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Fujitsu to Provide World's First Tablet with Built-in Palm Vein Authentication Sensor to Fukuoka Financial Group

Deployment of 2,000 tablets will enable safe and secure handling of customer data anytime, anywhere, through a virtual desktop

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 20, 2014 Fujitsu today announced that it has commenced work on a project, ordered by Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc., to provide 2,000 tablets with built-in palm vein authentication sensors, and to construct a virtual-desktop platform. The platform will enable staff to securely access their bank's internal system from off-site locations.

Starting from April 2014, the tablets are scheduled to be deployed and used by employees working off-site for the banks that are part of the Fukuoka Financial Group, namely, The Bank of Fukuoka, Kumamoto Bank, and Shinwa Bank.

In a highly secure environment, the system connects to the internal systems of each of the three banks in the Fukuoka Financial Group. This enables bank staff working off-site to use their tablets to access their bank's internal systems. This allows them to refer to a customer's transaction history, to look up the current status of financial products, and to provide customers with proposals best suited to them.

Field staff will be able to use these devices as ordinary business computers, at any time and any place, to handle routine business processes. This will cut down on time spent going to and from customer premises and their own business offices, allowing them to spend more time to strengthen business relationships with customers.

Furthermore, from Fujitsu's operations center, the Fukuoka Financial Group is using LCM Services, which will give it 24 × 7 operations management of the virtual-desktop platform that Fujitsu is building. This will work to cut down on the bank's operations and maintenance workload.

The tablet is the high-spec FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab Q704/H, customized to integrate Fujitsu's own palm-vein authentication sensor. It is the first tablet in the world embedded with this sensor and enables high-accuracy palm vein authentication which prevents unauthorized access.

The Fukuoka Financial Group looks forward to seeing its field staff use the new tablet to boost sales of its financial products.


The Fukuoka Financial Group is currently transforming itself to be more "customer-centric," and one of its fundamental principles is "deepening relations with our customers." The group has therefore decided to put in place a system that will better enable it to offer products and services tailored to each customer's individual situation, at the best timing via optimal channels. The group decided to deploy tablets for field-use in order to allow for more time to be spent on supporting customers and to enhance the ability to provide services.

System Features and Deployment Benefits

1. Security features allow remote access to the internal system of each bank

The new system has security measures based on the latest technologies to allow staff to look up important customer information safely while on an off-site location.

1) User authentication based on palm vein authentication
The field sales tablets will incorporate Fujitsu's palm vein authentication sensors, which offer highly accurate individual identification based on palm vein patterns. It will only allow the person whose biometric data has previously been registered to use the device.

2) Remote-access service
The tablets will access the bank's internal system via the FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service FENICS II Universal Connect. Through a high-speed data communication network that uses Xi(1), the tablet will connect to the virtual desktop via a private network that does not travel over the Internet, thereby delivering both a favorable communications environment and solid security.

3) Virtual-desktop technology
In the event that a tablet is lost or stolen, no information will be lost with it thanks to the use of virtual-desktop technology. Furthermore, all of the data flowing between the tablets and each bank's internal system is encrypted, making it difficult for original data to be recovered through unauthorized access.

4) Mobile device management solution
Another part of the system is FUJITSU Security Solution FENCE-Mobile RemoteManager, which is an integrated mobile device management solution that provides additional security to smart devices. In the event that a device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely formatted as a measure against information leaks or unauthorized use.

2. Windows tablet with built-in palm-vein sensor for greater convenience

The FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab Q704/H high-end tablet is equipped with an A4 file-sized 12.5" wide-screen with liquid crystal display and the latest fourth-generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, delivering ten hours of battery runtime(2), and customized with a palm-vein authentication sensor.

When docked in its cradle, this tablet automatically switches from energy-saving mode to turbo mode, which gives it full use of the CPU's power. This gives users the power and flexibility of a high-performance PC when in the office together with the benefits of a tablet's portability, at a lower total cost than having two separate devices.

Windows tablet with built-in palm-vein authentication sensorWindows tablet with built-in palm-vein authentication sensor

Note: This product is being exhibited in the Fujitsu booth at Mobile World Congress 2014, running February 24–27 in Barcelona.

3. Lighter staff workload thanks to LCM Services

The Fukuoka Financial Group is using the LCM Services for operations management of the system's virtual-desktop platform, which will give it 24 × 7 operations management from Fujitsu's operations center.

An LCM Services team manager has been involved in the Fukuoka Financial Group's project from the virtual desktop platform's construction phase, and will be able to operate and monitor the system with a thorough understanding of its workings. Whereas the Fukuoka Financial Group had previously let each department manage operations and respond to outages independently, by consolidating those responsibilities under Fujitsu's LCM Services, employee workloads are reduced so that they can focus on providing better customer service.

  • [1] Xi

    Pronounced 'crossy', this is the brand name of NTT DoCoMo's LTE data-communications service for mobile phones and tablets.

  • [2] Battery runtime

    Following the JEITA 1.0 testing standard.

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