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Fujitsu Launches FUJITSU Cloud Initiative to Systematize Its Cloud Products and Services

Ten new services to meet customers' cloud needs and accelerate innovation

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 14, 2013

Fujitsu today announced its FUJITSU Cloud Initiative to develop the Company's cloud business by providing various cloud-related products and services in a new systematic way to meet the cloud needs of customers.

The FUJITSU Cloud Initiative represents the Company's constant efforts to provide its customers with cloud solutions that are ideally suited to their ICT needs, from private clouds to hybrid clouds, and from integration services to the full cloud sphere of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Today's announcement details the first stage of the initiative with 10 new services (two IaaS, four PaaS, and four cloud-integration services) and two upgraded services (one PaaS and one security service).

The Company's cloud integration organization has also been expanded to 100 Cloud Specialists and 2,000 Cloud Integrators to promote the most effective use of the cloud.

Based on the FUJITSU Cloud Initiative, the Company will continue to offer cloud products and services that enable customers to keep pace with changes in the business environment in order to provide robust support for customer innovation.

The products announced today are being exhibited in Japan at Fujitsu Forum 2013, running May 16–17 at the Tokyo International Forum.

As ICT finds a broader scope of use in business—including mission-critical systems, information systems, field systems, and new business fields—more and more companies are giving priority to the cloud as their ICT platform in order to modernize existing systems and to innovate for the future.

But with a burgeoning variety of cloud services, and service options and technologies that evolve and change on a daily basis, businesses can be hard-pressed to select, develop, build, and operate a combination of services and tools that are well-suited to their particular needs.

To simplify that task and to make the cloud a stronger platform for innovation, Fujitsu makes available an extensive array of products and services, along with cloud integration, worldwide.

About the FUJITSU Cloud Initiative and New Services

With the FUJITSU Cloud Initiative, Fujitsu has reorganized its cloud products and services so that they can be better tailored to the individual needs of customers. In this first stage of the initiative, Fujitsu will offer 10 new cloud services (two IaaS, four PaaS, and four cloud-integration services) and two upgraded services (one PaaS and one security service).

1. IaaS (two types)

  1. FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 Dedicated; dedicated public cloud (New)
    This is a public cloud service in which a complete set of resources—physical servers, storage, and network environment—is dedicated to an individual customer. This combines the virtues of both a public and a private cloud, and gives businesses a new way to use the cloud.
    This enables even government and medical institutions to use a public cloud with confidence, in a way that had previously been problematic due to the personal information they handle. Companies can likewise use it internally with greater confidence.
  2. FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hosted; private cloud customized to corporate needs (New)
    This is a private cloud service, run out of Fujitsu's own datacenters, that is customized to each customer's requirements for operational standards, security policies, and service levels. This gives the customer a cloud environment that meets their operational and security needs.

2. PaaS (five types)

  1. FUJITSU Cloud PaaS RunMyProcess
    This service provides functionality that lets customers freely mix-and-match services and data in the cloud and on their own premises, to create new types of business systems. This includes the creation of processes (workflows) and web interfaces, along with an extensive range of connectors (approx. 1,800 types) to integrate with the public cloud.
    This can speed up the process of building a cloud environment by a factor of five for the customer (according to Fujitsu research).
  2. FUJITSU Cloud PaaS Cloud Service Enabler; standard platform for SaaS development (New; available from June 2013)
    This provides a platform with standard functions needed to build and operate a customer's SaaS, such as marketplace, ID management and authentication, and subscriptions and fees. This service lets companies focus on developing and operating the applications and packages that are at the core of their business, increasing their productivity and dramatically speeding up the process of launching a SaaS by as much as a factor of six (from approximately one year to approximately two months, according to Fujitsu research).
  3. Platform Service for Social-Network Tie-Ins (New) (Available from Q3 2013)
    Solving social problems and creating innovative solutions requires a social cloud. This is a platform service for implementing data-sharing and alliances between multiple players and applications.
  4. Mobile-Access Platform Service (New) (Available from Q3 2013)
    This service provides a complete suite of functions needed for offering cloud services on mobile devices (ID management and authentication, portals, secure app distribution and execution).
  5. FUJITSU Cloud PaaS Data Utilization Platform Services; Big data platform (Upgraded)
    This is a cloud service for leveraging big data by accumulating and analyzing unstructured or large volumes of data. This can convert huge volumes of unstructured data to useful business intelligence in real time, so that companies can act on that data to create new value.

3. FUJITSU Cloud Integration Services (four types)

One hundred Cloud Specialists, who stay up to date on the latest trends on cloud-service technologies and products, form the core of Fujitsu's team of 2,000 Cloud Integrators, who can select, plan, design, and provide proposals in as little as three days. And they can deploy and get customers up and running in as little as two weeks. Fujitsu also provides ongoing operational support as part of the service.

Over the entire lifecycle of a company's system, Fujitsu can quickly and securely deploy cloud environments.

  1. Cloud Deployment Assessment Service (New)
    With this service, Fujitsu takes into account the customer's cloud requirements, generates an optimized deployment plan, assists with pre-deployment testing, and performs Fit & Gap analysis to quote the best cloud service for the customer.
  2. Cloud Deployment Service (New)
    Fujitsu designs and assembles infrastructure, installs middleware, and assists in running performance tests and security tests when deploying a cloud. A wide range of additional services are planned relating to ongoing cloud operations.
  3. Cloud Operations Management Service (New)
    With this service, Fujitsu manages and monitors the state of operations in the customer's cloud environment, performs troubleshooting, and conducts periodic operational and security assessments.
  4. Multi-cloud Environment Integrated Operations Service (New) (Available from Q2 2013)
    This service provides a broad range of ICT resource-monitoring and ITIL(1)-compliant operational tools. It enables flexible multi-cloud operations management, with coverage for both public clouds and private clouds.

4. Security Service (one type)

  1. FUJITSU Security Solution Cloud Security Consulting (Upgraded)
    This is a consulting service in which Fujitsu's ICT security experts offer assistance in meeting FISC security standards(2) and PCIDSS(3) compliance, and can suggest measures to counter cyber-attacks and other advanced threats.

Pricing and Availability

1. IaaS
Service name Price (excl. tax) Availability
IaaS Trusted Public S5 Dedicated Based on individual estimates May 2013
IaaS Private Hosted From JPY 80 thousand per month July 2013
2. PaaS
Service name Price (excl. tax) Availability
PaaS Data Utilization Platform Services (upgraded) From JPY 320 thousand per month April 2013
3. Integration Services
Service name Price (excl. tax) Availability
Cloud Deployment Assessment Service Free (some parts may be billed) May 2013
Cloud Deployment Service Based on individual estimates May 2013
Cloud Operations Management Service Based on individual estimates May 2013
4. Security Service
Service name Price (excl. tax) Availability
Cloud Security Consulting (Upgrade) Based on individual estimates May 2013

  • [1] ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited)

    The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a collection of good practices for IT service management published by the UK government's Office of Government Commerce.

  • [2] FISC

    The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems is a quasi-autonomous non-governmental body created by Japan's financial, insurance, securities, and computer companies, affiliated with the then-Ministry of Finance in 1984. It was brought under the purview of the Financial Services Agency in 2007. See

  • [3] PCIDSS

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is intended to set international guidelines to ensure the safe handling of credit-card information and transaction information. All merchants and clearinghouses handling credit cards are expected to comply with PCIDSS.

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