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Fujitsu to Launch New Vertically Integrated Virtualization and Cloud Platform

Integrated System Cloud Ready Blocks reduces system operational costs by up to 60% over the entire product lifecycle

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 10, 2013

Fujitsu today announced the Japan launch of FUJITSU Integrated System Cloud Ready Blocks, a vertically integrated virtualization and cloud platform that enables the quick and easy deployment and operation of virtual and cloud environments. Representing the second offering based on Dynamic Integrated Systems—Fujitsu's portfolio of vertically integrated platforms—the new product enhances the functionality of the previously released solution, Cloud Ready Blocks.

The new product leverages the expertise that Fujitsu has accumulated in building and operating virtual, private cloud, public cloud and other systems for both customer and in-house applications to provide customers with fully optimized infrastructure, from the configuration of server, storage, and network infrastructure, to its operational design and management.

This product offers enhanced functionality as an infrastructure platform upon which automated operation is available when adding resources, and makes modernization possible by lowering operating costs through integrated infrastructure system monitoring across the entire physical, virtual and cloud platform. It also performs as a platform that allows for innovation with hybrid cloud support(1). In addition, by including a switch that supports network virtualization based on the recently announced software defined networking(2), this product removes the difficulties of network operation when expanding system scale, cutting down on operational and administrative costs across the system's entire lifecycle by up to 60%(3).

The new platform will be steadily rolled out worldwide under the brand name FUJITSU Integrated System, and will be exhibited in Japan at the Fujitsu Forum, held at the Tokyo International Forum from May 16 to 17, 2013.

As enterprise ICT infrastructure continues to become more complex, companies are facing a greater need to hire engineers with specialized system operations knowledge and experience. In light of this, system operations and management are said to account for over half of overall ICT infrastructure costs.

The new version of Cloud Ready Blocks optimizes the process of building, deploying, operating, and managing ICT infrastructure, thereby lightening operational and administrative workloads and helping companies to turn the cost savings gained into investments devoted to transforming their businesses.

Product Features

The new platform is a vertically integrated product that, depending on customer needs, can be scaled from smaller- to larger-scale systems that incorporate compute nodes (rack servers, blade servers), hypervisors, and administrative functionality. Key features of the product are as follows.

1. Significantly reduces time and work needed to bring a system from deployment to operations

Based on the technologies and experience Fujitsu has accumulated through roughly 3,500 private cloud deals, as well as its system development experience on approximately 45,000 systems, including its cloud services and in-house systems, Fujitsu is able to deliver optimal hardware/middleware configuration and operational design. Since racks come pre-equipped with servers, storage and network infrastructure, and since the software, including for virtualization is installed and settings adjusted at the factory, there is no need for specialized staff to install, deploy or configure the system, as was previously the case. Following delivery, required initial startup costs can be reduced by approximately 40%(4).

When launching a new business, a catalog of pre-defined business platforms for different configurations of servers, storage, network settings and operating systems that are best suited to particular processing tasks and loads means that resources are automatically provisioned upon user request. This vastly reduces the work and time involved in designing, procuring, and configuring each system. The platform also supports remote tasks, making for an infrastructure environment with excellent scalability.

Customers can easily begin with a virtual environment and then later scale up to a cloud environment. Some assets running in a virtual environment can be expanded to the cloud environment, greatly reducing the workload involved in scaling up to the cloud.

2. Integrated management of infrastructure systems for reduced operational overhead

The platform's administrative console for Web browsers integrates monitoring of both physical and virtual environments across servers, storage and throughout entire networks to lighten the operational overhead.

The system provides a virtual environment that makes effective use of physical CPU and memory resources, in addition to the processes needed for applying software updates and upgrades, significantly lightening the workload for administrators.

Network administration and control is strengthened with the ability to switch to network virtualization based on FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture(5)—ICT platform architecture that optimizes networks. In accordance with system templates for business systems, including a Three-Tier Web Architecture model, functions include automatic provisioning and configuration of virtual servers, virtual storage and virtual networks. Previously complex network configuration and management has been simplified by optimally linking network machines and integrated management middleware.

3. Supporting a hybrid cloud environment

By tying it in with Fujitsu's public cloud service, FUJITSU Global Cloud Platform FGCP/S5, the platform can be scaled to become a hybrid cloud. The new solution has been designed to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, which enables flexible resource utilization, including enhancements to support FGCP/S5 data backups. Going forward, support will be offered in multiple cloud environments in accordance with customer needs.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Price (excl. tax) Availability
Cloud Ready Blocks From JPY 9.9 million From mid-June 2013

  • [1] Hybrid cloud

    Closely tying in to the public cloud service offered by Fujitsu, hybrid clouds are systems that offer the advantages of both public and private clouds.

  • [2] Software defined networking (SDN)

    The collective technology used to develop virtual networks, using software

  • [3] Cuts costs across the system's entire lifecycle by up to 60%

    Compared to conventional operating costs incurred across the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure system

  • [4] Startup costs can be reduced by approximately 40%

    Based on deployment results; comparisons with total construction, by hand.

  • [5] FUJITSU Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture

    A new architecture for network-wide ICT platform optimization based on the principles of software defined networking (SDN). The new architecture employs a software-based approach to intelligently and flexibly enable optimized control over three unique ICT domains: datacenters, wide area networks, and smart devices.

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City: Tokyo
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