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Fujitsu Adds 'Kaigo-no-mori Series' to Cloud Service for Senior Care to Support the Work of Care Providers

Reduces invoicing and administrative workload, improves quality of work operations

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Systems West Limited

Tokyo, September 27, 2013

Fujitsu Limited today announced the addition of Kaigo-no-mori Series services to its Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Oushin Sensei (translated as "Doctor House Call"), a senior care cloud providing comprehensive support for the home-based medical and nursing care of seniors. The new services, developed by Fujitsu Systems West Limited to support the work of nursing care providers, will be available in Japan starting today.

The Kaigo-no-mori Series is comprised of three services to meet the varying scale and needs of nursing care providers. 'Kaigo-no-mori SaaS' is a SaaS-based service for processing the administrative work of nursing care insurance. The 'Nursing Care Invoice Transmission Service' enables nursing care providers to send invoices to the National Health Insurance Organization over the Internet. 'Kaigo-no-mori Pro AS Type' supports the operational systems of home-based care providers. In addition, the 'Home Team Care SaaS' enables multiple in-home health and care service organizations to work together.

These services are designed to reduce the administrative workload of nursing care providers and improve the quality of work operations, thereby enabling them to provide even better care to seniors.

Today in Japan, the number of seniors requiring nursing care is increasing. On a daily basis, after providing nursing care services to seniors, nursing care providers have to spend a great deal of time on invoicing and administrative work. To enable them to focus more on their core business of providing nursing care, there is a need for services that reduce the burden of invoicing and administrative work while supporting efficient operations, and that are inexpensive enough for even small-scale nursing care providers to easily use.

In aiming to help create a society in which everyone plays a part in the support of seniors, Fujitsu began offering its Oushin Sensei senior care cloud as of January 23, 2013. Fujitsu is now augmenting its Oushin Sensei cloud offering with services that support caregiver administrative tasks, namely, Kaigo-no-mori SaaS, Nursing Care Invoice Transmission Service, and Kaigo-no-mori Pro AS Type services. The new services will be available in Japan as of today.

To help enable high-quality home-based medical and nursing care using ICT to support medical, nursing care, and regional senior care providers, Fujitsu will be phasing in the delivery of comprehensive cloud services to allow collaboration among service providers as well as hospitals.

Cloud Service for Senior Care

Cloud Service for Senior Care is a comprehensive cloud service to support personnel involved in providing care and other services to seniors, including home-based medical and nursing care providers, regional organizations and NPOs, and other service providers. Fujitsu is now adding three new services to the Oushin Sensei service it is expanding for home-based medical and nursing care.

Figure 1. Cloud Service for Senior CareFigure 1. Cloud Service for Senior Care

Overview of the Kaigo-no-mori Series Services

Expanding Oushin Sensei with the addition of Kaigo-no-mori Series supports collaboration with the Home Team Care SaaS, a service that assists in the sharing of information among multiple home medical care organizations. For example, current issues of concern for onsite providers will be covered, such as the elimination of double entries of user information, schedule appointments and other information. This helps reduce the burden on caregivers and aids in the realization of high-quality team care. The functions of the Kaigo-no-mori Series are explained below.

1. Kaigo-no-mori SaaS to support efficient insurance processing for nursing care providers

This service reduces the burden on nursing care providers in having to process insurance related work. Using the contracted care provision plan(1) input screen, providers can input the services they have provided that are covered by nursing care insurance as well as those that are not covered, and then create a CSV file in order to invoice the National Health Insurance Organization in each prefecture. The service has insurance processing features tailored for invoicing the National Health Insurance Organization as well as the users, including the printing of invoices for the co-payments owed by users and creating the data for debiting bank accounts. It also has a feature for transmitting information to the National Health Insurance Organization.

2. Nursing Care Invoice Transmission Service for invoicing the National Health Insurance Organization via the Internet

Up until now, to invoice the National Health Insurance Organization, providers mainly had to transmit invoices using an ISDN line or provide them on floppy disks or CD-R discs. Providers therefore incurred the cost of an ISDN line in addition to their Internet connection, or else they had to either send the storage media or incur the time and effort of delivering them in person.

With this service, nursing care providers can send invoices to the National Health Insurance Organization through an Internet connection using a nursing care invoice transmission server. Because it is a SaaS-based service, the service will automatically be updated whenever there are any regulatory changes.

3. Kaigo-no-mori Pro AS Type with dedicated systems for each type of nursing care work of home-based care providers

This service provides a dedicated operations system for each type of nursing care work of home-based care providers, including home care support, visiting nurse services, and outpatient nursing services. For each type of nursing care work, the service provides a full range of support, from the creation of planning documents, management of scheduled and completed services, and even the evaluation of plans. The systems can be used on premises for a monthly usage fee that is more economical than the previous practice of buying software.

Pricing and Availability

Name of Service Pricing (excl. tax) Availability
Kaigo-no-mori SaaS From JPY 3,980/month October 2013
Nursing Care Invoice Transmission Service From JPY 1,980/month October 2013
Kaigo-no-mori Pro AS Type From JPY 7,980/month November 2013 (scheduled)

*There are also separate start-up expenses that are not included in the prices above.

Sales Targets

Cumulative sales of JPY 600 million by the end of fiscal 2015 (for Fujitsu Limited, fiscal 2015 ends on March 31, 2016).

  • [1] Contracted care provision plan

    A planning document for home-based care services created by the home-based nursing support provider (care manager). Based on the contracted care provision plan, providers deliver services to each user.

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