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Fujitsu Launches docomo ARROWS NX F-06E Smartphone

Latest model in the ARROWS smartphone series combines high-spec capabilities with significantly more than two days of battery life

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 04, 2013

Fujitsu today announced that the docomo ARROWS NX F-06E, its new smartphone, will be available exclusively in Japan as of June 7, 2013 from NTT DOCOMO, INC.

One of the most sought after features by smartphone users has been long-lasting battery life. To deliver increased customer satisfaction, ARROWS NX F-06E comes equipped with a high-capacity 3,020 mAh battery, as well as energy-saving capabilities powered by Fujitsu's Human Centric Engine. The result is a smartphone that provides long battery life on a single charge, lasting significantly more than two days (approx. 69.4 hours)(1).

In addition, with support for Full-Seg HD broadcasts that offer the same quality as digital terrestrial TV viewed at home, users can enjoy stunningly clear TV broadcasts on the handset's large-screen 5.2-inch full HD display. The next-generation smartphone brings together a host of other high-spec capabilities, including a high-performance 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU, 64 GB of internal memory for enjoying applications and video without having to worry about storage space, and a high-resolution 16.3 megapixel camera that enables anybody to easily capture high-quality photographs.

The ARROWS NX F-06E features an ultra-stylish design that employs a metal casing and a high-quality finish. The handset measures only 9.9 mm thick and 70 mm wide, and, despite its comfortable size, it can accommodate a 5.2-inch display through the use of ultra-thin 3.0 mm border. Moreover, it also employs rounded edges for an easy-to-carry form factor. The rear surface of the unit features a genuine diamond powder coating and Ultra Tough guard Plus technology, delivering 3.5 times more handset durability(2), so the phone will remain in great condition for a long time. The phone's display employs ultra-tough glass technology, which combines superior scratch-resistance and durability, as well as a special surface processing called Sara-Sara Coating Display Plus that prevents fingerprints from standing out and allows for smooth touch operations. The ARROWS NX F-06E is available in two colors: Black and White.


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Product Features

1. Supports Full-Seg HD broadcasts

Users can enjoy Full-Seg HD broadcasts that offer the same high-quality as digital terrestrial TV available at home. The smartphone can smoothly render minute details like the text that appears on sports broadcasts and news programs in crisp ultra-high-resolution video.

2. Facilitates single-handed operations, even on a large screen

Slide display

  • Slide display
    When operating the phone with one hand in vertical-screen mode, the entire screen can be scrolled downward after simply tapping the arrow mark at the bottom-right of the screen(3). This also makes it possible to access hard-to-reach spots at the top of the screen, one of the challenges in operating larger screens with a single hand.
  • Sliding launcher
    Frequently used applications and shortcuts can be instantly accessed with the swipe of a finger across the bottom left-hand corner of the screen(4). This eliminates having to return to the home screen while using other applications. Up to eight applications and shortcuts can be configured as desired.
  • Hand-written input (NX!input)
    Letters and characters can be input by drawing text directly on top of the keyboard. This makes it possible to intuitively and quickly input text without having to switch between keyboard input modes for symbols or emoticons. In addition to being able to select their favorite keyboard design, the users can adjust the height and horizontal positioning of the keyboard for more comfortable input. This adjustability allows easier reach of keys regardless of whether the user is right- or left-handed.
  • Easy-to-carry design even with a large screen
    Despite featuring a 5.2-inch screen, the handset features a stylish, easy-to-carry form factor measuring 70 mm wide and 9.9 mm thick.

3. Equipped with a Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T CPU

The ARROWS NX F-06E comes equipped with the latest high-performance Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T quad-core CPU. To conserve power, the handset will adjust the number of cores used by the CPU to accommodate different processing loads for different usage scenarios, such as when in standby mode, when talking, or when playing a game. With an Adreno320 GPU for high-level graphics processing, high-resolution video from games and other applications is rendered in extremely high definition down to minute detail. This, in turn, enables users to enjoy stunning video with smooth motion.

4. Diamond Tough Coat

The rear surface of the unit features a genuine diamond powder coating and Ultra Tough guard Plus, delivering 3.5 times more handset durability(2), so the phone will remain in great condition for a long time.

5. Advanced Human Centric Engine

  • NX!eco
    Users can easily select from among three eco-friendly settings—low, high and original. This enables fine-tuned power-saving settings depending on the user's personal usage style, such as the ability to enter into eco mode at specified battery levels or timeframes.
  • Reduced blue light mode
    This mode reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen by roughly 30%. Turning the mode on and off is made simple by setting a switch to be displayed on the pull-down status bar at the top of the screen.
  • Super clear mode
    When the smartphone's built-in luminance sensor detects that the user is outdoors, the brightness and contrast of the screen is automatically adjusted for optimal visibility.
  • Flip to switch ring to silent mode
    When the user needs to quickly turn off a ringtone or alarm after forgetting to put the phone into silent mode, the sound can be stopped by simply flipping the device over(5).
  • Smart fingerprint sensor
    With the built-in smart fingerprint sensor, the phone's security lock can be released by simply placing the finger of a pre-registered user onto the sensor. This makes it easy to rapidly perform authentication with a single finger, thereby eliminating the need to enter a swipe pattern or password.

6. 64 GB of internal memory

Applications and videos can be enjoyed without having to worry about storage space. The handset's memory is expandable up to 128 GB with a microSDXC card.

7. High-performance 16.3 megapixel camera

The smartphone's 16.3 megapixel high-performance and high-resolution camera is among the top of its class of smartphones. The camera is equipped with an "Exmor R® for mobile" back-illuminated CMOS sensor, along with the "Milbeaut® Mobile" image processing engine that incorporates high-sensitivity capturing, noise reduction, and a host of other photography capabilities. The combination of these features allows for stunning photographs and videos.

8. Dolby® Digital Plus

The ARROWS NX F-06E is the first smartphone from a Japanese manufacturer to feature the latest Dolby Digital Plus(6), which was designed for the use of next-generation multimedia content. As a result, users can enjoy an impressive audio experience based on their settings preferences while watching high-definition video content.

9. Remote access

When away from home, users can stream or browse TV shows and multimedia content recorded at home and stored on a remote access-compatible NAS(7) device. This convenient feature makes it possible to view recorded programming, even if not saved to the smartphone itself.

  • [1] Battery life lasts significantly more than two days

    Battery life under normal smartphone usage conditions (browsing the web and using applications for about 80 minutes per day) according to research conducted by Fujitsu. Depending on the actual usage conditions (continuous phone calls, downloading large movies, etc.), battery performance may be shorter. For further details, visit Fujitsu's website.

  • [2] 3.5x the durability of handset coatings

    Compared to the ARROWS X LTE F-05D

  • [3] Arrow mark at the bottom-right of the screen

    Can be set to the bottom-left of the screen

  • [4] Swipe of a finger across the bottom left-hand corner of the screen

    The swipe location can be configured as desired.

  • [5] Flip to switch ring to silent mode

    This feature may not necessarily be compatible with every application.

  • [6] First smartphone from a Japanese manufacturer to feature Dolby Digital Plus

    As of April 2013, based on research by Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

  • [7] Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    A remote access-compatible media server that enables data and files to be shared among a network at home

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