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Fujitsu Launches INTARFRM RIA Java Ajax V4, for Creating Web Applications with Sophisticated User Experiences

Supports HTML5 and jQuery for creating high-quality, maintainable front-end environments

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 14, 2013

Fujitsu today announced that it has added an Enterprise Edition to its INTARFRM series of products, an application framework(1) that assists in developing customer ICT systems. The Enterprise Edition is a suite of products that separates the front end (visual interface) from the back end (business processing), making it easier to keep pace with fast-changing front-end technologies while maximizing the lifespan of back-end assets.

One product in the suite, Fujitsu Software INTARFRM RIA Java Ajax V4, for developing web applications with sophisticated user experiences (UX)(2), will be released November 22.

This product supports development using HTML5(3) and jQuery(4), providing functions for developing and running interactive and expressive web applications.

It also provides a mechanism for managing information prone to specification changes - such as screen transitions, screen layouts, and attributes of on-screen elements - through definition files. This makes it easy to change the way applications run without changing their source code, improving maintainability and helping developers keep pace with fast-changing front-end design concepts.

The advent of smartphones and tablets has created a demand for websites that have polished, usable front ends, even in corporate systems, that offer "direct manipulation," "expressiveness and visual appeal," and "low-stress operation." A growing number of departments in the field are calling for ways to use expressive, interactive front end technology so that they can work more efficiently, without changing back-end business processing.

HTML5 is the latest standard for browsers, and jQuery is a library for JavaScript that is available on the Internet. Both of these are increasingly being used for more expressive and interactive front ends. But in the absence of any standards for development procedures, developing web applications in HTML5 and jQuery that can run in different browsers and on different devices results in long development times and hard-to-maintain code. This has made broad application frameworks for HTML5 and jQuery a necessity.

INTARFRM Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4 is a front-end application framework that supports HTML5 and jQuery, and consists of INTARFRM Development Facility Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4, with development-support functions, and INTARFRM Runtime Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4, with executable functions. It assists in development web applications with rich user experiences that can run on both personal computers and tablets.

Product Features

1. Produces interactivity and expressiveness

The product provides and standardizes frequently used screen elements needed to create user experiences. This naturally includes typical text boxes and radio buttons in conventional HTML, but also includes more advanced visual elements like tabs, tooltips, and accordions (which display rolled-up information when clicking a title).

It can also use widely available jQuery plugins for more advanced user-experience features. The product provides functions for linking to jQuery plugins and the know-how to link to them.

In addition, it provides supplemental input functions. Using input-method auto-switching, restricted input, auto-formatting, and function-key assignments reduces text-entry errors for faster input.

2. Smart development

(1) Standardized application structure
Systems developed with this product have a well-organized structure that separates the view, control, and business processing for improved maintainability.

Also, the product includes a library for the controller, which is typically the most difficult part for programmers, so that they can handle screen transitions and layout changes through a definition file, with no coding needed. This lets programmers concentrate more on visual and business-logic aspects for higher-quality products.

(2) Reduced JavaScript development
Processes for visual elements that previously could only be developed in JavaScript, which is hard to debug and lacks extensive development tools, can now be developed in Java using development-assistance functions. Reducing development in JavaScript increases developer efficiency, shortens the development process, and results in higher-quality systems.

(3) Supports developing offline applications
The product supports development of applications that can run offline using functions inherent in HTML5. Using functions provided in Fujitsu's framework cuts down development time and enables smart development with easy system development. This makes it easy to develop processes that run entirely on the client, so that they can be used in situations lacking a network connection, such as in warehouses and underground locations.

3. Improved maintainability

The product provides a mechanism that allows developers to use definition files to change business-logic processes, such as screen transitions, or run control processes that change frequently in response to user needs. Being able to change the behavior of applications without touching the source code improves their maintainability. This also lets developers respond quickly to the rapid pace of change in front-end environments.

Furthermore, with a function to output a log on a client device, another to upload a client log to a server, and a log viewer, developers can deal efficiently with trouble reports.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product name Pricing (excl tax) Shipment
INTARFRM Development Facility Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4 JPY 100,000 December 2013
INTARFRM Runtime Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4 From JPY 300,000

Sales Target

Sales of JPY 100 million by end March 2017

Operating Environments

Operating Environments
Platform OS
Server Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (for Intel64)
Oracle Solaris 11
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Client Windows XP SP3 (x86); Windows 7 SP1 (x86); Windows 8
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 (Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 only in desktop edition)

  • [1] Application framework

    Something used to increase standardization of code and reduce development work when developing applications. Narrowly defined, application frameworks are collections of classes and libraries used in application development. Broadly defined, application frameworks may include application control structures, application-development methods and documentation, work systems, development tools, etc. INTARFRM can be considered an application framework in the broad sense.

  • [2] User experience (UX)

    The overall experience of everything involved when using software. Refers to the totality of the experience when time is spent using a product or service. This indicates whether something is pleasant and that people genuinely want to use it, rather than just the ease of use of individual features.

  • [3] HTML5

    Hypertext Markup Language 5. The fifth version of the standard markup language for web pages. Put forward for study and standardization by the W3C, which is the standards body for web-related technologies.

  • [4] jQuery

    An open-source JavaScript library. Makes it possible to add special effects, animations, and user-interface elements to web pages using simple code; a wide range of plugins are available for jQuery that add features such as easy implementation of Ajax communications.

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