positioned as part of Fujitsu's vertically integrated platform, Dynamic Integrated Systems(4). Fujitsu continually works to strengthen its lineup, and this model is an important product in Fujitsu's strategic initiative that supports customers' system innovation.

FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready SX2FUJITSU Integrated SystemHA Database Ready SX2

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Key Features of the new HA Database Ready SX2 model

The new HA Database Ready SX2 brings to the line a high-performance, high-capacity model that supports increased database capacity following system deployment. Also added is encryption technology using the strongest key in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption standard. In concert with Intel® AES New Instructions, a new technology for encryption, data can be encrypted and decrypted without impacting performance, making it ideal for systems that manage financial systems or other secure systems.

The HA Database Ready SX2 can be used for a wide range of applications, from social infrastructure systems that require high performance and exceptional reliability, to information systems that require high performance and capacity large enough to handle high-speed batch processing and data consolidation.

1. High performance and high reliability

Two models are available: the 2-CPU standard model and a new high-performance model with 4 CPUs.

In addition to the increased number of CPUs, the new model uses the high-speed ioDrive2 Duo 2.4-TB from US-based Fusion-io, Inc. as its PCIe flash storage medium.

In the 4-CPU model, this increases transaction performance by 50% over previous models, to 180,000 TPM. Also, with a capacity-upgrade option that makes it possible to increase data volumes after setup, businesses can grow their databases to 7.2-TB, six times more than previous models.

For data reliability, Fujitsu offers a triple backup configuration comprised of the proprietary mirroring technology in Fujitsu's database software, FUJITSU Software Symfoware, for complete system redundancy, together with FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS, the company's data storage system. This enables business continuity in the event of trouble.

It also supports transparent data encryption using the open-standard PostgreSQL interface. This automatically encrypts data in the database, so application developers can store data in an encrypted form without any extra work in the development process.

HA Database Ready SX2 2CPU with 4.8-TB data-processing region modelHA Database Ready SX22CPU with 4.8-TB data-processing region model

2. Rapid setup

The system is delivered with an optimized combination of hardware and software, pre-tuned to get maximum benefit from all resources. This obviates the complex deployment and setup process, so that anyone can immediately start taking advantage of an advanced, high-capacity database. Likewise, operations and maintenance are streamlined thanks to pre-configured Smart Software Technology that is easy to use, reliable, and quick.

Furthermore, the HA Database Ready SX2 now makes it possible for its database capacity to be upgraded after deployment. After a technician installs new PCIe flash storage, the user simply clicks a button on the screen to complete the process. Complex tasks such as parameter setting and tuning are unnecessary so the system can be put back to work immediately.

3. A commitment to open standards

The product provides an interface that is compatible with the open database standard PostgreSQL for excellent connectivity and compatibility with a wide variety of open source software as well as software from independent software vendors. The HA Database Ready SX2 also has improved compatibility with Oracle Database syntax. This makes it easy to use as an add-on to an existing system, enabling customers to apply it to a wider scope of their business.

In addition to continuing to promote connectivity with a variety of other products, so that customers will have the flexibility to add on to their legacy systems, Fujitsu will verify connectivity to a wide range of middleware and development tools, with an emphasis on open source software.

Comment from Hiromasa Ebi, Country Manager for Fusion-io

"The unique architecture of the ioDrive2 makes it possible to accelerate databases and applications predictably and efficiently. We are proud that the new addition of the ioDrive2 Duo 2.4-TB to FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready will enable users to be provided with systems that deliver even higher performance and higher reliability, the latest result in our longstanding partnership with Fujitsu."

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Price (excl. tax) Availability
FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready SX2 From JPY 67 million From March 2014

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Model name 2-CPU model 4-CPU model
Configuration Server unit (primary/secondary) CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor
E5-4650 (2.70 GHz/8 cores/20 MB) × 2
Intel® Xeon® Processor
E5-4650 (2.70 GHz/8 cores/20 MB) × 4
Memory 256-GB 384-GB
Internal storage 900-GB × 2
(2.5″ SAS hard drive, RAID 1)
Data-processing region 2.4-TB
Database backup / log-storage unit 14.4-TB 28.8-TB 28.8-TB 43.2-TB
Network 1-Gb/sec Ethernet or 10-Gb/sec Ethernet

  • [1] PostgreSQL

    An open-source object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).

  • [2] Smart Software Technology

    Fujitsu's proprietary technology that automatically diagnoses hardware and software conditions and that is optimized for simplicity and ease of use.

  • [3] 180,000 transactions per second

    Measured obtained using the Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C measurement model. Transactions per minute are an index of a computer system's performance.

  • [4] Dynamic Integrated Systems

    A structure of vertically integrated products that combines Fujitsu's extensive background and know-how, along with the company's own high-performance, high-reliability hardware and software, in a next-generation platform that can quickly create new ICT while optimizing the sustainability of ICT systems and the costs associated with their operation.

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