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Fujitsu Launches Global Sales of Systemwalker Centric Manager V15

Centralized operations-management software handles hybrid environments that include on-premises equipment and multiple public clouds

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 25, 2013

Fujitsu today announced the immediate worldwide availability of FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Centric Manager V15, a software product that centralizes management of all ICT system resources and monitoring information throughout the system's operational lifecycle.

Previous versions of this software could handle on-premises environments and private-cloud environments. This new version adds the ability to handle hybrid, multiple public-cloud environments, creating one-stop operations management, from software deployment and systems monitoring to troubleshooting. This software product is based on technology that offers self-diagnoses of hardware and software conditions, which it can then optimize for easier, more reliable operations. It offers filtering and portal screen customization that lets administrators review only the messages designated to be of high importance out of a stream of numerous monitoring messages, and to conduct operations in a way most suitable to a customer's operational style.

The product ties in with FUJITSU Software Interstage AR Processing Server, an integrated augmented-reality platform, so that connected devices can be used for checking the operational status of equipment and for displaying step-by-step tasks in response to monitoring messages. This enhances operational efficiency in the field where equipment is located.

It can also be used with FUJITSU Integrated System Cloud Ready Blocks, a vertically integrated platform for virtualization and private clouds, to provide centralized management across an entire cloud.

In recent years, a growing number of customers have been pursuing server consolidation through virtualization and the use of private clouds with the aim of utilizing their ICT resources in a more effective manner. This has created a need for operations management that centralizes the oversight of ICT resources and that monitors multi-cloud environments, where multiple public clouds are combined to provide a mix of features.

Overview of hybrid cloud management

Key Product Features

1. Covers operating status of entire hybrid cloud environments to reduce administrator workloads

(1) Centralized operations management for hybrid environments
- Enables unified management of ICT resources in multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud environments. Automatically collects information on software used anywhere in the system as well as information on hardware, including servers and storage, on premises or in private clouds, and enables visualization of all ICT resources in use.
- Obviates the need for always-on VPN connection for real-time status monitoring of public-cloud servers when connected through external networks.

Single-screen display status of multiple clouds

(2) Speeds up execution of tasks using Fujitsu's proprietary software technology
- Through the use of monitoring templates, this technology can suppress messages that do not require attention, which reduces workloads. Taking Fujitsu's own datacenters as an example, use of this technology cut to 1/7th the time needed to investigate monitoring messages.
- Portal views let administrators see at a glance the status of events that generate monitoring messages, with totals by importance, equipment, type, etc. By using technology that can run simple operations, administrators can navigate through tasks to check event details. Portal views can be tailored to suit a customer's operations.

Portal screen displays overall status

2. Provides information in the field, for accurate, efficient task execution
- Used with FUJITSU Software Interstage AR Processing Server -

Sharing information with Interstage AR Processing Server(1) allows administrators to use connected devices to do their work inside datacenters, not just at monitoring stations.

- Administrators can use their connected device and tap on a piece of hardware to check its monitoring information. This lets them quickly check equipment status and the impact on operating levels in the field so they can take appropriate action.
- Administrators can record their actions in the field as evidence, on the spot. This makes it possible to create maintenance logs or to send work requests to other operators.

Smart devices support field work

3. Supports stable operations throughout a system, including vertically integrated products

Used with vertically integrated products in a system for centralized operational management of an entire business system, including business applications and networking devices.

Settings are built in for monitoring Fujitsu's vertical-integration products Cloud Ready Blocks (virtualization & cloud platform) and FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready (vertically integrated database system), so that they can be linked directly to the system after installation for integrated operations management.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Pricing (excl tax) Shipment
FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Centric Manager Standard Edition V15: processor license From JPY 500,000 From November 2013
FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Centric Manager Enterprise Edition V15: processor license From JPY 1,000,000
FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Centric Manager Global Enterprise Edition V15: processor license From JPY 7,000,000
FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Centric Manager V15: client license From JPY 20,000

Operating Environments

Operating Environments (Operating System)
  Operating System
Operation Management Server Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2008 R2/ Windows Server 2012
Solaris 9 / Oracle Solaris 10 / Oracle Solaris 11
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 / 6 (for x86 / for Intel64)
Job Server Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2008 R2/ Windows Server 2012
Solaris 9 / Oracle Solaris 10 / Oracle Solaris 11
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 / 6 (for x86 / for Intel64)
Client Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
Operating Environments (Cloud)
Job Server FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5
FUJITSU Cloud PaaS A5 for Windows Azure
Windows Azure Platform
Amazon Web Services

  • [1] Sharing information with Interstage AR Processing Server

    A sample sharing program is available from Fujitsu's software-technology information site.

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City: Tokyo
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