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Fujitsu Launches Software to Leverage Smart Device Data

Supports the transformation of user work styles via smart devices

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 24, 2013

Fujitsu today announced the launch of sales in Japan of three new and five upgraded software packages, all designed to transform work styles by leveraging data from smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The software is also scheduled to be released outside Japan.

In addition to a development and execution platform for building information systems that take advantage of smart devices, the new software packages include security management, tools for quickly collecting data in the field, an open-interface database, and rapid analysis and forecasting using big data.

These packages will enable quicker and more convenient use of smart devices in the field. Thanks to information systems that can respond flexibly to data from the field in real time, these packages will not only help accelerate the pace of business execution, they will also open the way to business innovations, such as the creation of new business processes and new services.

All of the software packages being introduced today are equipped with the ability to assess their software and hardware environments. They also feature proprietary "Smart Software Technology" from Fujitsu for optimized use with greater ease and confidence. The packages can be used with the Fujitsu FGCP/S5 public cloud service, NIFTY Cloud, or Amazon Web Services.

The software packages being introduced today are to be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2013, running May 16–17 at the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

As smart devices continue to evolve, they are being used in more work settings, including sales, retail, and inspection work. At the same time, the variety of data and methods for entering data are becoming ever more diverse. There is a demand to use data in real time, such as collecting data generated in the field, analyzing the collected data using information systems, and providing feedback to the field.

As an example, a shopper at a supermarket could point a smartphone at a shelf to see product and recipe recommendations personalized to his or her tastes. This would benefit the shopper by making the visit to the store more enjoyable and benefit the store by capturing information on what shoppers look for as they move through the store, which products they considered before purchasing, and other marketing-related information.

These systems require more than smartphone applications, however. Servers that can handle real-time data collection and analysis, and that can send back personalized recommendations are essential.

Fujitsu is supporting business innovations that transform work styles through software to facilitate work in the field, as well as through software that can link data captured in the field in real time with data stored in information systems.

About the Software

1. Open-interface mobile application server

FUJITSU Software Interstage Mobile Application Server v1 (new)

This is an open and secure application server designed for information systems that link smart devices with servers. It can control GPS receivers and cameras from different devices with the same application. It uses an application programming interface (API) as a common framework so that application developers can use the open, standard languages of JavaScript, HTML5(1), and CSS3(2) to develop new applications for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows 8, in less than half the time (according to Fujitsu research). Equipped with security measures, including encryption of business data on the smart device, features such as data deletion when certain predefined conditions (related to location information, for instance) are met, and applications for linking with back-office information systems (for analysis and batch processing), information gathered in the field can be quickly put to use in business.

2. Reduced security risks from smart devices

FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Desktop Patrol v15 (upgraded)
FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Desktop Keeper v15 (upgraded)

This is the world's first software (according to Fujitsu research) for providing unified security management over complete equipment lifecycles, for personal computers as well as smart devices. This unified approach to management improves security by enabling security settings for both computers and smart devices, controls over devices used, and monitoring of usage logs. Remote locking reduces the risk of data leaks in the event that a device is lost or stolen. Business applications can be provisioned to and revoked from smart devices.

3. Augmented reality for displaying information in the field

FUJITSU Software Interstage AR Processing Server v1 (new)

This is an augmented-reality(3) platform that provides functions for developing, executing, and managing overlay displays. These displays show immediately useful information on a smart device's screen, layered on top of reality, when a user simply points the device's camera at an augmented-reality marker. Authoring technology (patent application approval pending) lets the developer match information with real-world objects using a device's built-in camera and touchscreen, making it easy for anyone to expand and enhance procedures and processes in the field. Fujitsu's augmented-reality marker technology (patent application approval pending), which works under a range of lighting, distance, and steadiness conditions, makes augmented reality practical in retail, industrial, and other environments.

"IBM Maximo facility management enables optimal maintenance of assets throughout the life cycle, increasing usable life, reducing costs, and supporting sustainable goals. It has been a valuable solution for many companies in the world. As the Maximo facility management solution works with the augmented reality function of FUJITSU Software Interstage AR Processing Server, our clients can check their asset information and take actions real time on mobile devices, which will improve productivity in facility management," said Hisato Suehara, Vice President - Software Group, Director of Tokyo Software Development Laboratory, IBM Japan.

4. Flexible data analysis and forecasting

FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Analytics Modeling Server v1 (new)

This is analytic and forecasting software that can generate processes, including the collection and manipulation of data needed for analysis. It can analyze heterogeneous sets of big data while making it possible to define a single coherent workflow that covers everything from the collection and manipulation of data to analysis, forecasting, and output. It provides some 30 types of data collection and processing components and more than 200 types of analytic scenarios, reducing the number of steps involved in preparing data for analysis to one-sixth the previous number (according to a Fujitsu study). Additionally, forming and testing hypotheses for analysis or forecasting is 20 times faster than before (according to Fujitsu research), giving increased flexibility for experimenting with and refining various kinds of analytic flows. Businesses can use this to replace guesses and ingrained habits with objective data so that they can respond to changes with greater precision and take targeted action in the field.

5. High-speed transfer software links smart devices with remote locations

FUJITSU Software Interstage Information Integrator v11 (upgraded)

This is collection and integration software that has been updated for high-speed data transfer to remote locations, speeding up web application downloads, image displays, and file transfers. When accessing a virtual desktop from a smart device, display speeds are seven times faster(4), so that presentations to customers run smoothly, without dropped frames. And with data transfer that is 60 times faster(5) between Tokyo and the US, data-intensive content can be served from the cloud quickly, even overseas. Fujitsu's proprietary error-correction technology, which works even on low-quality connections, and UDP(6) communications result in faster TCP/IP software (patent application approval pending).

6. High-performance, high-reliability database with PostgreSQL interface

FUJITSU Software Symfoware Server v12 (upgraded)

This is high-performance, high-reliability database software that uses the open PostgreSQL interface standard. Using PostgreSQL means that it can work with a wide range of other products, including those related to design development, data integration, operations management, and business intelligence. Compatibility with other databases has been improved, and only one-eighth the number of steps(7) are required for application transition. It uses FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready, the vertically integrated database system that includes automatic backup and recovery functions to reduce operations and maintenance workloads.

7. Faster on-demand batch-processing performance

FUJITSU Software Systemwalker Operation Manager v15 (upgraded)

This is software for job scheduling and automated system operations. It sets the number of simultaneous jobs to a consistent level, even when high-volume jobs are scheduled to run simultaneously, to lighten the overall load on the system. It evaluates and extracts the jobs to be run on a given day, and manages them with an in-memory database so that, on a system with more than 10,000 batches, the processing time for each batch is less than half of that on previous systems(8). Business data, such as high-volume orders, are processed immediately to give an accurate and up-to-date picture of a company's status and to help accelerate business speed for customers.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product name Standard price (excl. tax) Release date
Interstage Mobile Application Server v1 Processor license JPY 1.25 million and up Aug 2013
Systemwalker Desktop Patrol v15 Server license JPY 250,000 and up Aug 2013
Client license JPY 2,000 and up
Systemwalker Desktop Keeper v15 Server license JPY 488,000 and up Aug 2013
Client license JPY 3,000 and up
Interstage AR Processing Server v1 Processor license JPY 1.1 million and up Aug 2013
Interstage Business Analytics Modeling Server v1 Processor license JPY 3.5 million and up May 2013
Interstage Information Integrator v11 Processor license JPY 1.5 million and up Aug 2013
Client license JPY 5,000 and up
Symfoware Server v12 Processor license JPY 400,000 and up June 2013
Systemwalker Operation Manager v15 Processor license JPY 300,000 and up June 2013

Note: with multicore processors, processor licenses are multiplied by a set factor for each core present.

Operating Environment Requirements

Operating Environment Requirements
Produce name Operating system Cloud
Interstage Mobile Application Server v1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform FGCP/S5
Amazon Web Services
Systemwalker Desktop Patrol v15 Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Systemwalker Desktop Keeper v15
Interstage AR Processing Server v1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Interstage Business Analytics Modeling Server v1
Interstage Information Integrator v11 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Oracle Solaris 11
Oracle Solaris 10
Symfoware Server v12
Systemwalker Operation Manager v15 Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform FGCP/S5
Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform FGCP/A5
Amazon Web Services

  • [1] HTML5

    Hypertext Markup Language 5. The fifth iteration of the markup language used for web pages.

  • [2] CSS3

    Cascading Style Sheets, level 3. The third iteration of the standard for defining layouts of web pages.

  • [3] Augmented reality

    Also "AR." Uses digital information from ICT systems overlaid on the information that can be absorbed through the five senses to expand and augment human perception. AR markers are images used to indicate where to place information overlays.

  • [4] Seven times faster

    Measured using wireless network. Previous speed of 2 fps accelerated to 14 fps.

  • [5] 60 times faster

    Measured using iperf between Tokyo and California. Previous speed of 2.7 Mbps accelerated to 160 Mbps.

  • [6] UDP

    User Datagram Protocol. Lacks error correction, making it less reliable but faster than TCP.

  • [7] One-eighth the number of steps

    Compared to the previous version of Symfoware Server.

  • [8] Less than half of that on previous systems

    Measured using Fujitsu's model (one minute processing time per job, execution multiplexing: 100, registered jobs: 10,000).

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