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Fujitsu Announces World's First XBRL Software to Support Latest Table Linkbase

FUJITSU Software Interstage XWand V13 made globally available

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 16, 2013

Fujitsu today announced the immediate global availability of the latest version of its market-leading XBRL software, Interstage XWand V13. This is the world's first XBRL software to support the latest Table Linkbase(1) specification.

The new XBRL software makes it possible to convert XBRL data into table format and to automatically generate input forms, all without any additional programing. This substantially reduces development costs for applications that display and edit XBRL data. In addition, in reading and validating growing volumes of XBRL data, the software consumes up to 60% less memory and processes at speeds up to 300 times(2) that of previous Interstage XWand versions. Furthermore, by providing the ability to automatically validate compliance with the Global Filing Manual(3), a common set of global rules for XBRL filings, the software helps users produce high-quality XBRL data.

Boasting advanced technological capabilities along with high performance and standards compliance, the Fujitsu Interstage XWand has to date been employed by over 100 institutions and companies in 34 countries worldwide, including the Bank of Spain, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Tokyo Stock Exchange's TDnet system(4); to name just a few. Interstage XWand is currently the leader in XBRL product market share globally(5).

Fujitsu has been part of the XBRL Consortium from its inception and has actively led several initiatives within the consortium across the globe, contributing significantly in the development and adoption of XBRL specifications. Leveraging these experiences and know-how, Fujitsu Interstage XWand continues to provide the best conformance to the most up-to-date XBRL specifications.

Fujitsu will be exhibiting Interstage XWand V13 at the 26th International XBRL Conference, to be held from April 16-18 in Dublin, Ireland.

Financial oversight institutions in a host of different countries currently employ XBRL, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Financial Services Agency in Japan and the SEC in the U.S. From next year, regulatory agencies across Europe are also slated to mandate XBRL adoption. To further improve the convenience of XBRL, revisions are being made to current specifications, and new specifications are being developed, with Europe on track to adopt the new Table Linkbase. Moreover, in recent years there has been an increasing need to collect and oversee data on an itemized level, and demand exists for technology that can rapidly process and validate growing volumes of XBRL data.

In providing products that conform to the most up-to-date specifications while enabling high-speed processing and low memory consumption—essential elements for large-scale data collection—Fujitsu strives to offer enhanced convenience for XBRL filers, government agencies, and other users.

Product Features

1. Support for latest Table Linkbase specification allows XBRL data display and edits without additional programming

Until now, it has been necessary to develop specialized programs in order to display and edit XBRL data in the same table format used in actual reports. In recent years, however, more organizations have been employing multidimensional data in XBRL format, which has led to the need for increasingly complex programs.

Interstage XWand V13 is the world's first commercial implementation to support the latest Table Linkbase specification. By defining table structures according to theTable Linkbase specification, users can convert XBRL data into table format without any additional programming, thereby simplifying the application development process. In addition, to create XBRL input forms in Microsoft Excel format, it was previously necessary to define mapping using a tool. The new software streamlines this process and enables input forms to be generated automatically.

2. Enables high-speed and low-memory validation of growing XBRL data sets

Although users to date have primarily been focused on collecting aggregate XBRL data, the scope of data collection is now expanding to include itemized-level data. Because this has resulted in a dramatic increase in the volume of data handled, it is beginning to have an operational impact in terms of the substantial memory consumption and processing time requirements.

Through further optimization of the engine, this version of Interstage XWand delivers a 60% reduction in memory consumption when reading large-scale XBRL data and validating using Formula specification(6). Additionally, the use of a proprietary acceleration algorithm and the support of parallel processing enables the software to perform validation processing at speeds up to 300x that of previous Fujitsu products. As a result, it is possible to rapidly validate large-scale XBRL data and collect high-quality itemized data.

3. Provides support for validation according to the Global Filing Manual rules

Japan's Financial Services Agency is already set to adopt Global Filing Manual (GFM) rules, a common set of global rules for XBRL filings, in the next generation of its EDINET system. Furthermore, GFM is expected to become mandated on a global level.

Over 200 rules are outlined in the GFM, and Interstage XWand V13 provides automatic validation functionality for about 120 of these rules. With an API, the software also makes it easy to validate XBRL data at the time of collection and to perform validation using applications. The Interstage XWand Toolkit package of XBRL tools also supports validation by allowing users to check, both on screen and in report form, for errors in data items where automatic validation is possible.

Operating Environment

Operating Environment
Product Name Operating System Cloud
Interstage XWand Runtime V13 Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Oracle Solaris 11
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform FGCP/S5
Interstage XWand Application Developer V13 Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Interstage XWand Toolkit V13 Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista

  • [1] World's first to support the latest Table Linkbase

    According to Fujitsu research, this is the world's first software to support XBRL, a specification defining table structures for displaying and editing XBRL data.

  • [2] Up to 300 times performance improvement

    Roughly 300 times improvement in performance measured when performing Formula validation on a single-thread 1GB XBRL instance.

  • [3] Global Filing Manual

    A shared global compilation of rules based on rules for filing XBRL data that were previously independently defined by separate countries.

  • [4] TDnet

    Timely Disclosure network. A service that gathers timely disclosure information from publicly listed companies throughout Japan and provides it in real-time to investors and other users.

  • [5] XBRL product market share

    According to Fujitsu's own research.

  • [6] Formula specification

    An XBRL specification defining rules for validating and computing XBRL data content.

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Date: 16 April, 2013
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited