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Fujitsu Releases GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS Solution to Support Global Operations in the Manufacturing Industry

Enables flexible, dynamic adjustment of supply-and-demand across multiple countries

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 18, 2012

Fujitsu today announced the development and immediate availability of GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS, a new solution that supports a company's global operations by leveraging its numerous overseas production facilities to optimize production and sales according to global market trends.

GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS consists of three product lines: Global Master, which integrates companywide master data files, thereby obviating the need to edit local component lists scattered across different facilities; Global Monitoring, which visualizes massive volumes of global information from a managerial perspective; and Global Planning, which formulates optimal local production plans on a monthly basis.

The new solution will enable customers to improve the flexibility and dynamism of their global operations by expanding production across multiple countries while taking into account market growth and natural disasters. It will also allow them to adjust supply-and-demand across multiple production centers in response to demand fluctuations. In turn, this can lead to optimized production, sales and inventory levels across multiple countries—and ultimately, increased earnings.

In recent years, optimization and centralized management of production, sales and inventory information scattered throughout the world has attracted attention as a way of giving companies a global competitive edge. One way of enabling this is to integrate systems across all of a company's facilities, but this approach requires enormous investments and a substantial amount of time. As a result, many customers are still searching for an effective and realistic solution.

In February 2012, Fujitsu announced GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS, a solution that enables a customer to construct a global business platform by employing the existing systems running at each of its facilities, all with minimal system modifications and without the need for significant investments. Starting today, Fujitsu will begin to sell and provide service for the new solution.

By leveraging the Fujitsu Interstage Information Integrator(1) information integration platform as a platform for linking data among a customer's existing systems, GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS makes it easy to share data among different kinds of systems.

Three Component Products of GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS

GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS currently consists of the following three products. Going forward, Fujitsu plans to continue strengthening and expanding this product portfolio.

1. Global Master: Integrates local identification data lists into master data file without modification

In addition to globally managing important information, including customer contact information, organizational information, and factors that are required for analysis, the solution matches integrated global identification data lists with local data, while also converting series identification codes used by management and end-item codes used in the manufacturing plants. This, in turn, allows for greater global transparency from a wide range of perspectives—from management all the way to the production facilities.

Moreover, the solution also manages global bill of materials (BOM) data that describes multi-step product component information spanning across numerous countries.

Global Master employs two kinds of workflow patterns: A pattern in which each facility's codes are integrated under the direction of HQ (pattern 1 in the diagram below), and a pattern in which the master codes from the systems of each facility are collected and converted at HQ into global master codes (pattern 2). These patterns make it possible to address challenges related to master data file integration, such as the difficulty of controlling master data dispersed across different kinds of systems at each facility, or the challenge of easily collecting data when the interfaces of facility systems differ.

Overview of Global Master

2. Global Monitoring: Facilitates quick decision-making and action through visualization and alarm alert information

Global Monitoring visualizes data collected from various manufacturing centers using the global master data file provided by Global Master. Global Monitoring produces two different kinds of data for each organizational level—management, department and job administrator. The first category is performance indicators and inventory turnover rates and other KPIs(2), and the second is alarm alert information provided when KPI values deviate from pre-determined thresholds. By centrally administering information extracted from production and sales systems, the system provides an integrated managerial viewpoint that allows companies to discover early-stage risks, quickly implement countermeasures, and uncover possible points for improvement.

Through Global Monitoring, customers can quickly grasp early signs of changes, such as gaps in actual vs. projected demand, based on the group company's managerial environment on a global level. This makes it possible to rapidly implement countermeasures aimed at optimizing earnings.

Overview of Global Monitoring

3. Global Planning: Monitors gaps in projected vs. actual demand on a monthly basis

By cross checking data provided by Global Monitoring with operational plans overseen by business management systems, Global Planning enables increased transparency, on a monthly basis, of a company's projected vs. actual sales and production status. As a result, the solution supports companies in responding to demand fluctuations by improving the accuracy of supply levels, minimizing lost sales opportunities, and reducing inventory levels on a global level.

When adjusting supply according to demand, companies usually have to make adjustments to supply schedules that take into consideration overseas production facilities. Conventionally, BOM data has been analyzed individually for each facility, thereby making it difficult to manage key components on a global scale and making it challenging to quickly adjust supply schedules. Global PSI produces global BOM lists that cover a company's entire global supply chain, and as a result, customers can flexibly handle supply schedule adjustments and optimize their scheduling for key components.

Using Global Planning, customers are able to stay on top of demand fluctuations, making it possible to instantly adjust supply schedules on a global level. Moreover, adjusted supply schedule information can be promptly sent to and reflected in the production systems at each facility.

Overview of Global Planning

Global Planning supports companies in formulating optimal monthly production plans from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Made-in-Japan Manufacturing Solution to Dynamically Support Global Changes

Fujitsu offers a broad portfolio of approximately 60 different management and business process solutions for the manufacturing industry, including its GLOVIA smart PRONES production management solution, which boasts a deployment track record at roughly 1,400 companies. With GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS, the solution can be employed in tandem with the existing business systems at each overseas production facility, enabling customers to develop an even more effective global business system. Beyond simply offering the solution as part of system development, Fujitsu will offer a wide range of support for customers who are expanding their business globally, including system planning and organizational design consulting services, services aimed at enhancing customers' support infrastructure for deploying systems at overseas facilities, and an expanded range of system delivery options, such as cloud computing.

In an effort to help customers in the Japanese manufacturing industry enhance their competitive strengths in the global marketplace and increase earnings, Fujitsu will collaborate with affiliate companies outside Japan to fully leverage the Company's unique cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Price (excl. tax) Availability
GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS Global Master (Basic Server) from 15 million yen December 18
GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS Global Monitoring from 10 million yen
GLOVIA ENTERPRISE GS Global Planning from 9 million yen

Sales Target

Sales of 15 billion yen within three years.

  • [1] Interstage Information Integrator

    A data collection and integration software solution from Fujitsu.

  • [2] KPI

    Key Performance Indicators. With KPI a company can gain a birds-eye view of its constantly changing operating environment, and can investigate cause and effect to determine the cause of problems.

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