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Fujitsu Launches F-04F Smartphone for Business

Easy-to-use phone and e-mail functions together with robust security and optimum functionality for business

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 25, 2013 Fujitsu today announced that its new F-04F business smartphone will be available in Japan from NTT DOCOMO, Inc., starting January 6, 2014.

F-04F is the first business smartphone from NTT DOCOMO(1) specifically developed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Business users will appreciate the new handset for its convenient features, including a special Telephone Home interface designed for easy frequent phone calls and e-mail use. The phone also has outstanding energy-saving technology like the low power-consumption WhiteMagic™ display which can lead to three days of battery life(2).

F-04F has been enhanced with a full range of must-have security capabilities for enterprise customers, including a smart fingerprint sensor and microSD™ card encryption. In addition, the phone can be customized to meet specifications based on how it will be used, such as disabling support for app downloads from Google Play™(3), thereby preventing the installation of apps that are not needed for business tasks, and pre-disabling camera functionality or removing specific apps.

With support for Microsoft® Exchange server(4) connectivity, users can access internal company e-mail, schedules and contact books even while on-the-go, thereby enhancing work efficiency. The smartphone is equipped with a host of helpful features, such as a call recording function, which has been in high demand for business use, as well as Super HAKKIRI Voice 4 and Super Double Microphone, two Human Centric Engine® capabilities that make it easier to talk on the phone in a loud environment. The handset also includes water-resistant (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X)(5) technology, enabling a worry-free user experience in a wide range of work scenarios, such as at locations where the contact with water or dust is possible.

Business smartphone F-04F HUMAN CENTRIC ENGINE

Business smartphone F-04F

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Amid an expanding market for smartphones, interest is growing in the enterprise market for handsets that can be employed in a wide variety of work tasks. Despite this interest, some companies have been hesitant to switch due to the security and cost benefits of familiar mobile phones (feature phones), among other reasons. To address these concerns, Fujitsu has leveraged the technologies cultivated in its ARROWS Series of smartphones to develop a handset that businesses can employ with convenience and peace of mind.

Together with the release of F-04F, NTT DOCOMO will also be launching a new flat fee packet service for F-04F, "Xi Pake Hodai for Business" (2,839 JPY/month excluding tax). F-04F has been designed as a smartphone that will ensure a smooth transition from feature phones in the enterprise market.

Product Features

Easy phone calls and e-mail for business with Telephone Home

The new smartphone employs Telephone Home, an interface designed for business users who make frequent phone calls and e-mail. Recently received calls are displayed with the swipe of a finger to the left or right, allowing the user to effortlessly return a call. The icons are located in an intuitive manner, which makes F-04F's interface stress-free even for users who are accustomed to feature phones.

Energy-saving WhiteMagic™ display: Enabling three days of battery life

The phone is equipped with a bright, energy-saving WhiteMagic™ display and other outstanding technology that contributes to a battery life of three days. With an energy-saving design that reduces power consumption, the phone is vibrant and easy to view even outside on a sunny day. This, in turn, makes it perfect for use in business when out on the road. Furthermore, the phone's NX!eco power-saving configuration app also works to extend battery life, even supporting the large number of phone calls and email with business use.

Super HAKKIRI Voice 4 and Super Double Microphone: Supporting phone conversations during those important business meetings

The handset includes Super HAKKIRI Voice 4 and Super Double Microphone, which detects noise in the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts the phone's audio to make it easier to hear for both users and the person to whom they are speaking. Even when receiving an urgent call from a customer in a noisy place, like the inside of a train station, users can talk with ease.

Smart fingerprint sensor for extra security to cut risk of information leaks

Instead of cumbersome password entry, the phone's smart fingerprint sensor can turn the screen on/off and release the handset's security lock with a single finger. Fingerprint authentication ensures a high level of security that is essential for business and can reduce the risk of information leaks.

Guarding sensitive business data via microSD™ card encryption

Documents, images and other data stored on the internal microSD™ card are encrypted specifically for use on the user's phone. As a result, if the smartphone is lost while on the road, or if the microSD™ card is intentionally removed, the data on the card cannot be read on a different device, thereby ensuring robust security.

Connectivity to Microsoft® Exchange servers for smartphone access to internal company e-mails

With support for Microsoft® Exchange server connectivity, users can access internal company e-mail, schedules and contact books even while on-the-go, thereby enhancing work efficiency.

  • [1] First business smartphone from NTT DOCOMO

    Among Android™ models.

  • [2] Three days of battery life

    Battery life under normal smartphone usage conditions for enterprise users (a total of about 80 minutes of usage per day including 30 minutes of web browsing, 35 minutes of e-mails and phone calls, and 15 minutes for other uses (scheduler, etc.)). The battery life time above is based on calculations by NTT DOCOMO for battery life under normal smartphone usage conditions (a total of about 80 minutes of usage per day including about 40 minutes of web browsing, 20 minutes of e-mails and phone calls, 15 minutes of games/video/music content, and 5 minutes for other uses (alarms, etc.)). In the calculations, approximately 15 minutes of games/video/music content, which are not supported by this model, and approximately 10 minutes of web browsing related to social media networks are substituted with uses appropriate for business users, including e-mail and phone time and time for other uses (scheduler, etc.). Depending on the actual usage conditions (continuous phone calls, downloading large data files), battery performance may be shorter.

  • [3] No support for app downloads from Google Play

    Only applications designated by NTT DOCOMO, such as DOCOMO mail, can be used on F-04F. Applications cannot be downloaded from Google Play and used. Google Maps, Gmail™ and other apps from Google also cannot be used.

  • [4] Exchange server connectivity

    Exchange servers must be provided separately by customers.

  • [5] IPX5/8 water resistance and IP5X dust resistance

    IPX5/8 water resistance. IP5X dust resistance. The IPX8 designation, in the case of the F-04F, indicates that the mobile phone retains its functionality as a communications device after being immersed in room-temperature tap water to a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes. When using the phone, please ensure that all covers (including the rear cover) are completely closed. To maintain water-resistance, it is essential to replace these parts at least once every two years (costs separate). The IPX5 designation indicates that the mobile phone can retain its functionality as a communications device after being sprayed with water from a nozzle with a diameter of 6.3 mm at a rate of 12.5 liters per minute from a distance of approximately 3m for a period of at least 3 minutes. IP5X indicates that the phone can be left in an environment with dust particles with a diameter of 75 µm or less for 8 hours and retain its functionality as a communications device.

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Date: 25 December, 2013
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited