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Fujitsu to Boost Companies' Health Management Service Businesses with Karada Life Healthcare Support

Pilot deployment by Healthy Life Compass Corporation in their "Jibun Karada Club" service

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 19, 2013

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of FUJITSU Ubiquitous Service Karada Life Healthcare Support, a service that benefits private health management service businesses.

Karada Life Healthcare Support is a smartphone-based service that allows users to record and review the number of steps they have taken and other physical information needed for health management. In addition to making it possible to quickly and inexpensively launch new and expand existing healthcare services for private companies, the new service is a way to provide businesses with tools that keep them in constant contact with customers through the notification features of a special app and review e-mails.

For the individual users of such health management services, by simply carrying a smartphone, Karada Life Healthcare Support allows them to continuously and unobtrusively enjoy health services while being able to automatically record daily walking activity and review data in graph format.

The new service has been offered in a pilot deployment by Healthy Life Compass Corporation since April 2013 as part of the company's "Jibun Karada Club" service.


Japan's rapidly aging population and the increase in people suffering from lifestyle-related diseases have made the containment of surging healthcare costs an urgent issue. This being the case, companies from a variety of fields are moving into health-related areas, and consumers are increasingly interested in taking action to improve their health as part of their daily lives. As a result of these new entrants into health-related fields and the escalating competition on account of this trend, going forward there will be a greater need for companies to be able to differentiate themselves.

Overview of Karada Life Healthcare Support

Companies using the service will instruct customers to install a special Smartphone Pedometer app. After installing the app, users can automatically record their daily walking activity by simply carrying the smartphone. In addition, they can enter their weight and blood pressure and review graphs of all recorded information. The data used by the app is collected in a cloud server and, with the customer's prior approval, can be used by companies for marketing purposes.

Overview of Karada Life Healthcare Support

Pilot Deployment

Healthy Life Compass, part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, has been using Karada Life Healthcare Support since April 2013 in a pilot deployment in its "Jibun Karada Club" service.

"Jibun Karada Club" is a service that allows customers to perform easy self-checks at their neighborhood drugstore for a variety of health status information, such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which are associated with lifestyle-related diseases. Test results are available seven to 10 days later, and if necessary, a pharmacist or nutritionist will offer free advice. Club members can also sign up for a members-only website that offers advice based on their test results, information on health-related products, and other health information based on their health condition and needs.

Karada Life Healthcare Support links with the "Jibun Karada Club" member site to display day-to-day health management data recorded on a smartphone. This, in turn, helps to deliver even greater added value as part of a user-driven, sustainable health management service.

"Jibun Karada Club" Service Overview

Potential Applications

Potential Applications
Field Application Features/Benefits
All fields New health services Providing health services quickly and inexpensively
Health-related product manufacturers Added service for health-related products (food, supplements, etc.)
  • Sales promotional effects and customer lock-in thanks to the complementary relationship between the product's usage and the health management service
  • Delivering timely promotional information using the app's notification feature
Casualty insurance/life insurance agencies Added service for insurance-related products
  • Soft sales pitch with the health service as incentive
  • Reaching beyond traditional target demographics (youth, the IT-savvy)
Sports gyms/fitness clubs Sustaining motivation among members
  • Expanding offerings to include at-home training services
  • Establishing regular contact with members to improve retention
Corporate health-insurance groups As a tool to promote health among employees
  • Offering regular health promotion activities to group members (instead of one-time events such as walkathons)
  • Systematically analyzing recorded data to measure results over the long term
  • Reducing future medical obligations

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Service Name Sample Pricing* Availability
FUJITSU Ubiquitous Service Karada Life Healthcare Support
(Smartphone app and website for PCs)
For 100,000 users:
Setup fee: JPY 11 million (excl. tax)
Monthly fee: JPY 1 million (excl. tax)
September 19, 2013

* Pricing will vary depending on service details

Supported Devices

  • Android devices (running Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 4.0 or newer, excluding the Raku-Raku Smartphone F-12D and Raku-Raku Smartphone F-08E from Fujitsu)
  • iPhone (iPhone 4 (iOS5) or later)

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